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North East Lincs Highways Framework
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I & H Brown Continues to Support CECA Scotland
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Springfield Properties, Rattray
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Blackburn with Darwen Growth & Development Framework
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Social Value & Community Support With Neet At Orford Youth Base
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Staff Achievement - Industry Recognition for Larry
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Tokheim Dundee
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Carbon Footprint 2017
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Retirement - Jim Scott
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Dunn Street Enabling Works
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Queens Quay 2017
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Wheatley Hall Road Phase 1
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Manston Lane Link Road
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Staff Achievement - Steven Mailer
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Markinch Enabling Works
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Staff Achievement - Completion of Degree
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Construction Recycler of the Year Awards
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Staff Achievement - Completion of HNC
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Five Towns Park Development
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Warrington Multi-Storey Carpark
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Bertha Park
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Burtonwood Community Primary School
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School Liaison in Dunning
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Enabling Works for Tomatin Substation
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BASF Phase 2
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Amplify Earthworks AMP
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Return to Avondale Landfill
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Contract Award - Return to Fort Willliam
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Staff Achievement - Gail Bill
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Graduate and Trainee Forum
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Brenig Wind Farm
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Warrington Wolves Sponsorship
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School Liaison in Warrington
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Airies plays host to a world record holder
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Staff Achievement - Gail Bill
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Staff Achievement - Neil Jones

Development Division is delighted to announce that, after many years of planning and preparation, work has started on Phase 1 of our North Dunfermline site. This is the first I & H Brown large-area scheme, the first to see major civil engineering infrastructure works carried out to prepare the site for development and the first implementation of a Strategic Development Area in Fife. The first house builder is expected to begin work in early 2017. As might be expected, the enabling work will be undertaken by our Civil Engineering Division, with input from designers D R Murray and Ironside Farrar.

Phase 1 will see the preparation of an area to take 165 of the 1,100 homes for which the company has outline planning permission. The completed development will include a primary school, affordable housing, employment land, public art and a section of the North Dunfermline Link Road.

The current enabling works will include the grouting of old mine workings, the installation of the main surface water and foul drainage outfalls and the construction of two SUDS ponds. Cycle lanes will be installed to create a link to the town centre. Work has started on site and is programmed to finish by autumn 2017, with house building to continue after that date.

A great deal of care has been taken to liaise with the local community during the planning stage of the scheme and this will continue throughout the construction phase. Temporary diversion routes will replace the Core Path which runs through the site and must be closed for safety reasons.


North Dunfermline Development Gets Under Way

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to announce that we are going to return to Fort William, to deliver a contract recently awarded by Morbaine Limited. The 12 week project will see the construction of earthworks and drainage for a new retail development adjacent to the busy A82 trunk road. The picture shows that our site compound is overlooked by Ben Nevis.

Our scope includes the demolition of existing buildings and the re-use on site of processed hard materials. One challenging feature is the improvement of an existing area of low-lying peat close to a live railway line by ‘punching in’ imported class 6B rock to form a firm footing for the formation of an embankment above. The co-ordination work necessary with Network Rail is matched by the need to liaise closely with an adjacent garage owner to ensure that his premises are not affected by our demolition work.

The scheme requires the management of Japanese Knotweed in accordance with the remediation strategy determined by the client’s consulting engineer Fairhurst. We shall also install foul drainage and surface water drainage in accordance with SUDS principles.

Work has started on site and is programmed to take 12 weeks. 

Contract Award - North Road, Fort William Earthworks and Remediation

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to report that we have been awarded Omega South R2 Infrastructure works at Lingley Green close to Warrington Cheshire.
This is our first project for OWL (Omega Warrington Ltd) and forms part of on growing developments within the area to provide further housing, schools and businesses etc.

Works will begin in October 2016 with a construction period of 18 weeks.

The works include site clearance, foul and surface water drainage, construction of a new surfaced access road link between two roundabouts, pathways, associated signs and lighting, landscaping, 2nr attenuation ponds, gabion works, statutory services, environmental and geotechnical works.

The Client has designated the area known as the Green Heart to allow earthworks to be deposited, which is located to the north east of the site and will require a temporary haul road to be installed to enable access.

From an environmental aspect it has been highlighted that the habitat is typical for newt habitation and a newt tunnel is to be installed as part of the works.

The project will run through to March 2017 and is a Design & Construct in accordance with NEC option A.

OWL have installed WSP as their onsite representative. WSP are also taking on design.

Contract Award - Omega South R2 Infrastructure Works

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Beckburn Wind Farm contract close to the village of Longtown, near Carlisle in Cumbria.  This is our first project in England for EDF Energy Renewables and will see the installation of nine, V105-3.45MW and 74m hub height Vestas turbines.

The new Wind Farm is situated within a live working peat farm run by Scotts.

Works commenced in April 2016. During the contract, we shall construct nine turbine foundations, of which all nine are to be constructed on piles. Three of the bases contain 600+m3 of concrete the other six are 500+m3 pours. 

Our scope also includes 4.2km of site access roads, nine crane hard standings, the main site entrance, and a control building. All imported aggregates for road and crane hardstanding construction is to be a recycled material.

Although this isn’t a BoP contract, IHB are responsible for all the cable trench works including excavation, backfill and environmental reinstatement as guided by the Client’s environmental specialist.

From another environmental aspect, the site is situated between the River Esk and River Eden which makes control of run off waters paramount via design of drainage structures throughout the site tying into existing water courses.

The project will run through to February 2017, and is in accordance with the FIDIC Yellow Book.

EDF have a full time Project Manager based on site, with Sweco (formerly Grontmij) taking on design.

After the Civil Engineering elements have been completed, IHB will remain on site as Principal Contractor, until the overall completion of the project and handover to the Client.

Contract Award - Beckburn Wind Farm

Civil Engineering Division has started our third wind farm project for RES. The project is situated just south of the Kennacraig terminal on the Kintyre peninsula.

Our scope of works is more limited than would be the case for a full balance of plant scheme. At Freasdail, the initial section of access road and the platform for the substation and construction compound have been completed in advance by others. We are in the process of constructing 8.5 km of access tracks, along with crane hardstandings and foundations for the 11 Senvion turbines. We are facing the usual challenges of rock and peat at these locations, with rock cuttings up to 9.5m deep and peat in excess of 4m thick. There are also two significant water crossings. Neither the substation building nor the electrical cabling are in our scope.

All of the concrete is being batched on site and we shall be seeking to maximise re-use of site-won material, as the nearest quarry is 35 miles away.

As is customary on RES projects, RES are Principal Contractor and have arranged for the turbine foundations to be designed by others. Our designer is Natural Power.

Contract Award - Freasdail Wind Farm

Having completed advance infrastructure works at the end of 2014, Civil Engineering Division is pleased to return to Hunterston, for a separately-tendered contract with an extremely varied scope of works.

The general themes of the contract from Siemens Transmission and Distribution are the completion of civil engineering works and the restoration of the site around the new HVDC converter station to its original condition.

There is a significant element of earthworks in the removal of temporarily stockpiled subsoils and topsoil to deposition in their final position, after assisting Siemens to remove the project offices and car park.  The main perimeter ditch will be realigned and the temporary SUDS measures and foul outfall for the site will be removed and replaced with the permanent arrangements. A large temporary access ramp will be removed and the main entrance to the site will be re-modelled for the operational phase.

We shall be responsible for completing the main perimeter security fence around the station. Inside the fence, there are minor works such as completion of roads, grouting steelwork and casting insitu concrete cable trench covers. The site will come under electrical safety rules when the station is energised, which presents substantial challenges for the site team to address.

The project will begin in early August and is scheduled to take 35 weeks in total, with a planned closure during December, January and February.

Contract Award - Hunterston Finalisation Works

Civil Engineering Division is very pleased to announce that our long-standing presence at Avondale Landfill near Polmont will continue, with our tenth package of work for Avondale Environmental Limited. As in every previous visit, our site team will work closely with the landfill management to avoid disruption to this busy operational facility.

The first steps in the delivery new of Cell 12 are to construct a new site compound on the western periphery of the site. We shall then make the cell construction area available by realigning the existing access road and diverting the existing pumping main and electricity supply.

The earthworks phase will require the excavation and stockpiling of approximately 17,000m3 of subsoil and the excavation and deposition of 3,500m3 of site-won clay to form the cell’s mineral layer. The excavation will be lined with 6,750m2 of geotextile and 2mm HDPE liner, with a leak detection system, and will be completed with a 300mm deep gravel layer. During this phase, we shall take great care to safeguard the major oil pipeline that runs only 1.5 to 2m below the lowest level of the excavation.

Elsewhere within the landfill, our work at existing cell 12C includes 27,000m3 of earthworks and 18,350m2 of permanent and temporary layers of 1mm temporary LLDPE liner and protection fleece. Finally, we shall regrade and place restoration soils on a section of existing cell 4C and hydro-seed the area.

The Client’s Engineer for the 20 week, project is once again Sir Frederick Snow & Partners.

Contract Award - Avondale 2016

Civil Engineering Division are pleased to announce the award of Phase 3 Bridge Street Quarter – This prestigious project for the re-build of the multi-storey car park is the gateway to the regeneration and development of Warrington Town Centre; now known as “Time Square”.  The project will comprise of demolition of existing car park and construction of a new multi-storey car park and associated highway works for Warrington Borough Council.

The substructure and superstructure works comprise, the demolition of the existing multi storey car park and high level pedestrian walkway link (from the car park to the existing market hall); remediating the existing ground to allow the construction of a new 1,169 space multi-storey car park inclusive of substructure works complete with piled solution; ground floor slab, structural steel frame with trapezoidal, cast in-situ concrete upper floors; masonry, rain-screen cladding, glazed curtain walling and architectural metalwork to the external envelope; internally there will be a small office construction, services installations including feature lighting, ticketing and charging points. External to the car park a number of phased highway works will take place inclusive of highway layout changes, drainage, new & diversions of existing statutory services, predominately along Academy Way, Academy Street, Mersey street and bank street.  This was the first strategic bid carried out by the new bid team in the Warrington office which pushed the boundaries from our conventional civil engineering works. 

Contract Award - Warrington Multi-Storey Car Park and Associated Highway Works

Civil Engineering Division can now announce the award by new client 2020 Renewables of the 14 turbine Airies wind farm near Newton Stewart in Dumfries and Galloway. The project, which has been underway since February, is a typical balance of plant scheme with the added interest of a substantial bridge to be constructed on the main C22 off-site access road from the A75 trunk road. Our designer partner is Tony Gee & Partners.

Within the wind farm site, the network of access roads is nearing completion and the site team is hard at work on the sub-station and on construction of the foundations for the turbines to be provided by GE Power & Water. All stone has been won from three borrow pits on site, which will also supply material for the crane hardstandings. The principal spine road into - and through - the site has been completed for construction access and will later be surfaced and returned to the local authority as a public highway. Our electrical partners, SSE Contracting, have just started earthing works for the turbine foundation construction.

Off site, numerous laybys and widenings are under construction on the C22. Temporary works are in progress for the new Balloch O’Dee bridge, which will use an interesting precast segmental arch design.

Contract Award - Airies Wind Farm

The workload in Civil Engineering Division’s ongoing framework with Amec Foster Wheeler Group has stepped up significantly this year. With Amec Foster Wheeler as management contractor, we deliver the civil works associated with the maintenance of the pipeline infrastructure between Cruden Bay, Grangemouth and Dalmeny - a total length of 230km and with 4 pumping stations.

Our scope includes a wide range of ad-hoc civil works, although much of the current effort is focused upon excavating and exposing the pipeline to give access for maintenance inspections and repairs then backfilling the pipeline upon completion. We also provide the site establishment at each location. A great deal of planning and preparation is carried out well in advance of each separate work site, to assist Amec Foster Wheeler to work within the rigorous BP approval process.

On average in 2016, we expect to be providing services at three separate locations.

Contract Award - BP Forties Pipeline Framework

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to report that Scottish Power Renewables has awarded the extension of the Ewe Hill wind farm, which is located approximately 10 miles northeast of Lockerbie in Dumfries and Galloway. The increased project now will see the installation of a further 16 wind turbines, giving 22 in total with the capability to generate 51MW. The right hand side of the photograph shows infrastructure for the initial 6 turbines. The extension will be constructed in the forested area to the left, where extensive felling is part of our scope.

As before, our contribution will be the design and construction of the civil engineering and electrical infrastructure. There are circa 10km of access roads leading to the 16 turbines, with 11 culvert crossings and the usual cable installation works. The control building is under construction as part of the first phase. We shall continue to call on the expertise of civil designer Grontmij and electrical partner Omexom.

The extension works commenced in March and are working towards delivery of the 16 foundations and hardstandings by the beginning of September. The turbine erection and commissioning will be carried out by others, until the end of January 2017, under our control as Principal Contractor. We shall return later for 8 weeks to complete reinstatement of the site.
The site will be managed for I & H Brown by the team that is currently in place for the initial phase.

