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Staff Feature - Hannah Bradshaw, Assistant Quantity Surveyor

Hannah Bradshaw, Warrington OfficeI'm Hannah Bradshaw, born and bred Warrington girl. I attended School and college in Warrington but spread my wings to Ormskirk to attend Edge Hill University to complete my very 'respected' degree in drama and theatre studies and graduated in 2012.

Two years later I took a completely different path route in my career and started working for I & H Brown. Now 3 years later, my career has come on leaps and bounds.

I joined the Warrington office as an Administration Assistant. I had no experience of the construction industry, however, I was given encouragement and opportunities to advance within the company as I was able to visit the sites and acquire advice and guidance from a variety of members of the I & H Brown team. This gave me inspiration for the first time in my working life of an industry and company I wanted to remain and progress with.

With this I & H Brown, sponsored me to attend college and complete a HNC in Construction and the Built Environment, a 2 year part time course which I have loved every minute. It took me out of my comfort zone but I am pleased to say I will be graduating with a Distinction at the end of June.

As I continued to progress through college and in the office, I have now been given the change to progress my career further. I am currently working on the Warrington Multi Story Car Park as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor, looking after the cost reporting and also the Stakeholder Liaison element of the project. I am 100% a visual learner and love going on the site and attending meetings to improve my knowledge.

Hannah Bradshaw, Warrington OfficeOutside of work, I enjoy going out at the weekends for a good dance with friends, although I am very lazy so 9 times out of 10 I'll be on the couch at home watching TV. A little too obsessed with the American TV show Supernatural and an avid fan of the Denver Broncos (NFL).

Over the last 3 years I have loved every opportunity I & H Brown have provided to me, and I can't wait to return the favour and see what the future holds.

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