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Staff Feature - Cyril Gazay, Pre-construction Officer

I am French, born in Lyon and where I lived until the end of my middle school. I then moved to Marseille to complete my high school.

After high school I joined a Civil Engineering school in order to get a master in construction in Lille (the other side of the country). I had the opportunity through my master to study for a semester in the university of Valencia in Spain.

Cyril GazayI worked for Vinci as a trainee while completing the courses of my master. After my graduation I joined a Spanish based company named CUBIC33, in their French office. Out there I was a Project Manager, responsible to complete building schemes (3-7 M£), as there is no QS or Planner in France.

I then moved to UK for rather personal reasons, where I started to work for I&H Brown for about a year now. I trust you know what I am doing in this office.

I am speaking French…(obviously), English (what a surprise), Spanish, and I have started to learn German in the last 6 months but I don’t think I can mention that as my level is not high enough to even have a conversation so far!

Regarding my hobbies – Cooking is rather a central pre-occupation, I like to try lots of different country’s speciality and try to incorporate in my own cooking.

Football (play & watch (but mostly French championship, still don’t have enough time to also follow the premier league!) and go out for a beer with the team.

I like skiing and snowboarding & more generally mountain sports (running, hiking, biking).

I would also say I travel quite a bit mostly through Europe/North America.

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