Contract Award - Extension to Ewe Hill Wind Farm

Following a previous contract at A’Chruach, Civil Engineering Division is delighted to work again with framework contractor Amey Power Services to deliver a new substation for ultimate client SHETL (Scottish Hydro Electric Transmissions). This site also lies in the Scottish Highlands; this time on the picturesque shores of Loch Rannoch, to the west of Pitlochry.

Earthworks are a major element of our contribution. After topsoil strip, the lower part of the platform is formed in subsoils and capped with site-won rock crushed to a 6F2 grading then imported Type 1 aggregate.  Next comes drainage, where we shall install surface, oily and foul water drainage systems on the new substation platform. Works will be taking place in very close proximity to Loch Rannoch with the outfall from the site running directly into the loch. A strict surface and ground water protection plan is in place.

Our scope also includes the overall site compound, a surfaced access bellmouth from the public road and two reinforced concrete retaining walls. One of these is to be constructed to retain an existing 33kV electrical pylon adjacent to the site, so great care will be taken to establish a safe working method.

Amey Power Services are Principal Contractor and designer for the project. Work began in January and is programmed to take 13 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - Rannoch Substation

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to announce that after our success with the M57 Extension/ A5300 Knowsley Expressway Carriageway Improvements completed last year, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council have awarded I & H Brown with the A5300 Access and Connectivity Improvements on the opposite carriageway.

The major transport infrastructure improvement works will take place around the A5300/A562 Halewood roundabout. The improvements will see three new roads; a free flow lane for the A562 eastbound lane diverging to the A5300 northbound, a dedicated lane for the A562 westbound diverging to Carouseltead Road and a third lane added onto the A5300 southbound with a diverge taper. In addition to this, further improvements to the works will see I & H Brown widening around the inside of the northern section of the gyratory carriageway and removing signals from the end of the A562 eastbound diverge.

The site will consist of earthworks, road improvement, bridge widening and landscaping to the existing major road junction.

Contract Award - A5300 Access and Connectivity Improvements

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the Burbo Bank Wind Farm Extension for Van Oord at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead.

I & H Brown have worked on similar projects previously such as Gwynt y Mor and Port of Mostyn, giving I & H Brown the virtuous reputation to deal with this new project and new client in Van Oord.

The project consists of transporting 50,000 tons of material old and new to create aggregate bunds to support offshore mono piles prior to transportation out to sea. Other works included are the construction of a timber crane pad and concrete support work for the wind farm transition pieces.

The initial works will take 6–8 weeks with a 22 week road and access maintenance period before a 3-4 week demobilisation of the newly created bunds on completion.


Contract Award - Burbo Bank Wind Farm Extension

With the initial grouting works package well under way, Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award by East Lothian Developments of the main infrastructure works for the St Clements Wells site, which lies between Wallyford and the A1 trunk road.

Our scope includes earthworks to create platforms for future development and the construction of the main spine road through the site, from Salters Road to the A199. The earthworks include 250,000m3 of topsoil and cut/fill of 360,00m3 of subsoil and rock. We expect to encounter some 5,000m3 of coal. The spine road is around 2km long, with numerous bellmouths and new junctions onto the existing highways at each end, including a roundabout on the A199. The new drainage network will include 9km of pipework and three large SUDS ponds.

The project has commenced and is programmed to be complete in November 2017. The key target for the site team is to complete the great majority of the earthworks during the forthcoming 2016 season. The scheme has been designed for the client by Wardell Armstrong.

Contract Award - Wallyford Main Works

Work is under way on Civil Engineering Division’s most recent remediation contract. The contract for Fife Regional Council is located in the picturesque coastal town of Pittenweem in the East Neuk of Fife. We have been tasked with undertaking the remediation of historical contamination present within the grounds of a residential property which was built on the site of a former gasworks.

The client designed remediation solution for the scheme involves the installation of a clean cap and geomembrane wrapped containment layer allowing soils to be retained onsite. Access to the site is via a 1.2m coastal path which poses a significant logistic challenge 

Operations on site commenced with the installation of 95m of gabion wall, ranging between a height of 0.5m and 1.5m, raising the existing ground level and providing the onsite storage capacity. Once complete, soil will be excavated to 0.5m below design levels and placed within the remediation containment area. The area will then be reinstated with a capillary break layer, installed between two layers of geomembrane, and finished with a clean cap of imported soils and gravel. The residential site will then reinstated with new turf and decorative gravel areas to the satisfaction of our Client and the owner of the property.

The NEC Short Form contract has already commenced on site and will take 15 weeks to complete. The remediation solution has been designed on behalf of our client by RPS and operations onsite will be managed by I & H Brown staff. 



Contract Award - West Shore Gasworks, Pittenweem

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to have picked up a first contract from new client Airvolution Energy Limited. The Potato Pot wind farm is a new 6.9MW development comprising three wind turbine generators to be constructed on an area of farm land at Distington, Cumbria, which is approximately 5km south-east of Workington. The site lies within a backfilled open-cast coal mine, with deep made ground formed from the reworked soil and rock that was removed to gain access to the coal.

Our scope of work in this Balance of Plant contract includes 1,400m of site access tracks, three crane hardstandings, a substation building and the whole HV and LV electrical infrastructure. The turbine foundations are not currently included in our contract and the supporting Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC’s) will be designed and installed by others.

As is customary, we shall be Principal Contractor for the whole 36 weeks of the construction period, including the installation and commissioning of the turbines. We shall also facilitate access for the client’s selected CMC contractor. Tony Gee and Powersystems UK will provide civil and electrical designs respectively. Site operations will begin in mid-September.

Contract Award - Potato Pot Wind Farm, Cumbria

Civil Engineering Division will shortly return to Banffshire to carry out an enabling works package for Chivas Brothers Limited at the renowned Glenlivet Distillery.

Our initial activity will be to construct a temporary settlement lagoon and drainage ditches then we shall undertake bulk excavations and filling to form the new building platform and earthwork features to the north and west of the new building location. The earthworks will include 31,000m3 of topsoil and 150,000m3 of subsoil. We expect to encounter 10,000m3 of rock in the excavations and to crush, screen and re-use the rock in the permanent works.

We shall then form new roads around the platform with associated drainage, swales, filter drains and a 2 tier SUDS pond lined with MDPE. The scope also includes a 195m long “Permacrib” timber crib retaining wall system, which was proposed by I & H Brown as an alternative to the initial gabion design.

At the site entrance, we shall form a new visitor access road with associated drainage. The surface of the existing visitor access road will be broken out and a new cobble surface will be installed.

Site operations will commence in mid-September and will take 29 weeks to complete. The works have been largely designed by Blyth & Blyth for the client, although the retaining wall is a contractor-designed element.

Contract Award - Glenlivet Distillery Enabling Works

Following successful completion of Barmoor wind farm in Northumberland, Civil Engineering Division is very pleased to have another opportunity to work with EDF Energy Renewables. On this occasion, we shall be undertaking civils balance of plant construction for the 12 MW Pearie Law wind farm near Cobbinshaw Reservoir in West Lothian.

Our scope of works is typical of such projects and includes 2,500m of access tracks with four watercourse crossings, the control building, foundations and crane hardstandings for the six turbines and various off-site roadworks. Our designer is Tony Gee and Partners. We expect to be challenged by difficult ground conditions including peat but again that is not unusual. We have chosen to mitigate the expected poor weather conditions during the winter by constructing the control building within a temporary protective enclosure.

Following completion of civil works, we shall remain on site in the role of Principal Contractor, while electrical balance of plant work, turbine erection and commissioning will be carried out by others.

The project will begin in mid-September with a planned completion 25 weeks later.

Contract Award - Pearie Law Wind Farm, West Lothian

Having previously constructed ancillary renewable energy infrastructure for Scottish Power Renewables, Civil Engineering Division is extremely pleased to have been awarded our first full balance of plant project for this important client.

The Ewe Hill 6 wind farm is located approximately 10 miles northeast of Lockerbie in Dumfries and Galloway. The overall project will see the installation of 6 wind turbines with the capability to generate 12MW in total. Our contribution will be the design and construction of the civil engineering and electrical infrastructure, with the assistance of civil designer Grontmij and electrical partner Omexom. The turbine erection and commissioning will be carried out by others, under our control as Principal Contractor.

The detailed civils scope includes 6km of access track, crane hardstandings, turbine foundations, two watercourse crossings, a met mast and a substation platform on which we shall construct a relatively large control building. The tracks include crossing high pressure gas mains at two locations. Extensive rock excavation will provide the raw materials for constructing the access tracks and hardstandings. The electrical infrastructure includes HV and SCADA cabling, switchgear and reactive compensation equipment.

The contract has already started on site. Our programme is to complete the civils package by March 2016 and to remain on site as PC until the end of June 2016. Our site team face the familiar constraint of dealing with poor ground conditions in the Scottish winter period and a range of site-specific environmental and archaeological challenges.

Contract Award - Ewe Hill 6 Wind Farm

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to have been awarded an Earthworks contract at the former Gedling Colliery in Nottingham.

The project will see I & H Brown working with Haworth Estates for the first time and will hopefully offer further opportunities between the two businesses.

This ‘cut and fill’ project involves removal of overburden from the full site, the excavation and removal of coal fines to the south of the site for transporting to a local washing facility owned by Harworth estates for reuse and a balance of earthworks over the remainder of the site to create an area for future Housing development.

The first operations are to create the access into the site which will consist of a large protection slab over an existing gas main and to divert a water crossing and footpath.

This is an NEC Option A Earthworks project and I & H Brown are eager to get to work on the 10,000m2 site. The project is due to start 20th July 2015 with duration of 15 weeks and will see Wardell Armstrong being the designers for the project.


Contract Awards - Gedling Colliery

Civil Engineering Division has returned to work for Miller Homes on Phase 2 of their Larches development at Crookston in Glasgow. Phase 1 was completed in early 2014 and the remaining work has been on hold until high voltage overhead cables had been diverted.

As before, we shall form earthworks platforms for house building. This will include treatment with lime to render the insitu materials suitable for general fill and to achieve NHBC approval as engineered fill foundations to support new housing. A significant amount of material testing will be carried out to demonstrate that the specification has been met. 

For Phase 2, we have also been awarded the construction of the main roads and drainage infrastructure, including a sizeable SUDS pond. The overall duration of the visit is 30 weeks and we face an early Key Date to provide platforms and access to the south half of the site.

Return Visit to Crookston

As part of the Company’s 50th Anniversary, a team of intrepid I & H Brown employees will be aiming to complete the Three Peaks Challenge within 24 hours.  The team will be setting off on Friday 29th May 2015 to climb Snowdon in Wales, followed by Scafell Pike in the Lake District and will finish the challenge on Ben Nevis in Fort William, on Saturday 30th May 2015, hopefully all within 24 hours!! 

The team consists of 10 walkers: Jim Townend, Stephen Mitchell, Bill Taylor, Lynda Campbell, Stephen Byron, Steven Mailer, Barry Angus, Steve Braithwaite, Donald Brown and David Blackwood plus 3 support crew:  Andy Manson, David Barr and Allan Smith.

The purpose of the challenge is to raise funds for the Lighthouse Club. After 50 years of operating in the construction industry, we wish to show our support for the Lighthouse Club, the Construction Industry Charity, which offers aid and assistance to construction workers and their families who have suffered accident or illness.  

We hope you will agree this is a worthwhile cause and support us with our fundraising.   We have a just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/IHBrown, or cheques should be made payable to I & H Brown Ltd.     

Any further information required, please do not hesitate to contact Lynda Campbell.

50th Anniversary - Three Peaks Challenge

The Development Division are pleased to announce that Fife Council has approved planning consent for a major development by I & H Brown Ltd.

The proposed development includes 1,100 houses, Employment land, a Primary School and Open space. A Masterplan for the whole development has been approved which also sets out a series of phases for the completion of the development.

This planning consent follows a number of years of work to promote the site for development and demonstrates that various local environmental, transport and education concerns can be overcome.

Work has now started to design drainage infrastructure and access to the site and it is the intention of I & H Brown to carry out advance infrastructure in order to service development parcels for onward sale to housebuilders. Due to the past legacy of mineworkings in the area it is intended that ground stabilisation by grouting will also be undertaken across large sections of the site. Again this will also be completed prior to the onward sale of housing parcels to housebuilders.

Work is now underway to ensure a site start on the advance infrastructure by the end of 2015.

A Section 75 Legal Agreement also requires to be agreed with Fife Council prior to site start. This will regulate the delivery of planning gain including education provision, off site road improvements and the delivery of 25% affordable housing on site.

This is a significant step forward for the progression of our development proposals in North Dunfermline and Fife.


