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Latest News & Information

Below is a list of our recent and archived news, as well as our featured works for I & H Brown.

Recent News

||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/fort william pic.jpg||Contract Award - Return to Fort Willliam||http://www.ihbrown.com/App/uploads/newsletters/FortWilliamInfrastructure.pdf||

Contract Award - Return to Fort Willliam
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/Gail Bill1.jpg||Staff Achievement - Gail Bill||http://www.ihbrown.com/App/uploads/newsletters/GailBillCECAAward.pdf||

Staff Achievement - Gail Bill
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/Graduate and Trainee Forum.jpg||Graduate and Trainee Forum||http://www.ihbrown.com/App/uploads/newsletters/GraduateandTraineeForum.pdf||

Graduate and Trainee Forum
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/breigwindfarm.jpg||Brenig Wind Farm||http://www.ihbrown.com/App/uploads/newsletters/BrenigWindFarm.pdf||

Brenig Wind Farm
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/WarringtonWolvesImage.jpg||Warrington Wolves Sponsorship||http://www.ihbrown.com/App/uploads/newsletters/WarringtonWolves.pdf||

Warrington Wolves Sponsorship
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/OmegaWarrington.jpg||School Liaison in Warrington||http://www.ihbrown.com/App/uploads/newsletters/SchoolLiaisonInWarrington.pdf||

School Liaison in Warrington
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/Airies Crane.JPG||Airies plays host to a world record holder||http://www.ihbrown.com/App/uploads/newsletters/AiriesLargestCrane.pdf||

Airies plays host to a world record holder
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/Gail Bill.JPG||Staff Achievement - Gail Bill||http://www.ihbrown.com/App/uploads/newsletters/StaffAchievement131216-GailBill.pdf||

Staff Achievement - Gail Bill
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/N Jones ICET BIM Certificate (2).jpg||Staff Achievement - Neil Jones||http://www.ihbrown.com/App/uploads/newsletters/StaffAchievement-NeilJones.pdf||

Staff Achievement - Neil Jones
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/OmegaSouthR2Infrastructure.jpg||Omega South R2 Infrastructure||/app/uploads/newsletters/OmegaSouthR2Infrastructure.pdf|| ||
Omega South R2 Infrastructure

Development Division is delighted to announce that, after many years of planning and preparation, work has started on Phase 1 of our North Dunfermline site. This is the first I & H Brown large-area scheme, the first to see major civil engineering infrastructure works carried out to prepare the site for development and the first implementation of a Strategic Development Area in Fife. The first house builder is expected to begin work in early 2017. As might be expected, the enabling work will be undertaken by our Civil Engineering Division, with input from designers D R Murray and Ironside Farrar.

Phase 1 will see the preparation of an area to take 165 of the 1,100 homes for which the company has outline planning permission. The completed development will include a primary school, affordable housing, employment land, public art and a section of the North Dunfermline Link Road.

The current enabling works will include the grouting of old mine workings, the installation of the main surface water and foul drainage outfalls and the construction of two SUDS ponds. Cycle lanes will be installed to create a link to the town centre. Work has started on site and is programmed to finish by autumn 2017, with house building to continue after that date.

A great deal of care has been taken to liaise with the local community during the planning stage of the scheme and this will continue throughout the construction phase. Temporary diversion routes will replace the Core Path which runs through the site and must be closed for safety reasons.


North Dunfermline Development Gets Under Way

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to announce that we are going to return to Fort William, to deliver a contract recently awarded by Morbaine Limited. The 12 week project will see the construction of earthworks and drainage for a new retail development adjacent to the busy A82 trunk road. The picture shows that our site compound is overlooked by Ben Nevis.

Our scope includes the demolition of existing buildings and the re-use on site of processed hard materials. One challenging feature is the improvement of an existing area of low-lying peat close to a live railway line by ‘punching in’ imported class 6B rock to form a firm footing for the formation of an embankment above. The co-ordination work necessary with Network Rail is matched by the need to liaise closely with an adjacent garage owner to ensure that his premises are not affected by our demolition work.

The scheme requires the management of Japanese Knotweed in accordance with the remediation strategy determined by the client’s consulting engineer Fairhurst. We shall also install foul drainage and surface water drainage in accordance with SUDS principles.

Work has started on site and is programmed to take 12 weeks. 

Contract Award - North Road, Fort William Earthworks and Remediation

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to report that we have been awarded Omega South R2 Infrastructure works at Lingley Green close to Warrington Cheshire.
This is our first project for OWL (Omega Warrington Ltd) and forms part of on growing developments within the area to provide further housing, schools and businesses etc.

Works will begin in October 2016 with a construction period of 18 weeks.

The works include site clearance, foul and surface water drainage, construction of a new surfaced access road link between two roundabouts, pathways, associated signs and lighting, landscaping, 2nr attenuation ponds, gabion works, statutory services, environmental and geotechnical works.

The Client has designated the area known as the Green Heart to allow earthworks to be deposited, which is located to the north east of the site and will require a temporary haul road to be installed to enable access.

From an environmental aspect it has been highlighted that the habitat is typical for newt habitation and a newt tunnel is to be installed as part of the works.

The project will run through to March 2017 and is a Design & Construct in accordance with NEC option A.

OWL have installed WSP as their onsite representative. WSP are also taking on design.

Contract Award - Omega South R2 Infrastructure Works
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/NorthRoadFortWilliamEarthworks.jpg||North Road, Fort William Earthworks||/app/uploads/newsletters/NorthRoadFortWilliamEarthworks.pdf|| ||
North Road, Fort William Earthworks
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/NorthDunfermlineDevelopment.jpg||North Dunfermline Development||/app/uploads/newsletters/NorthDunfermlineDevelopment.pdf|| ||
North Dunfermline Development

Featured Works

||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/ciaaig.jpg||Cia Aig Video||https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUZBpl3Oq0E|| ||
Cia Aig Video
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/WarringtonMultiStoreyCarParkInterim.jpg||Warrington Multi Storey Car Park||/app/uploads/casestudies/infrastructure/WarringtonMultiStoreyCarParkInterim.pdf|| ||
Warrington Multi Storey Car Park
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/WallyfordEnablingWorks.jpg||Wallyford Enabling Works||/app/uploads/casestudies/earthworks/WallyfordEnablingWorks.pdf|| ||
Wallyford Enabling Works
||/App/data/CarouselImages/Thumbnails/SowerbyBridgeCaseStudy.jpg||Sowerby Bridge||/app/uploads/casestudies/infrastructure/SowerbyBridgeCaseStudy.pdf|| ||
Sowerby Bridge

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