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Civil Engineering

It would be a surprise to people who knew us in our early years to see that nowadays we are much more than 'just' a construction contractor or 'just' an earthworks specialist. Of course, we are still both but we have also evolved an entirely more diverse and complex range of capabilities.

Our place in the wider company brings us a degree of stability that is not afforded to organisations that rely solely on construction. A large proportion of our work requires design management and 3-D digital modelling. As can be seen from the graphic below, we carry out a wide range of complex activities. We provide a valued service to a portfolio of well-respected clients with demanding standards.

We provide coverage across the full length and width of the UK from our fully-resourced offices in Perth and Warrington. We offer competitive solutions through:

Plant and Equipment

Plant and Equipment
Our top-of-the-range modern plant fleet, skilled operators and GPS equipment drive efficiency, save costs and reduce risks to safety.

Digital Engineering (BIM)

Digital Engineering (BIM)
Our in-house expertise enables us to find and develop cost effective solutions at tender stage and to translate those seamlessly to our site teams. The process also hugely simplifies our capability to investigate alternatives and to respond quickly to changes.

Specialist Expertise

Specialist Expertise
We employ a number of specialist technical support staff that are unique to a contractor of our size, giving us particular capabilities in ground modelling, design management, planning and soil remediation.

Working Well With People

Working Well With People
We encourage our people to take responsibility and devolve decision-making to our site teams as much as possible. We have short lines of communication and we actively seek to work in collaboration with our clients, their teams and our supply chain.

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