Approved Planning Consent - North Dunfermline SLA

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to have an opportunity to work again with Client InfraRed Capital Partners who, in partnership with Co-operative Group as Twin Rivers Wind Farm Ltd, have awarded the balance of plant contract for the Twin Rivers Wind Farm near to Goole on Humberside.
The project consists of the construction of 7.5km of access track, 14 turbine foundations with the associated crane hardstandings. Each foundation will be constructed on top of 42No 25m long driven concrete piles. We shall also construct the wind farm substation and compound and all the site electrical works.

We are already on site undertaking the construction of seven 25m culverts that must be constructed within the time window when the local population of water voles have been temporarily trans-located.

The main work is set to begin in April and to last for 60 further weeks. Natural Power Consultants is the Project Manager with Wardell Armstrong acting as IHB’s designer. After the civil engineering elements have been completed, we shall remain on site as Principal Contractor until the overall completion of the project and handover to the Client.

Contract Awards - Twin Rivers Wind Farm

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to announce that we have been awarded our latest contract with National Grid, a 13 week NEC option A project. The scheme is located within a live site governed by the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations and which currently has tenants Wales and West Utilities (WWU) and Flogas. Continuous liaison with those tenants will be required.

I & H Brown will carry out the installation of sheet piles as temporary support works to the excavation area then selectively excavate 9,000m3 of contaminated and non-contaminated soils. We shall also break out, crush and re-use 500m3 of surface and sub-surface concrete slabs. After chemical validation of the excavated surfaces, we shall backfill the excavations with treated materials and clean excavated soils to original levels. Some 4,600m3 of contaminated soils will be treated by stabilisation before being returned to the excavations.

Apart from the normal environmental measures, we shall carry out newt protection and radiation monitoring of the excavation areas.

Ancillary works at Wrexham include the deployment of specialised subcontractors to remove asbestos and demolish the existing office building. Finally, we shall install a new water-main to replace the existing contaminated water supply and treat contaminated ground waters through the installation of boreholes and extraction of water to a water treatment plant.

Contract Awards - Wrexham Remediation

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract for the Batsworthy Cross Wind Farm for RWE Innogy UK Limited.  We have previously worked on several projects for this client but this will be our first in the South West of England.  Some of our Scottish staff will be taking on the project and getting used a different climate than they are accustomed to north of the Border.

The job consists of a full electrical balance of plant scheme near Tiverton in North Devon, incorporating nine 56m hub height 2MW Senvion turbines.  The design and construction includes service diversions, 3 km of access roads, crane hardstandings, reinforced concrete foundations and a control building.  Our scope also includes trenching, cabling and external unit sub-stations.  Two designers will work for I & H Brown on the project. Wardell Armstrong will be responsible for the civils element of design while SSE will both design and construct the electrical works.

After the civil engineering elements have been completed, we shall remain on site as Principal Contractor until overall completion to guarantee that all aspects of the job are completed to I & H Brown’s high standards and will meet the expectations of RWE.

The NEC3 Option A contract, is scheduled to start on site at the beginning of May 2015 and is expected to take 68 weeks to complete. 

Contract Awards - Batsworthy Cross Wind Farm

Civil Engineering Division will have the pleasure of working with a new Client in Expanded Limited, which is the main contractor for the new Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary.

Our principal objective is to create piling platforms for the new development and to release those in stages to the piling subcontractor. Some 104,000m3 of soils will be cut and filled to designed levels and capped with a layer of imported stone. Lime and/or cement will be used to treat the soils if necessary, so we all hope for long spells of good weather. To protect the earthworks, we shall put in place temporary SUDS water management facilities. We shall complete the permanent pond after the platforms have been completed.

Beginning in early April, the work will be completed in 18 weeks. The works are remeasurable, based on a subcontract derived from the PFI agreement between High Wood Health and the ultimate Client NHS Dumfries and Galloway. High Wood Health is a consortium, with Laing O’Rourke (Expanded’s parent company) as construction partner, and Serco providing estate management services.

Contract Awards - Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary

I & H BROWN’S appeal against the refusal of planning permission for North Calliachar Windfarm has been successful.

The decision of Dan Jackson, a Reporter appointed by the Scottish Ministers, grants planning permission for the erection of seven wind turbines with associated works at North Calliachar, near Amulree, Perthshire.

Perth & Kinross Council is liable to I & H Brown in respect of expenses regarding the appeal.

Date of appeal decision: 30 March 2015

Planning Appeal Reference: PPA-340-2087

Proposed Site layout plan
North Calliachar Windfarm

Civil Engineering Division returns to Argyllshire following the award of infrastructure works by Amey Power Services, who are acting as framework contractor for SSE.

Our role is to create access roads and a hardstanding for a future substation near Minard, to the south of Inveraray. The site is close to the An Suidhe Wind Farm, which we completed in 2010.

The initial priority will be to upgrade 6km of existing forestry access tracks. We shall then excavate peat and rock to create further access roads, a laydown area and a building platform for the substation, which will facilitate the grid connection for the A’Chruach Wind Farm. During the project, we expect to excavate and stockpile 11,000m3 of peat and we shall cut and fill 8,000m3 of rock to create the structural platforms. It will also be necessary to import some 10,000m3 of additional aggregates to varying specifications. Our scope also includes a small amount of drainage. The scheme has been designed for Amey by URS.

In addition to the customary environmental issues in such unspoiled locations, our key challenges will include working carefully in the vicinity of high voltage overhead lines. We shall also liaise closely with the Forestry Commission who will share access along the existing roads throughout our contract.

The 13 week project begins in mid-February.

Contract Awards - A'Chruach Substation Enabling Works

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded our first contract for Land Options (West) Ltd. The project will see the provision of civil engineering infrastructure for the next phase of this major development to the west of Whitburn in West Lothian. The Heartlands development is on the site of a large restored opencast site. Previous major work on the site has included residential and industrial construction and a new junction on the adjacent M8 motorway.

The scope of works is typical of such schemes; involving earthworks, drainage, roadworks, street lighting, service diversions and the provision of ducts for future services. Earthworks will re-use suitable material stockpiled for that purpose during the opencast restoration. The surface water drainage network includes two attenuation ponds and the foul water system will be installed at depths up to 7 metres.

The scheme will be administered by Project Manager Dougall Baillie under the NEC3 Option B conditions of contract. Site works will commence in early January and will be completed in 25 weeks.

Contract Awards - Heartlands Development, Phase 2 Housing Infrastructure

It is with great pleasure that Civil Engineering Division announces the award of our latest contracts for RWE Innogy. We have been appointed as Principal Contractor under the CDM Regulations for the tree-felling works required to permit further site investigation at the locations of two proposed onshore wind farms in Wales. The projects are in their initial stages, having recently achieved planning permission. Clocaenog is near Ruthin in north Wales and will ultimately operate 32 turbines. The Brechfa West project is near Carmarthen in the south of the Principality and will see 28 wind turbines installed.

Works on site commenced in October and are to be complete before spring of 2015 in order to avoid disturbance during the bird nesting season. The scope includes the mulching of vegetation, the felling of commercially valuable timber and the removal of this from site. 

Although the works are extensive they are also the first example of keyhole felling by RWE for a windfarm. This means only trees in the immediate proximity of each turbine are felled, which has obvious environmental benefits.

Contract Awards - Clocaenog & Brechfa West Forestry Works

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a ground works package at the Dyce D2 site in Aberdeen. The award of this new package of works follows the successful sectional completion of a significant platform that has been constructed under our separate infrastructure contract for the development site. Working for Miller Development’s main contractor for the construction of the warehouse, we shall deliver the substantial pad foundations, floor slab, car parking, footpaths, concrete perimeter roads and surfaced access junction. Our scope also includes the foul and surface water (SUDS) drainage system for the new warehouse structure, with the latter culminating in a substantial attenuation pond. Once complete the warehouse will be leased to BP for their Aberdeen operations.

The pad foundations for the new warehouse range in size from 1m3 up to 8m3. To support the intermediate steelwork between pads we shall also construct over 400 linear metres of concrete strip foundations. The new 155m x 64m floor will require some 3,000m3 of imported Type 1 to form the subgrade and approximately 1700m3 of C40 concrete to form the finished slab.

We shall also construct the new surfaced access junction and car parking facility for the warehouse. Our scope will be completed with the construction of 6500m2 of concrete road formed around the perimeter of the warehouse structure. Foul drainage will be connected into the new foul system constructed as part of our infrastructure contract.

The contract is scheduled to take 28 weeks to complete and will commence shortly.

Contract Award - BP Ground Works, Dyce D2
Civil Engineering Division’s latest wind farm contract is situated near Bacup in Lancashire and is for new client Reaps Moss Wind Farm Limited. We shall deliver the full civils and electrical balance of plant for the three turbine scheme. Our scope of work will include the construction of access roads, turbine hardstandings and foundations, substation, met mast and all associated infrastructure. We shall also remain on site in the role of Principal Contractor for turbine erection. 
Unusual in terms of wind farm schemes, Reaps Moss will involve the construction of two site access junctions. One will serve as the regular access point for wind farm traffic with the secondary access being used solely during turbine erection for the delivery of components. 
Access roads will involve both upgrading of existing tracks and new floating road construction. Early operations shall focus on the main earthworks cutting area at the point which the new access road spurs away from the existing track. Material generated from this operation will facilitate the construction of the new turbine component access in tandem with construction the floating sections to the turbine arrays. 
The FIDIC BoP Contract is scheduled to take 40 weeks to complete. Design has commenced and we are due to start on site in November. 
Contract Award - Reaps Moss Wind Farm

This road improvement contract lies at the heart of the Liverpool City Region on the critical A5300/ A562 Interchange. Working for new Client Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council Civil Engineering Division shall deliver two new slip roads, undertake widening of the existing roundabout and modifications to the existing traffic signal system. Our scope of work shall include earthworks, road works, earth retaining structures, ducting, street lighting and ecological surveys.

All works will be undertaken within phased traffic management arrangements utilising temporary safety barriers to provide a safe working area. The focus of construction will be on the new dedicated slip roads. This will be carefully coordinated with the modifications required to other sections of the interchange. Once complete, the new slip road shall provide improved visibility on the existing junction and alleviate congestion on this busy route.

The contract will be carried out under the NEC option A and is due to start onsite in August and is scheduled to take 13 weeks to complete.



Contract Award - M57 Extension/A53 Knowsley Expressway

Civil Engineering Division has recently commenced its latest contract in the Aberdeen area. Working for new Client Generate Land, we shall undertake a bulk earthworks and soil treatment operation to create development platforms for Phase 1 (red shaded area) of a new business park (yellow boundary). Our client will be represented on site by Doig+Smith.

The earthworks will commence with a topsoil strip of some 30,000m3 which will be removed from site and reused under a SEPA waste management license exemption. The main earthworks operation involves a cut-to-fill exercise of some 43,000m3 of subsoils to create the new development platforms, with a proportion of the material requiring soil treatment to render it suitable for use.

Located in a busy tourist and business area of Aberdeen, the site overlooks and shares access with Murcar Links Golf Course. Our site team will liaise closely with the course to ensure our operations do not affect the upcoming Northern PGA Open, which is scheduled to take place during the initial stages of construction.

The project started onsite recently.

Contract Award - Berryhill Phase 1 Enabling Works, Bridge of Don

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a contract to provide enabling works for a new land based Converter Station. This project forms part of the Western Link HVDC project and we shall be working for Siemens Transmission and Distribution, who are in turn main contractor to NGET/SPT Upgrades Ltd.  The site is located immediately adjacent to Hunterston nuclear power station in Ayrshire and our scope of work includes bulk earthworks to provide the converter station platform, drainage and construction of a granular surface layer. 

Working in this environmentally sensitive coastal location, the main element of our work is the bulk earthworks to provide the new 5 hectare platform. After stripping and stockpiling 23,000m3 of topsoil and 22,000m3 of surplus subsoil, some 160,000m3 of carefully phased cut and fill will be required in both soils and rock. The rock will be excavated and processed for re-use on the site to provide suitable fill and surface layer material. We shall also install sections of permanent drainage and demolish a cottage and farm steading.

Work will begin on site in December and is scheduled to take 26 weeks to complete. Our team will be responsible for delivering the project under the stringent operational constraints associated with working in close proximity to an operational power facility.

Contract Award - Hunterston Enabling Works

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Balance of Plant contract for the Burn of Whilk wind farm in Caithness. Working for new client Eneco Burn of Whilk Ltd, we shall design and construct the civils and electrical balance of plant for the new nine turbine wind farm. Our scope includes the construction of nine turbine foundations, nine crane hardstandings, a new control building and all associated drainage and cabling works. Our partners for the civils design and electrical work are URS and Powersystems respectively.

Having completed a significant proportion of the access roads for then-Client RWE during our previous enabling works contract, we were able to commence work in an advanced position within the turbine array. Some 35,000m3 of stone sourced from an onsite borrow pit will be used to form the floating site access roads over peat using the “brash-road” construction technique, which we developed during the enabling works.

