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I & H Brown Today

We are a medium-sized enterprise that employs around 200 people and has a turnover of around £75 million. We have successfully completed projects across the length and breadth of Great Britain. We place a high value on maintaining our distinctive culture and we welcome our description as a ‘mini conglomerate'. We believe that our greatest strengths are our flexibility, our diversity and above all our client focus.

We value our people because we recognise that our business depends on committed individuals who share the company's ethos and objectives. We invest heavily in training and personal development and we encourage staff to take responsibility and to show initiative.

Our company is enviably diverse, but is integrated effectively by a compact senior management team with short lines of communication and the authority to take decisions quickly. Our policy has always been to take a long-term strategic view and to encourage growth through prudent evolution and re-investment of our profits. Our thorough financial and commercial controls ensure that the health of the business is closely monitored and that decisions are based on sound evidence and risk management.

I & H Brown has never stood still. We are always looking to grow from our current strengths and to keep abreast - or ahead - of industry trends. Throughout our growth as a company, we have successfully broadened our scope into new areas. We have always been active in identifying ways to innovate and to add value to our business.

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