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Farming & Estates

I & H Brown is one of the largest private landowners in Scotland with over 22,000 acres of land under ownership consisting of both arable and upland ground.

The catalyst for the expansion of our farming interests was a move by founders Ian and Hardie Brown in 1955 from Carnock Mill Farm in Fife to Innergask Farm in Perthshire. Their initial 90 acres has grown to around 4,500 acres in Perthshire, Fife and East Lothian. The main crops grown are barley and wheat to supply the Scottish malting and distilling industries. We also grow potatoes, oil seed rape, vining peas and temporary grass for grazing livestock and cutting for silage or hay. We pride ourselves in our long history of supplying quality produce to the British food and drinks industry.

In addition to our agricultural landholdings, we own 17,500 acres of upland ground in Inverness-shire situated amongst magnificently scenic and remote part of the west coast. The estate is still maintained as a traditional highland estate and employs local people.

Across all our landholdings, we continually strive to ensure that our quest to improve the land for future generations is pursued in an environmentally sensitive manner.

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