Construction of turbine foundations and hardstandings will be preceded by the excavation of more than 60,000m3 of peat, fully redistributed in accordance with the site Environmental Management Plan, to reach formation level. We shall then place and compact 5,000m3 of structural fill before constructing the turbine foundations for the Nordex machines. We shall also extract 25,000m3 of stone from the onsite borrow pit to construct the nine turbine hardstandings.

The NEC3 Option A contract, commenced recently and will take a total of 54 weeks to complete - 30 weeks for civils scope and 24 weeks for electrical and PC role for turbine erection. Having sold the wind farm to Eneco, RWE will continue to act on their behalf to deliver project management and support services.

Contract Award - Burn of Whilk Wind Farm Balance of Plant

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of a staged enabling works contract for new client Bett Homes. We shall deliver housing platforms for a new development situated in the Ferniegair area south of Hamilton. Our scope of works at this point includes enabling works for one initial platform, consisting of site clearance, pre-earthworks drainage, bulk earthworks and a temporary site haul road. During the enabling works package we shall also be responsible for the design and planning of band drains, soil treatment measures and piling for the platforms on the remainder of the site. We have partnered with Grontmij for the design of this aspect of the contract. 

The initial enabling works package will commence with construction of a stone haul road which will be used to access the temporary stockpile area. Following this we shall undertake site clearance and a topsoil strip of some 4,800m3 in the phase 1 area of the development. This material will be stockpiled for reuse on the future development areas. We shall then excavate approximately 13,000m3 of subsoils to reach the required Phase 1 formation level and finish the area ready for future works.

This phase of the contract commenced recently and will take a total of 7 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - Allanton, Ferniegair Enabling Works

Civil Engineering Division will shortly commence this major earthworks contract for new client Levenseat Limited. The site is located at the existing Levenseat Waste Management site some 10 miles north of Lanark and our scope of work includes bulk earthworks and rock excavation.

Working in three distinct areas we shall move a total of approximately 480,000m3 of materials during the contract. Operations will involve the excavation of overburden soils, making up approximately half of the total volume, which will be transported and deposited elsewhere onsite. Rock excavations will commence once the overburden soils have been removed and drilling and blasting (D&B) operations are complete. This aspect of the contract will require close liaison with the Client-appointed D&B Contractor.

The remeasurable contract will take 28 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - Levenseat Earthworks

This latest wind farm project for Civil Engineering Division continues our recent run of success in the renewables sector. The six turbine scheme for new client EDF Energy Renewables is situated in Barmoor, Northumberland. Our scope of work for this civils design and construct contract includes six turbine foundations, hardstandings, site access roads, a control building compound, three site access junctions and a new watercourse crossing. Our design partners for the project will be Tony Gee and Partners.

The wind farm is bounded to the north by the B6353, to the east by the B6525 and the main turbine array is bisected by the U1033. Construction of the wind farm has been planned around specific restrictions on this unclassified road, with access restricted to turbine delivery vehicles only.

We shall make a new site access from the B6525 to facilitate construction of two of the six turbines. This section also includes the provision of a new culvert crossing over the Coal Burn. The remaining two site access junctions will be constructed off the B6353 to serve the new substation compound and the remaining turbines, located to the north and south side of the B6353 respectively.

The contract will take a total of 34 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - Barmoor Wind Farm

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of our first contract for Crook Hill Properties Ltd. The wind farm is located approximately 3 miles north of Rochdale in East Lancashire and is some 400m above sea level. The FIDIC Design and Build contract includes balance of plant and we shall deliver 11 new turbine foundations, 11 crane hardstandings, a new switchgear building, a new site access junction and all associated drainage and cabling works. Our partners for the civils design and electrical work are Wardell Armstrong and SSE Contracting respectively.

We shall construct 7.5km of access track with a combination of existing track upgrade and new road construction, with all stone sourced from the disused Middlehill Quarry located within the site. The new access road passes over a historical aqueduct called Hades Tunnel in three distinct locations. At the shallowest crossing it will be necessary to construct a reinforced concrete protection slab and walls to protect the aqueduct.  

The 11 turbine foundations will be constructed using a combination of 8 gravity foundations and 3 piled foundations to suit prevailing geotechnical conditions. Our drainage scope includes numerous culverts, some of which lie within sizeable cuttings and will require gabion cascades to be constructed to prevent erosion. We shall also construct three substantial attenuation ponds as part of the new site drainage system.

It is scheduled to commence shortly and will take a total of 60 weeks to complete, comprising 30 weeks for civils scope and 30 weeks for electrical and PC role for turbine erection.

Contract Award - Crook Hill Wind Farm

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce we have been awarded the contract for the new A18/A180 Link Road. This is our first contract for new client North East Lincolnshire Council. The scheme designer for the Council is Parsons Brinckerhoff. The project involves the provision of a new carriageway to link the existing Stallingborough Interchange on the A180 trunk road to the minor B1210 road. Our scope of work includes the construction of 1km of 9.3m wide single carriageway, a substantial reinforced culvert, a new roundabout at the B1210 tie in, carriageway drainage, an attenuation pond, street lighting and safety barriers.

Bulk earthworks for the new road embankment will utilise both site won and imported fill. The site won material will be generated whilst excavating to road formation and is generally marginal. This material will be treated with lime to render it suitable for use within embankment construction, thus avoiding the need for offsite disposal. The balance of engineered fill will be provided by importing materials from local sources. Following completion of the new road embankment we shall observe up to 6 months settlement monitoring before construction the new carriageway.

We shall also construct a substantial culvert within the deepest section of the road embankment, at the Stallingborough Interchange end, where there is a significant difference between road and ground levels (pictured). A temporary diversion of the existing watercourse will be created to facilitate construction of the new culvert in-line with the existing channel.

The NEC3 Option C contract is scheduled to start in the coming months and will take 52 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - A18/A180 Link Road

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce our return to Avondale landfill site, near Polmont. This most recent award builds on the eight previous packages of work we have completed since 2002 for Avondale Environmental Ltd. Once again, our Client’s representative onsite will be Sir Frederick Snow & Partners.

This £1.4 million project involves construction of a new general waste Cell 3C (outlined in green) and a new hazardous waste cell 4C3 (outlined in red). We shall also undertake permanent capping and the phased diversion of gas main services adjacent to the existing facility compound.

In excess of 90,000m3 of sands, gravels and clays will be moved during the project, with all material being re-used within the site boundaries. Earthworks to form the cell profile will be followed by the installation of a layer of site-won clay, 2m thick for cell 4C3 and 0.5m for cell 3C. We shall then install a leak detection system before finishing each cell off with HDPE liner, protective geotextile and drainage systems.

Clay for cell 4C3 construction will be extracted from an area adjacent to the existing facility compound (outlined in blue) and will be phased to accommodate the significant gas main diversion in this location.

The contract has just started on site with a duration of 30 weeks.

Contract Award - Avondale 2014

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the contract for the new run of river hydroelectric power scheme on the Abhainn Chia-aig River, in the Glen Cia Aig, located 20 miles north of Fort William. Working for the Hydro division of RWE Npower Renewables, our scope of work involves the construction of the new intake weir, 3.2km of 1m diameter pipework, two significant pipe bridges, the new downstream powerhouse and culminates in the return water tailrace. The scheme Designer for RWE is Mott Macdonald with minor elements of Contractor design. 

The outfall from the powerhouse enters the river just upstream from the dramatic Chia-aig Falls which cascade into a deep pool known as the “Witches Cauldron” before reaching Loch Arkaig. An interesting fact about the Chia-aig Falls is that they featured in scenes of the Hollywood blockbuster Rob Roy.

We shall carry out significant temporary works to enable construction of the intake weir. The existing river will be diverted offline through a new trapezoidal channel to create a dry working environment. Pipe construction will be undertaken in significantly challenging topography and once complete will be subject to final pressure testing up to 20 bar. We shall also undertake substantial earthworks during construction of the powerhouse access road and the powerhouse itself.

Work will commence shortly and it will take 57 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - Cia Aig Hydroelectric Scheme

Civil Engineering Division were delighted to attend two recent Careers Fairs organised for pupils of schools within Perth and Kinross. The events were organised to assist pupils in making an informed subject choice for their final school years, and also to provide an insight into potential career choices. The first fair was held at Perth Grammar primarily for pupils in 4th through 6th year and the second event was held at the Dewar’s Centre for pupils from all over Perthshire.

Several of our staff attended the events on behalf of the company. More than 1,650 parents and young people attended the fairs with the I & H Brown stands generating great interest. Our staff provided an insight into the construction industry and offered advice on the potential routes towards careers in civil engineering and quantity surveying. Engineer Andrew Aitken formed part of our team for both events. As a former pupil of Auctherarder High School, Andrew joined the company directly from school and is currently working towards a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Civil Engineering on day release.  He and Quantity Surveyor Callum MacKinnon are shown in the photo below.

Both events were heralded as a great success and we received extremely positive feedback from students with a potential interest in pursuing a career in our industry.

Photo courtesy of Media Scotland
Perth & Kinross Schools Career Fairs

Work is well under way on Civil Engineering Division’s latest earthworks and soil treatment contract. Remodelling the existing grass pitch ground levels, we shall undertake a staged cut-to-fill earthworks and lime treatment operation to provide the earthworks platform for a new synthetic sports pitch at the Academy.

Our Client’s design involves the excavation of approximately 5,000m3 of materials of which 4,000m3 is scheduled to be taken offsite. The balance will be excavated, treated with lime and placed as fill. Materials leaving the site will do so via a dedicated access, remote from main school access, minimising disruption and eliminating any risk to pupils and staff.

The project is scheduled to take 5 weeks to complete. 

Contract Award - Perth Academy Sports Pitches

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of our first contract for new client Robertson Homes Ltd. The NEC Option A contract is situated on the site of a former psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Inverness. Our scope of works will involve bulk earthworks, material processing, soil treatment and construction of a new culvert to provide engineered housing development platforms.

Prior to earthworks commencing we shall undertake an extensive programme of arborial works, including tree protection. Extensive liaison will be undertaken with SNH on this aspect of the works.

Construction of the development platforms will involve a 40,000m3 cut-to-fill earthworks exercise using a combination of onsite materials and a proportion of imported fill sourced from other phases of the Westercraigs development. Materials will be screened and crushed to produce suitable fill and treated by either lime or cement depending on the soil characteristics. We shall also undertake an extensive testing regime to demonstrate that the finished platforms comply with NHBC requirements.

Culvert works involve the construction of a new 600mm diameter culvert with both on and offsite sections. The offsite works will involve construction in the public highway and will be carried out under traffic management. 

The project is due to start shortly.


Contract Award - Westercraigs, Phase 2B

On Friday 10th January the A93/B951 Lair Bridge Road Improvement Scheme was opened in an official ceremony held by Perth & Kinross Council.

The new section of road was officially opened by Liz Grant, Provost of Perth & Kinross, who was joined by Constituency MSP John Swinney, Council Leader Ian Miller, Councillor Bob Ellis, the Chairman of Mount Blair Community Council and a local resident.

Staff from Perth and Kinross Council, Capita Symonds and I & H Brown also attended. An informal reception was held after the opening at Glenshee Pottery.

The scheme has been constructed as part of the Council’s long term improvement plan for this busy tourist route. Our 27 week contract has seen the creation of an improved junction between the A93 and B951 through construction of 700m of realigned carriageway and the new 11m single span Lair Bridge over the environmentally sensitive Allt an Lair Burn.

We were also privileged to build a memorial stone and plaque in memory of Bob Morrison, Perth & Kinross Council Project Manager, who sadly passed away whilst the project was under construction.

A93 Lair Bridge - Opening Ceremony

Tea and cakes were the order of the day at North Muirton last week at the official turf cutting ceremony for the £1.6 million earthworks and infrastructure scheme.

Our own Roger Philpott (pictured far right) was joined by representatives of Perth and Kinross Council and commented “This project continues our long standing working relationship with Perth and Kinross Council and we were delighted to be successful in bidding for a job so close to home. We are looking forward to the challenges a project of this nature will pose coming into the winter months”.
The scheme at North Muirton forms a significant step in the Council’s long term plan to bring big business to the city and create hundreds of future jobs. The contract is scheduled to take 22 weeks to complete and will provide the development infrastructure for the new Perth Food and Drink Park.

The picture below shows pictured left to right Councillor John Kellas, Executive Director of Environmental Services Jim Valentine, Council Leader Ian Miller, Councillor Alan Grant and Roger Philpott.

Tea and Cakes at North Muirton

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a contract worth £3.2 million to provide enabling works for a new land based Converter Station. This project forms part of the Western Link HVDC project and we shall be working for Siemens Transmission and Distribution, who are in turn main contractor to NGET/SPT Upgrades Ltd.  The site is located immediately adjacent to Hunterston nuclear power station in Ayrshire and our scope of work includes bulk earthworks to provide the converter station platform, drainage and construction of a granular surface layer. 

Working in this environmentally sensitive coastal location, the main element of our work is the bulk earthworks to provide the new 5 hectare platform. After stripping and stockpiling 23,000m3 of topsoil and 22,000m3 of surplus subsoil, some 160,000m3 of carefully phased cut and fill will be required in both soils and rock. The rock will be excavated and processed for re-use on the site to provide suitable fill and surface layer material. We shall also install sections of permanent drainage and demolish a cottage and farm steading.

Work will begin on site in December and is scheduled to take 26 weeks to complete. Our team will be responsible for delivering the project under the stringent operational constraints associated with working in close proximity to an operational power facility.


Contract Award - Hunterston Enabling Works

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of our latest contract for Perth and Kinross Council. The site is located on the North Muirton Industrial Estate in Perth, within shouting distance of our head office. The scope of this NEC Option A contract includes bulk earthworks, roadworks, footpath, drainage and service infrastructure to provide an extension to the existing industrial estate. There is also an element of contractor design, of earthworks formation and pumping stations, for which we have appointed Millard Consulting.

The site is bounded on the west by the Perth to Inverness railway line. The north and east of the site and bounded by the Rivers Almond and Tay respectively and an existing flood defence embankment which includes a national cycle path on its crest.  Prior to earthworks commencing we shall create a stand-off zone for both the railway and flood defence embankments. Earthworks will involve a cut to fill operation involving approximately 30,000m3 of soils to construct the new road embankment and a new SUDS pond.

Drainage scope includes both foul and surface water systems with the foul system constructed at the most significant depths, up to 7m.  We shall also construct two new pumping stations to service both systems.

We shall provide the service infrastructure for future developments including water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and street lighting. This aspect of the contract will involve the management and coordination of various utility providers, with certain aspects of the work undertaken using in-house resources. Our scope will be completed with surfacing and construction of the new footpath which ties into the existing national cycle route on the crest of the flood defence embankment.

Contract Award - North Muirton Development

The Saltire Society's civil engineering awards ceremony, in association with the Institution of Civil Engineers, is an annual event that recognises the importance of civil engineering and the role it plays in society. It is therefore with great pleasure that Civil Engineering Division announces recognition through two of our recent projects. The East End Regeneration Route has been awarded a commendation in the Project category at this year’s Saltire Awards. We are also delighted to report that the M80 Stepps to Haggs scheme, a project to which we made a major contribution, won the overall Saltire Award itself. 

The East End Regeneration Route was delivered as a fully integrated Joint Venture between I & H Brown and Farrans Construction. The scheme provides multi-user access to key 2014 Commonwealth Games venues and numerous strategic development sites. It delivered significant Community Benefits during construction and significantly contributes to a regeneration legacy that will benefit the wider area for decades to come.

At the M80, we delivered the earthworks, drainage and improvement layer for the Stepps to Auchenkilns Roundabout section of the scheme, including the complex interchange with the M73 at Mollisburn.

The awards ceremony was held in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. The picture below shows representatives of parties involved in the East End Regeneration Route.

Double Saltire Success for I & H Brown

Civil Engineering Division’s latest contract award is to design and construct enabling works for the Burn of Whilk wind farm in Caithness. Working for RWE Npower Renewables, our scope includes construction of a new surfaced bellmouth junction on the A99, approximately 5km of access road construction with culverts and upgrading of an existing bridge over the Burn of East Clyth. We shall also fell and remove 360 hectares of coniferous forest for commercial use and mulch the same large area. 

Site operations will commence shortly with the construction of a new bellmouth access off the A99, some 6 miles south of Wick. We shall also establish a borrow pit to provide material for the construction of the wind farm access road. The new road consists of a combination of upgrade and new track construction, including floating sections through peat of depths up to 5m.

A key element in the construction programme is the strengthening and upgrading of the existing crossing over the Burn of East Clyth. The new works will be constructed to make maximum re-use of the existing structure, with the current deck, bank seat foundations and wing walls remaining in place.

The NEC3 Option A contract is scheduled to commence shortly and will take 59 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - Burn of Whilk Enabling Works

Work has recently commenced on the latest remediation contract for Civil Engineering Division. This is our first contract for client Murray International Holdings and our work will take place within the operational Ireland Alloys metal recovery and processing centre. Our scope includes the phased remediation of localised TCE contaminated soils from two zones. Prior to starting on site we worked closely with our Client’s Representative, IKM Consulting, to refine classification of waste and to optimise disposal. 

Remediation within the two zones will be phased to maintain operations within the facility. We shall first remediate soils within the smaller, and more straightforward, Zone 1. The existing concrete hardstanding slab, 200mm thick, will be broken out and the underlying 250m3 of contaminated soils carefully removed and transported to the approved soil treatment centre. Following validation of the excavated area, the void will be filled with imported material and the concrete slab reinstated.

Zone 2 is considerably larger and involves more extensive civil engineering measures to facilitate remediation. The zone is in close proximity to existing buildings. Prior to any excavations we shall install approximately 70m of sheet piling, within 0.8m of the building, to protect the structures and facilitate excavations. Further complicating this process, we shall also expose and protect existing foul and surface water drainage and pre-auger the piles due to the presence of an underlying layer of stiff clays. Once this operation is complete we shall remediate approximately 2,250m3 of contaminated soils and reinstate the area in a similar manner to Zone 1. 


Contract Award - Ireland Alloys Remediation

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of our latest contract award for Miller Developments Limited. The site is located off one of the busiest roads in Aberdeen, Dyce Drive, which is the main access to Aberdeen Airport. Our scope of work includes bulk earthworks and soil modification to provide development platforms, the construction of a new junction off Dyce Drive and new adoptable road and service infrastructure. In order to construct the permanent works we will also undertake the diversion of a minor water course and numerous service diversions.

One interesting feature of the bulk earthworks is the requirement to have resident birds of prey for the duration of top soil strip operations. With the sites close proximity to Aberdeen Airport, the birds of prey will deter seagulls and other species from flying around the site and presenting a risk to aircraft using the airport. Earthworks operations will involve a phased cut to fill exercise, with a proportion of lime stabilisation.

The new junction will be constructed offline and by using phased traffic management. The new adoptable spine road, approximately 400m long, will incorporate service infrastructure, street lighting and surface drainage system. We shall also construct a new foul water system at a range of depths, with the deepest sections at 8m.

Contract Award - Dyce Drive Infrastructure

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a contract by Miller Homes Scotland, to carry out earthworks and soil treatment for a new development at Crookston, which lies roughly half way between Glasgow and Paisley.

The main purpose of the project is to form earthworks platforms for future house building. After stripping and stockpiling 60,000m3 of topsoil, some 180,000m3 of cut and fill will be required. 120,000m3 of that volume will be treated with lime to render the insitu materials suitable for general fill and to achieve NHBC approval as engineered fill foundations to support new housing. A significant amount of material testing will be carried out to demonstrate that the specification has been met.  In addition, 16,000m3 of rock will be excavated and crushed for re-use on the site.

The project will be carried out in two phases, to accommodate the diversion of high voltage overhead lines that cross the site. The first phase will begin shortly and the second phase is planned to start in spring 2014. The overall duration of both phases on site will be 28 weeks. Comprehensive environmental protection measures will be put in place to ensure minimum disturbance to the existing housing along part of the site boundary.

The client’s design team includes JPB and Dougall Baillie.

Contract Award - Crookston, Glasgow

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of a contract at Fardalehill, Kilmarnock for new client Lands Improvement Holdings Landmatch S.à.r.l. This NEC Option D contract involves site clearance, bulk earthworks and drainage to provide a suitable site profile for future housing developments. We shall also cap two mineshafts, grout shallow mine workings and deal with minor hotspots of lead contamination.

The earthworks scope involves the removal of 14,000m3 of topsoil, followed by cut and fill of 22,000m3 of underlying soils to re-profile the undulating site topography and provide a suitable development profile. Earthworks operations will be completed by the redistribution of topsoil over the site to a depth of 150mm. We shall also construct 1,000m of surface water drainage terminating in an attenuation facility which ties into the existing drainage system adjacent to the site.

The two mineshafts will be located by cone penetrometer testing and grouted. The 3m diameter shafts will then be capped by constructing a reinforced concrete capping slab at depths of 9m and 5m below existing ground level. We shall also undertake mine working consolidation within the footprint of the proposed future development spine road. The small volume of material with lead contamination will be excavated, tested and either be stockpiled on site or buried at depth within one of the mine shafts.

The contract will take 10 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - Fardalehill, Kilmarnock

The Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a contract by SITA UK Limited to undertake the 2013 Capping Works at the Whinney Hill Landfill site, Accrington, Lancashire.

The contract which commences on the 15th July and will take 16 weeks to complete comprises the following elements of work:

• Installation of sub cap scavenger pipework
• Preparation of the surface of the waste including where applicable the application of a 100mm fines layer
• Provision and installation of a 1mm LLDPE Capping Membrane including seals to gas and leachate penetrations
• Supply and installation of a wind resistance (holding down) membrane
• Supply and installation of geocomposite drainage geotextile
• Installation of Gas Extraction Pipework
• Placement of restoration soils

The client’s representatives for the project are Terra Consult.

Contract Award - Whinney Hill Landfill Site

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce our latest contract for Perth and Kinross Council. This road improvement scheme involves the replacement of the existing A93 Lair Bridge and the realignment of both the A93 and B951 to improve the road geometry and the junction between the two roads. Our scope of works includes the construction of an 11m single span reinforced concrete bridge, 500m of new realigned single carriageway on the A93 and 180m of new single carriageway on the B951. We shall also construct all associated drainage, kerbing, road safety barriers and traffic signage.

The new Lair Bridge will span the Allt an Lair Burn and will form the central feature of the road scheme. The bridge abutments will be constructed using sheet piling and reinforced concrete. The new bridge deck will be formed using precast concrete beams and parapets with in-situ concrete stitching. Construction will be phased carefully to maintain the environmental exclusion zone around the Allt an Lair Burn.

The bulk earthworks will involve a 10,000m3 cut-to-fill exercise. Despite the relatively small volume involved, this aspect of the works is complicated by the presence of a high groundwater table within the main cut area, up to 1m above finished road level. To manage this aspect of the works we shall undertake a staged excavation of material.

The NEC3 Option C contract is scheduled to start in July and will take 24 weeks to complete. 


Contract Award - A93/B951 Lair Junction Improvement

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce our return to Avondale landfill site, near Polmont. This most recent award builds on the seven previous packages of work we have completed, since 2002, for Avondale Environmental Ltd. Once again, our Client’s representative onsite will be Sir Frederick Snow & Partners.

This project involves construction of a new general waste Cell 12B (outlined in green) which also includes 6,000m2 of permanent capping (yellow) to be constructed later in the contract. Our scope also includes 42,000m2 of temporary capping works to existing waste Cell 11 (red).

A total volume of around 86,000m3 of sands, gravels and clays will be moved during the project, with all material being re-used within the site boundaries. The new cells will be lined with site-won clay then an HDPE liner and will include a drainage layer with a leachate collection system.

The contract starts in May and will take 30 weeks to complete. There will be a Site Agent, a Foreman and an Engineer on site. Head Office support will be provided by the Contracts Manager and Quantity Surveyor.


Contract Award - Avondale 2013

The I & H Brown Safety Incentive Scheme was started last October. The basis for the scheme was a list of best practices which each site was assessed on during their monthly SHEQ Audit.

Based on their consistent adherence to these best practices as well as some very positive feedback from the Client, SSE, the inaugural winners of the I&H Brown Safety Incentive Scheme is the site at Corriemoillie.

Our site management team and operatives are to be congratulated on the general high standards achieved on site. Our SHEQ Advisor also deserves a mention for the sterling efforts he put in during his 2 days a week site presence. All of the above will receive a black jacket with an embroidered company logo attached.

As an example of the standards achieved, a senior member of the Clients Project Management team, during one of his site visits, made the following comments “the standards set by I & H Brown on the site are the standards that the follow on Principal Contractor, Balfour Beatty ES, should aspire to and the IHB Delivery team are to be commended on their delivery/performance and safety standards”.  This was just one of many positive comments received from the Client on this site.

Our Company SHEQ Director commented “I am very impressed with the exemplary standards set on this site and hope that all those involved will continue to set these standards on all future sites they work on”.




Safety Incentive Scheme Winners

Civil Engineering Division were delighted to assist our client, Highland and Island Enterprise (HIE), by managing the installation of a unique 4m bronze sculpture of a Tornado Jet at the Forres Enterprise Park.  

The sculpture was commissioned by HIE as a mark of respect for the Tornado squadrons operating from RAF Lossiemouth. Designed and created by Black Isle Bronze of Nairn, we were delighted to assist in the final installation of this unique work of art.

Our site team managed the excavation and crane operations required to install the 3.5t precast concrete foundation and mounting pole. We also supervised the final placing of the sculpture and all traffic management associated with installation works.

The statue was unveiled by two senior RAF officers, from Moray’s past and present, who were joined by members of HIE, the Black Isle Bronze team and our own Roger Philpott, Ian Munro and Jim Gardiner.


RAF Tornado Statue

I & H Brown is delighted to announce that after a rigorous two day audit, we have successfully obtained CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme) certification.

The first day of the audit identified which carbon emissions the Company would report on. The second day was used to verify that we have robust procedures in place to measure and record these emissions, a process greatly simplified by our existing annual Carbon Management Report. Our emissions currently arise mainly from our use of diesel, petrol, purchased electricity and oils. We also measure the emissions from our capped landfill site.

One of the cornerstones of CEMARS certification aligns closely with our company ethos for continual improvement. Using the guiding principles of the certification process we have been able to refine our existing procedures and agree a CEMARS approved action plan for emission management.

The CEMARS audit was coordinated by our SHEQ Manager, and achieving certification is a statement of both our company awareness of key environmental issues and our commitment to improving our environmental performance year-on-year.



Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce our most recent involvement with the University of Strathclyde. Following our successful project mentoring scheme at the East End Regeneration Route (EERR), we have contributed to the university’s “Civil Engineering 4 Real” (CE4R) Workshop. That initiative aims to make undergraduate students feel like “engineers in training” through learning about real world engineering problems and participating in their solutions.

Developing the EERR project theme, James Wood and Colin Vance delivered a thirty minute presentation on the scheme to students from second through to fourth year. The presentation included an overview of the scheme and then focussed specifically on the construction of the Calmachie Burn Overflow Tunnel.

For the problem solving section of the presentation, James and Colin asked the students to produce a tender offer for constructing their own tunnel.  They were then asked to build a tunnel out of stickle bricks, complying with the clients requirements.  Defective units for each group were counted up at the end, and total profit/loss calculated. The efforts of each student were rewarded with a participation certificate, presented by James, at the end of the session.

We are delighted to have been involved in this progressive initiative and look forward to future collaboration with the university. The feedback from students was excellent and highlights the importance of integrating academia and industry.

“Really enjoyed the workshop. Found the presentation to be interesting and very interactive...Good way of showing the attention to detail required, and consequences of mistakes, with regard to contracts/construction...Relaxed atmosphere.” 


I & H Brown Student Mentoring - Civil Engineering 4 Real Workshop

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of a new Design and Construct Windfarm contract in Doncaster for Good Energy. We will provide design, civils infrastructure and be the Principal Contractor through to completion, including turbine erection and commissioning.

Good Energy is a new client to I & H Brown.  The site was originally tendered by RWE and subsequently purchased by Good Energy.
Our design scope includes roads, crane hardstanding, wind turbine bases, ancillary bases and the substation building. Wardell Armstrong will be our designer for the majority of these works, while the substation will be let as a D & C sub-contract.

Construction scope consists of creating a new access to the site, along with permanent site access roads including drainage and SUDs ponds. Crane hardstandings will be constructed alongside the reinforced concrete foundation for four wind turbine generators along with a substation control building.

The construction period for the project is 20 weeks; however we are on site as Principal Contractor for a total of 50 weeks which will include all major lifts and electrical commissioning.

The project is due to start on site in February or March of this year. 



Contract Award - Hampole Windfarm

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the contract award for the West Browncastle Windfarm, our 4th such award in recent weeks. Working for Nordex Energy on this Falck Renewables scheme, we will provide design, civils infrastructure and act as Principal Contractor for this Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) contract.

We have engaged the design services of Donaldson Associates for the project. Our design scope includes roads, drainage, four bridges, crane hardstanding, wind turbine bases, met mast foundation, 33kV substation and site control building.

The site is located immediately east of the existing Whitelee Windfarm. The period for construction of the civils work is 32 weeks. Our construction scope includes creating a new access to the site, along with 5.8km of permanent site access roads including four bridges, associated drainage and SUDs ponds. Crane hardstandings will be constructed alongside the reinforced concrete foundation for the twelve wind turbine generators along with a new 33kV substation and site control building.

The project is due to start on site in at the end of January 2013. 



Contract Award - West Browncastle Windfarm

The Civil Engineering division is pleased to announce the contract award for Hameldon Hill wind farm extension for RWE Npower. The works will be carried out under the NEC contract and is a design & construct with balance of plant project.

The scope of the works includes, design, haul roads, crane hardstanding, turbine bases, control building and electrical. We have engaged the design services of Tony Gee & Partners for the civils design and Powerteam for the electrical.

The construction works are further complicated with need for some remediation to a number of areas on the site prior to construction and the requirement to pile all three turbine bases.

The site is susceptible to water and the need to improve the existing drainage including a new box culvert will be required.

The three turbines are an extension to an existing windfarm and will require a complicated electrical package delivering as part of I & H Browns scope of works. These works will be subcontracted but managed by the IHB site team.

The project is due to start in February 2013.

Contract Award - Hameldon Hill Windfarm Extension

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of a new Design and Construct contract for Nordex at Todmorden.  We will provide design, civils infrastructure and electrical balance of plant for five new wind turbines.

This is one of two contracts that we will be carrying out for Nordex, which is a new client to
I & H Brown, the other contract is West Brown Castle.
Our design scope includes for roads, crane hardstanding, wind turbine bases, ancillary bases, sub-station building and electrical. All of these elements will be designed by Grontmij. Sub-contracts for both electrical work and the substation building will be let as a design and contruct packages.

Construction scope consists of creating a new access to the site, along with permanent site access roads including drainage, ducting and landscaping. Crane hardstandings will be constructed alongside the reinforced concrete foundation for five number wind turbine generators and one met mast. A substation control building will also be constructed for the works.

The 36 week project is due to start onsite in March 2013.


Contract Award - Todmorden Windfarm

It is a pleasure to announce the award of the latest contract for Civil Engineering Division. The NEC contract for client Highland and Islands Enterprise (HIE) will see us deliver the infrastructure for an extension to Forres Enterprise Park, Moray. The client will be represented on site by Project Manager Torrance Partnership and Fairhurst will be responsible for the design of the works.

The scope of the roadworks includes construction of a 525m long by 7.3m wide spine road through the southern half of the development. The south end will tie into the existing public road network at 3 locations under traffic management. Careful consideration will be given to the existing water main present in this section of the site. The north end will tie into an existing roundabout within the development.

We will also construct a hammerhead at the midpoint of the spine road and the associated footpaths and surface water drainage for the new spine road. The foul water drainage, service infrastructure for telecommunications, water and street lighting, surfacing, kerbing and road markings are also included in our package of works.

Our remit also includes the construction of approximately 3km of remote footpath in existing landscape areas within the development.

The 17 week project is due to start onsite in November 2012. 



Contract Award - Forres Enterprise Park

The month of October saw the arrival of work experience student Fraser Ford at our site at Inveralmond. In his 6th year of studies at Crieff High School, Fraser is considering a degree in Civil Engineering once he leaves school. 

The placement saw Fraser taken under the wing of Site Agent Michael Brand, Engineer Fraser Stewart and Foreman David Robertson.

To give Fraser a taster of the daily duties of a site engineer he got involved in setting out. He learned how to set out kerb lines and level them in, and most importantly how to keep the foreman happy with timeous delivery of said levels.

Assisting Michael Brand, he made changes to the construction programme using Microsoft Project to reflect current progress. Fraser also carried out reconciliation for bulk import materials.

Reflecting on his visit, Fraser indicated that he enjoyed his time on site, irrespective of the weather, and is considering pursuing a career in Civil Engineering. We wish him the all the best in whatever career he chooses to pursue.





Student Work Experience at Inveralmond

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of a new Design and Construct contract for Miller Developments at Phoenix Park in Linwood.  We will provide the civils infrastructure for two new development platforms, and have appointed Halcrow and RPS Group as our designers for the project. 
Our scope includes earthworks for the new development platforms, the removal of existing concrete slab foundations and hardstandings, construction of both the new adoptable access onto the existing public road and the new spine road for the development.  We will be processing all excavated concrete to produce 6F2 fill material for re-use onsite.

We will construct the new drainage system which includes foul and surface and pumping station, a 250m rising main and an attenuation pond with interceptor ditch.  The scope of our work also includes a new toucan crossing and the provision of the mains supply for water, gas, electricity and street lighting.

The 18 week project is due to start onsite in October.  The project will be managed by our Site Agent and site team which will include a Foreman and an Engineer. Head office support will be provided by a Contracts Manager and Quantity Surveyor.


Contract Award - Phoenix Park, Linwood

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to announce the contract award for the emergency works to be undertaken on the A944 Forbestown Landslip Remediation. The site is located 0.2miles west of Forbestown, and is bound to the north by steep forested hillside and to the south by the River Don. Aberdeenshire Council, the client, will also assume the role of Project Manager and Supervisor on this NEC 3 Lump Sum contract.

The main scope of works will involve firstly, the removal of the existing road and embankment over approximately 70m. Construction of a new reinforced embankment will then commence using the same system that was used successfully on our project at the A93 Craighall. The overall height of construction for the reinforced embankment will be 7-10m from the proposed excavation level. 

The A944 will be reinstated on completion of the reinforced embankment and new carriageway drainage will be installed on the north side of the carriageway. The client will be providing the materials for construction of the new reinforced embankment.

The topography of the site and the presence of existing services will make this a challenging project to complete in the prescribed 6 week programme. Due to the emergency nature of the works, the existing A944 will be closed for the duration of the project.

The 6 week project is due to start in September and will be managed on site by the Sub Agent and Foreman. Support from head office will be provided by the Contracts Manager and Quantity Surveyor.





Contract Award - A944 Forbestown Landslip Remediation

The latest earthworks project for Civil Engineering Division lies within the vast bonded warehouse site in Beith, North Ayrshire.  Our “angels share” of the project involves the preparation of advanced earthworks for 5 new bonded warehouses to be used for whisky storage.  The client, Chivas Brothers Ltd, will be represented onsite by Charles Scott & Partners.

Working to an ICE Minor Works Contract, the main scope of works is 40,000m3 of bulk earthworks.  This will involve the removal of overlying topsoil and soft clays.  Underlying stiff clays will then be cut & filled to agreed formation levels prior to a 300mm layer of Type 1 Sub-base being placed and compacted to a tight tolerance.  All surplus materials will be reused onsite to create landscape bunds.
The scheme also includes the construction of 1.5km of associated swales and drainage around the perimeter of the new platforms.  Finishing works will include the construction of access footpaths, car parking, top soiling and hydroseeding.

The 10 week project, has already started and is being managed on site for I & H Brown by an Agent, a Foreman and an Engineer. Support from head office will be provided by a Contracts Manager and a Quantity Surveyor.




Contract Award - Willowyard, Beith

Civil Engineering Division is delighted with the award of our first contract for Balfermo Enterprises. Working only 1 mile from head office, our task is to provide road works and services infrastructure for the Inveralmond East development.  The Design and Construct project will see us collaborate with Millard Consulting Engineers.  The site is situated off an existing development road located off the A912 Inveralmond Roundabout.  The site is bounded to the west by the A9 and to the east by an existing railway line.

The scope of our works will include the construction of 375m of access road, 7.3m wide, with associated 2m wide pedestrian footways and a soak-away drainage system.  We will also be installing street lighting and service ducts.  The new road works will be connected into the existing development road over a watercourse, requiring the construction of a new 675mm diameter culvert.

The 10 week project is due to start in September and will be managed on site for
I & H Brown by an Agent and a Foreman. There will be a Contracts Manager who will provide support from head office.


Contract Award - Inveralmond East, Perth

Working with our Client Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Limited, we have introduced a joint incentive scheme to promote the use of the Safety Observation Report (SOR) system at our Corriemoillie site. The scheme each month awards a £50 supermarket voucher to the Contractor employee who submits a SOR that best illustrates an individual's commitment to Health and Safety and support of SSE's Safety Family principles. This personal prize is matched by a donation from
I & H Brown of £50 to a charity of the winner's choice. SOR cards are also used to address quality and environmental issues in support of the planned inspections and audits.

The first two monthly winners are Bryan Gallagher (top photograph) and Ian Chrisp.  Bryan's SOR was selected for his observation, promptness of reporting and importantly for taking the initiative and doing something about the situation that he reported.  Bryan noticed on his way to site one morning that a temporary traffic sign had fallen down. He not only reported this but also took it upon himself to secure and re-position the fallen sign. Bryan nominated Cancer Research as the charity to receive the £50 donation.

Ian’s SOR suggested an innovative flexi-hose attachment for oil cans to reduce the risk of spills. He showed a heightened awareness of the need to eliminate hazards as the primary means of control rather than to put measures in place to deal with the effects of an incident. Breast Cancer Research will benefit from his initiative.


Safety Awards at Corriemoillie

Civil Engineering Division has recently been awarded its second contract by 1 Stop Renewables, this time to carry out civil works for two Freebreeze V29 turbines at Wester Meathie Farm, by Forfar.

These turbines are similar in size and output to the ASCA turbine erected at Westhall, Cupar earlier in the year, standing 30m to the hub and 46m to tip of blade, with an output of 225kW.  However, one noticeable difference will be colour. Angus Council require that turbines are painted grey to blend in to the landscape better. In wet summers like this one, they will indeed be almost invisible.

The works consist of upgrading 720m of existing farm tracks and forming 150m of access road through farmland, with construction of the wind turbine bases and associated crane hard standings.

The civil construction will take 4 weeks and we shall remain on site for a further 8 weeks to oversee the follow-on operation in the role of Principal Contractor.

Contract Award - Wester Meathie Turbines, Forfar

Civil Engineering Division has just started site operations for our latest soil stabilisation project, at the Midtown Business Park between Alloa and Stirling.

The overall scheme, for client Rossco Properties, will see the construction of three new warehouses and the extension of an existing storage facility. The site is low-lying ground on the floodplain of the River Forth and the natural Clay soils are weak to a depth in excess of 9 metres. The buildings must be supported on piles.

Our involvement, for Main Contractor BHC Limited, is to modify the existing soils to provide certified working platforms for the piling contractor and to provide the required general fill required to reach design levels. The areas outwith the working platforms will be suitable for use as storage and laydown areas during the construction phase.

The whole site will be capped with a layer of partially imported granular material to form a running surface. The works will include the removal and crushing of an existing concrete floor slab to provide 3,000m3 of suitable granular material to be used onsite. We shall also extend the existing SUDS pond, install a perimeter drainage swale.

The work will take 9 weeks. By choosing to stabilise the existing soils, the scheme has avoided the need to dispose of 33,000m3 of poor quality soils and to import the equivalent volume of suitable material. In this instance the use of stabilisation has also eliminated the need for circa 53,000m2 of a geogrid. 

Contract Award - Midtown Alloa

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to have picked up an award from our long-term client, National Grid Property Holdings. The commendation has been made in recognition of the continuous improvement of our Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability (SHES) systems on their gasworks remediation projects between 2011 and 2012.

The projects involved in the assessment were Provan, Kirkintilloch and Coatbridge. National Grid particularly noted our commitment to systems development, our high standard and volume of reporting, our initiative at a Coatbridge primary school and the fact that we had no lost time accidents or environmental incidents.

The award was presented in the month following the tenth anniversary of our first term contract with National Grid.

Contracts Director Roger Philpott commented: “National Grid set extremely high standards in SHES and we are absolutely committed to matching or exceeding those requirements. It is very pleasing to have had our efforts recognised in this way. I congratulate all the key I & H Brown staff involved in these three projects.”

Commendation from National Grid

Following the recent award at Corriemoillie, Civil Engineering Division has picked up a second substation project from Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Limited.

Located in the Fetteresso forest near Stonehaven, the new 275/132kV substation will serve the Mid Hill wind farm. Our contribution will be the construction of the new platform, landscaping bunds and a short access road from the existing forestry road network. After removing 30,000m3 of peat and a significant volume of roots from previous tree clearance, we shall cut and fill 100,000m3 of suitable material including 40,000m3 of rock. The design for SHETL, by consultants McGregor McMahon, will ensure the re-use of all materials on site.

Our scope also includes the principal land drainage regime for the new platform.

The project will begin on site in late May and is scheduled to be complete in 26 weeks.

Contract Award - Fetteresso Substation Platform

Having recently started work for Clyde Gateway at the former Dalmarnock power station, Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a second project by the same Client only a few hundred metres away. The coincidences don’t stop there. The new project will see us return to complete the remediation of Dalmarnock gasworks, where we cleaned up part of the site for the previous owner in 2009.

The site, outlined in red below, is split into two separate working areas. Our work includes the excavation, processing and soil washing of 35,000m3 of contaminated material that predominantly lies in below-ground gas holders. Some 15,000m3 of concrete slabs and structures will be excavated, crushed and recycled as backfill, along with the over-sized material from the processing. The material in one of the gasholders cannot be accessed for removal and will be stabilised by grouting.

We expect to find ground water within and around the gasholder bases. This will be treated by our own specialist water treatment system to meet the requirements of Scottish Water consent and discharged to sewer. The land within the site will be returned to its original levels.

The scheme will begin in late May and will take 24 weeks to complete. Grontmij is the Client’s representative.




Contract Award - Dalmarnock Gasworks

The latest renewable energy project for Civil Engineering Division lies within the Kildrummy Estate in Aberdeenshire. The 8 turbine scheme is for new client Renerco Energy UK, a company of the BayWa r.e GmbH, and we are delighted to have another opportunity to work with RWE NPower Renewables, whose role at Kildrummy is Project Manager and CDM Co-ordinator.

We are responsible for providing the civil engineering infrastructure and for acting as Principal Contractor for others who will undertake the turbine supply and erection, the grid connection and the electrical works for the new windfarm.

Our own scope of work includes the design, with URS, and construction of the main site access and internal site roads, using material won from a site borrow pit and an existing disused quarry.  The 4,500m of roads require two new culverted burn crossings. We shall also design and construct the 8 turbine foundations and the associated hardstandings. Much of the site is currently peat moorland. One interesting feature is that the switchgear, storage and control rooms will be sited in a refurbished section of an existing farm building.

The main challenges in the project lie in meeting the 22 week programme, in managing the locally-won materials and in dealing with the extensive environmental issues such as nesting birds, bats, otters, rare lichens and nearby watercourses. A great deal of close liaison will also be required to minimise disruption to the working estate.

Contract Award - Kildrummy Wind Farm

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to report the award of our first contract for our near neighbours in Perth, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Limited.

We shall create the civils infrastructure for a new 132kV substation at Corriemoillie, which is some 45km northwest of Inverness. Following bulk earthworks in rock and peat to form a level platform, we shall construct more than 120 foundations for switchgear and nearly 1km of precast and piped cable ducts. Our scope also includes a steel framed control building, transformer oil containment bunds, drainage, site roads, cable ducts, fencing and landscaping.

The project will begin on site at the end of May and we face several challenging milestones towards the end of 2012 for the delivery of phased handovers to the contractors who will deliver the electrical infrastructure. The work will be carried out within a comprehensive environmental management plan that will reflect the scenic location and the diversity of the local flora and fauna.

Contract Award - Corriemoillie Substation

The Development Division is delighted to have secured Planning Permission for their major housing and retail project in Banknock. The 67 acre development lies immediately to the west of the M80 Banknock & Haggs junction and north of the Kilsyth Road. The planning procedure was challenged by complex traffic issues. These were overcome by negotiating control over land required to upgrade the east and west M80 slip roads and by creating new site access solutions.

Shortly we will be negotiating Section 75 agreements (planning gain) with a view to making our first phase detailed application for around 50 houses with associated infrastructure.

Following extensive trial pitting and analysis, our advisers IKM Consulting have concluded that the soils on the site are suitable for re-use with no significant contamination.

Further site investigation is required to identify the extent of grouting that will be required to stabilise abandoned mine workings below the site. However from a review of existing data it is already clear that extensive treatment will be necessary.

This is a significant step forward for our Banknock site and allows us to start to work in partnership with house builders to secure a site start.

Permission Granted for Banknock Development

Civil Engineering Division is delighted with the award of our first contract for Miller Developments. Our task is to provide earthworks, drainage, roadworks and services infrastructure for Phase 1 of the Blar Mhor development. The phased Design and Construct project is situated to the north of Fort William and most of the work is to be carried out adjacent to the A830 - better known as the Road to the Isles.

The initial stage of our work is to enlarge and reconstruct the busy roundabout at Lochybridge Junction, where the A830 joins the A82. Traffic management will be carefully designed to ensure that vehicular flow is maintained at all times.

Our efforts will then focus on the main site some 800m to the west. The bulk earthworks include the removal of 160,000m3 of peat and the placement of site-won sands and gravels to form new development platforms. We shall also construct a large, 5-leg roundabout to serve as the principal access to the development. The new roadworks include signing, lighting and a signalised pedestrian crossing. Our scope also encompasses the installation of water, drainage and electricity into the site.

Contract Award - Blar Mhor, Fort William

Civil Engineering Division has recently been awarded a contract by 1 Stop Renewables to carry out the civil works for a single ACSA turbine at Westhall near Cupar in Fife.

This is the first turbine of its kind to be erected in the UK, with a height of 30m and an output of 225kW.

We are delighted to have won our first contract for 1 Stop Renewables. As always, we are keen to make a good first impression with this new Client at the prospect of repeat business.

The works consist of forming 120m of access road through farmland, construction of the wind turbine foundation and associated crane hard standing and carrying out the excavation and backfilling operations for the 620m of cabling to connect the turbine to the control panel within the farm steading.

Site operations began on 15 February. The Client’s designer is Fairhurst.
Contract Award - Westhall Turbine, Cupar

Civil Engineering Division has picked up another soil stabilisation and modification project in Glenrothes, this time for Global Construction, who are in turn Main Contractor to Scottish Water. We welcome this opportunity to work with a new client and to demonstrate the benefits of using these specialist techniques to tackle difficult ground conditions.

Our challenge at Nether Stenton is to gather and treat saturated sandy gravelly silt and silty sand, then to place and compact the finished product into new bunds to form a cascade of three SUDS treatment ponds. Both lime and cement will be used, in varying proportions to suit the differing conditions encountered across the site.

Our scope of works also includes treatment of formation at designated locations and final trimming of the embankments ready for the subsequent placing of an impermeable HDPE liner. We are responsible for the design of the treatment process and for all of the testing required to validate that the treated material has achieved the specified properties.

Our work will be constructed in phases over a six week period, to allow access for others to carry out drainage and concrete works. Work got under way at the beginning of February.

Contract Award - Nether Stenton, Glenrothes

Our latest project in the east end of Glasgow is at Riverside, Dalmarnock, where Civil Engineering Division has recently commenced a major remediation project for client Clyde Gateway at the site of the former Dalmarnock Power Station. The power station and all of the associated infrastructure was demolished in the early 1980s, since when the 8.5 hectare site has been left derelict.

The clean-up works include excavation and processing of underground structures, diversion of existing services, removal of boundary walls and dealing with Japanese Knotweed. These are all standard and familiar activities in such projects. One particularly interesting and challenging aspect of Riverside is the use of lime and cement to stabilise identified hotspots of heavy metal contamination. A volume of up to 29,000m3 will be treated by our own in-house team, validated as safe for re-use then placed below a layer of clean capping material.

The project also includes the infilling of redundant service tunnels, security fencing and the installation of 450m of new 1,050mm diameter drain to take water from our current project on the East End Regeneration Route to a large new SUDS treatment pond on the Riverside site.

The 36 week scheme will be supervised for the client by Mace as Project Manager and Grontmij as Designer and Supervisor.

Contract Award - Riverside, Dalmarnock

Two of the most impressive new structures for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow are the National Indoor Sports Arena (NISA) and the adjoining Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in the east end of the city.

Having carried out the original major site preparation contract for the NISA and Velodrome, Civil Engineering Division has now returned to prepare the ground for a new hotel to be constructed on the corner of London Road and Springfield Road.  The location is outlined in red on the photograph, which also shows how close the site lies to Celtic Park.

Once again working with Glasgow City Council and their designer Halcrow, we shall excavate and remove more than 50,000 Tonnes of hazardous and non hazardous soils. The results from site sampling and testing will inform the decision on whether material is directed to a licensed landfill or to a local soil treatment facility.

The final levels are closely specified and will be achieved by using our own fleet of plant equipped with GPS controls to ensure accuracy.

The project will start in late January and is scheduled to be completed in 11 weeks.
Contract Award - NISA Hotel Enabling Works

Civil Engineering Division has recently been awarded a contract by Perth & Kinross Council to construct a 600m long distributor road on the western edge of Kinross.

The 7.3m wide carriageway will complete the link between the North and South of the town, which will provide much needed traffic relief for the town centre and will provide access for future developments.

The low-lying site on an existing floodplain is bordered by the South Queich River to the south, the M90 motorway to the west and Loch Leven to the east.

There is up to approximately 7,000m3 of unacceptable material to be removed off site with a further 18,000m3 of acceptable material required to form the new road embankment. The drainage system will incorporate a SUDS pond and a roadside swale. An existing dirt track will be upgraded to a surfaced shared cycle track / footpath along a former railway line, including a small steel framed, timber decked footbridge over the Clash Burn. The scheme will be completed by street lighting, fencing and soft landscaping.

Engineer for the project is Mouchel. The14 week contract will commence in early 2012 and will be managed by an I & H Brown Site Agent.

Contract Award - Kinross Western Edge Link Road

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded the initial enabling works package for an onshore port facility at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead. This work will enable the port to receive, store and assemble all the components for the offshore foundations that will form the base of a 160-turbine Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm, one of the largest currently in construction in Europe. 

The contract from RWE npower renewables will support the construction of the wind farm, which is located 13kms off the North Wales coast.  Once constructed, Gwynt y Môr will consist of 160 turbines, two offshore substations, a large new onshore substation and 11kms of underground cabling.  At 576MW, Gwynt y Môr will be one of the largest offshore wind farms currently in construction in Europe, and is being built by RWE npower renewables. The project is a shared investment between partners RWE Innogy, Stadtwerke München GmbH and Siemens. Once fully operational, energy generation from Gwynt y Môr is expected to be equivalent to the average annual needs of around 400,000 homes.

The initial contract will be carried out under NEC Option A Design & Build. The value could increase if the planned civil works to prepare the site for RWE npower renewables' use for the Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm are extended to include an upgrade to the wet basin quayside. 

The 21 week programme began in September 2011. The initial laydown area contract works consist of:
• Levelling of a 32 acre Lay down Area,
• Demolition for, and construction of, the Primary Transit Route
• Widening of the existing access road and the construction of associated footpaths
• Formation of vehicle and pedestrian routes
• Installation of fencing, gates, handrails and vehicle protection barriers
• Installation of water, drainage and electrical cable ducting to agreed points
• Formation of new crane track routes within the laydown area
• Construction of foundations for temporary buildings

The additional Wet basin Quay strengthening works consist of:
• Demolition of 2no substation buildings on the quayside
• Reclamation of the existing concrete surface
• Sheet pile installation waterside
• Installation of 84 CFA piles
• Installation of 2000m2 of 750mm deep reinforced concrete crane table slab
• Installation of 4300m2 of 400mm thick concrete slabs adjacent to the crane table
• Processing and importation of 500mm of class 1A stone to lay over the entire area as a slab protection layer


Contract Award - Gwynt Y Mor Offshore Windfarm

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to have the opportunity to work with BAM Construction to deliver site enabling works for the new Auchmuty High School at Glenrothes in Fife. The new school, which forms part of Fife Council's Building Fife's Future (BFF) capital programme, will be built in the existing grounds and will replace the existing buildings which were built in two stages in the 1950s and 1970s.

Our contribution is the modification of some 9,000m3 of marginal soils into material that will meet specified bearing and density criteria. To do so, we shall use an integrated unit to deliver a proportion of cement into spread layers of the natural material and then compact each layer to construct embankments up to 2m high. The specialist unit ensures that the sensitive environment next to the existing school is protected during the operation.

The use of modification in this way ensures that the project can re-use the existing moisture-sensitive soils, will be less susceptible to weather delays and will require 1,800 fewer lorry movements than conventional disposal and replacement solutions.

The project which began in early November is expected to take 4 weeks to complete and will be supervised by an I & H Brown Agent.

Contract Award - Auchmuty High School

We are delighted to have contributed to the success of our client Infinis, whose wind farm at Glenkerie recently attracted an assessment of ‘Very Good’ in the demanding CEEQUAL audit. We are proud to have been a significant part of the team that overcame a number of challenges to accomplish this prestigious recognition.

CEEQUAL is the assessment and awards scheme for improving sustainability in civil engineering and the public realm. It aims to deliver improved project specification, design and construction and to demonstrate the commitment of the civil engineering industry to environmental, quality and social performance. A CEEQUAL Award is an independent measure of achievement on a wide range of environmental and social issues.

Our contribution to Glenkerie was to carry out the ‘balance of plant’ work to deliver the civil, building and electrical infrastructure on a design and construct basis. We were particularly involved in the construction aspects of the CEEQUAL assessment.

There were a number of challenges along the way, not least the safe and sympathetic design and construction of a new 8km road network on the sides of hills up to 450m in elevation. A drainage system was designed and installed to control the flow of water running down the steep slopes and to prevent environmental damage to the glen below, where the sensitive Kingledores Burn is designated a Special Area of Conservation for Atlantic salmon, lampreys and otter. Preventing pollution of an important tributary to the nationally renowned River Tweed whilst carrying out major earthworks, building bridges and roads was an undoubted achievement.

CEEQUAL Award for Glenkerie Windfarm

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a third significant package of work in 2011 from National Grid Property Holdings, to run concurrently with existing schemes at Provan and Kirkintilloch.

Our task is to undertake remediation work to the site of a former gasworks in Coatbridge and will involve the selective excavation of two in-ground gasholders to a depth of 9 metres. Further areas of the site will be excavated to an average depth of 3 metres. The soils arising from the excavations will be screened to remove any oversize materials that can be re used on site. The residual proportion will then be chemically tested and analysed to permit sentencing for either reuse on site or disposal to a licensed landfill site.

All structures will be broken out and crushed on site, with oversize material from the excavations, to provide a hardcore fill material. The site will be ultimately be returned to original levels. Ground water will be treated using our onsite water treatment kit and will be discharged to sewer following chemical analysis that confirms that it meets the Scottish Water discharge consent.

The site is surrounded by close neighbours, ranging from existing gas apparatus to industrial units and residential housing. We shall continuously monitor noise, odour, dust and vibration and register the project with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The 30 week programme of site work begins in mid September. The Client’s Designer is WYG.  An I & H Brown Contracts Manager will support the site team consisting of an Agent, Foreman and Engineer.

Contract Award - Coatbridge Gasworks

In an exercise to share knowledge and best practice, I & H Brown recently participated with National Grid Property Holdings and Celtic Technologies in hosting a series of open days on our project site at Provan Gasworks.

In a series of four events over two days, we engaged with around 40 invited guests from SEPA, Scottish local authorities and other public sector organisations with an interest in brownfield land remediation. Each event included a presentation followed by a site visit.

The presentation explained the background of National Grid Property Holdings and their aspiration to be recognised as a leader in brownfield land remediation. It went on to address the history of the Provan gasworks and the development of the improvement strategy to deliver the remediation objectives for the site. Finally, the programme and methodologies of the current operations were explained, together with the extensive proposals for validation and reporting.

We believe that events were well received and proved to be of interest and assistance to the attendees.

Sharing Best Practice at Provan Gasworks
Many congratulations to Contracts Director Roger Philpott, who takes office in September 2011 as the Chairman of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (Scotland).

CECA (Scotland) is the sole trade body for Scotland's civil engineering contractors and represents over 80% of the industry.

Roger's appointment continues our long association with CECA (Scotland), which began with our contribution to founding the organisation in 1996. We are proud to be member number 1 in Scotland and our Managing Director, Scott Brown, was the first chairman of CECA (Scotland).

CECA (Scotland) started with 26 founder members in the Central Belt and Tayside and put in place a growth strategy that, over 14 years, has increased the membership to around 100 covering virtually every county in Scotland.


CECA Chairmanship Returns to I & H Brown

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded the initial infrastructure works package for the Copley Valley Regeneration Scheme at Sowerby Bridge in West Yorkshire. This JCT Design & Build contract is the first of three projects to provide residential and commercial properties to the Copley Valley scheme.

The initial infrastructure works are programmed to require a 33 week period, which began in August. The contract works comprise the following activities:

Improvement works to an existing road junction, including the construction of two retaining walls, road widening works and installation of traffic lights

Construction of a single span bridge over the Calder & Hebble navigational canal and a double span bridge crossing the River Calder

Sheet piling works to the existing towpath of the canal and the banks of the River Calder

Demolition works to the existing canal and River Calder bridges

Construction of adoptable infrastructure within the development, including road embankment, retaining wall, storm and foul drainage, installation of services, carriageway, footpaths and safety barriers.

The Developer for the project is Genr8 and the Project Manager is Christal Management.

The I & H Brown site team, including Design Coordinator and Foreman, will be led by one of our Contracts Managers.
Contract Award - Sowerby Bridge Initial Infrastructure Works

Civil Engineering Division has recently begun another package of work for National Grid Property Holdings, for which we have been term contractors in Scotland since 2002.

The 9 week programme will see us remove contamination from the 2 hectare site of a former gasworks.

Initial works will involve site clearance and the erection of 200m of palisade fencing to secure the site. We shall then remove some 2,700 Tonnes of surface spent oxide hotspots to landfill under either Hazardous or Nonhazardous classification. The area will finally be re-profiled using site-won clean natural materials. Our scope also includes a new surfaced access road, which will allow removal of the contaminated soils and will remain in place for future site use.

This is a very sensitive site which has become more high profile with the completion of the adjacent new Kirkintilloch Relief Road. The Client’s designer is WYG.

For I & H Brown, our Site Engineer will be based full time on site, with support from our Agent at nearby Provan Gasworks with the same Contract Manager covering both projects.

Contract Award - Kirkintilloch Gasworks
Civil Engineering Division is a member of the UVDB Verify scheme, which is an essential requirement in pre-qualifying for projects in the utility sector.
UVDB is the specific accreditation required by the UK Utility industry and Verify is the second-stage process that is demanded for projects with high operational risks. The scheme focuses on risk critical issues and provides demonstrable compliance to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) requirements.

To maintain our accreditation, we are subject to annual detailed assessments of our management systems and site performance, which was judged this year at Provan.

 At the conclusion of the audit, we are given a score that allows us to compare our performance to the industry average. This year’s scores are listed below, with the average scores for all suppliers listed in brackets alongside:

H & S                               94.8%    (81.5%)

Environmental               93.8%    (70.5%)

Quality                             98.2%    (82.9%)

These results are extremely encouraging. While we cannot afford to be complacent, we should take comfort that an onerous external review has concluded that our SHEQ performance was of a high standard.  Our congratulations go to the SHEQ department and to the site team at Provan

Excellent Performance in External Audit

Following the successful completion of the EWIC Site Clearance Works in early 2010, Civil Engineering Division has been awarded another contract by Eirgrid. This contract is for works at the  the existing landfill site at the TATA Steelworks at Shotton, Flintshire.

The works to be undertaken comprise the following:

  Raising parts of the perimeter bunds to Cell 2
  Removal of the existing sacrificial layer to Cell 3
  Raising the existing levels of Cell with suitable fill and the placement of a 1m thick clay liner
  Placement of a 300mm thick leachate drainage layer in cells 3/4
  Construction of treatment of leachate pipework
  Construction of two mass concrete ‘target pads’
  Installation of a 2.4m extraction extraction manhole
  Stockproof Fencing
The client representative for this 12 week project is Parsons Brinckerhoff
Contract Award - TATA Landfill Extension & Cell 3/4 Lining Works

Civil Engineering Division will shortly return to Braehead, to complete the remediation of a site that we first visited in 2004. In this entirely separate contract, we shall clean up an area of ground that was previously inaccessible because of high voltage overhead cables. Site investigation has identified that a proportion of the local soils contains elevated levels of heavy metals.

In addition to identifying and segregating the hotspots of contamination, we shall carry out 40,000m3 of bulk earthworks to raise all parts of the site to a level that will offer protection against future flooding events. Some 16,000m3 of imported material will be required. The technique of encapsulation will be used to ensure that the anticipated 1,700m3 of contaminated material will be placed at least 1.1m below the finished surface level. The site will be left as a platform ready for subsequent development.

Engineer for the project is Davis Langdon, with Oceans ESU acting as Environmental Consultant. The scheme will begin in mid June and will be completed within 6 weeks by the I & H Brown team.

Contract Award - Ferry Village, Braehead

I & H Brown has been awarded a Commendation at the recent Homes for Scotland Quality Awards for our Banknock Development.

The event was held to recognise best practice in the housebuilding industry.

I & H Brown received the award for Local Authority and Key Agency Working, and were commended by the judging panel for taking forward production of a development framework for the Banknock area.

The Category was sponsored by The Scottish Government. We were recognised by the panel for “successfully bridging the gap between what is contained in the local plan and detailed masterplan, effectively producing a better understanding of the investment required and flexibility needed to improve confidence around the deliverability of the proposals”.

It has been acknowledged that close working with Falkirk Council, Scottish Water, SNH, Transport Scotland, A&Ds, Local Community Groups and Elected Members has contributed to the continued success of the project.

This award recognises the commitment of our Company and employees to add value to our existing land holdings by investing appropriately at key stages in the planning process.
Pictured below with the award is David Lonsdale (Assistant Director, CBI), Tommy Devlin (I & H Brown) and Fred MacAulay.

I & H Brown Awarded a Commendation by the Scottish Housing Industry

Following the completion of the Package 1 works to Kiln Pit Hill Windfarm, Northumberland and a separate competitive tender, Civil Engineering Division has been awarded an NEC Option A design and construct contract by RWE Npower Renewables to undertake the Package 2 works.
The scope of the work for the Package 2 contract includes the following activities:

  Temporary and Permanent fencing works
  Entrance Works
  Permanent Site Access Roads
  Construction of Substation Control Building
  Reinforced concrete foundations to six number Wind Turbine Generators
  Reinforced concrete Foundation to Anemometer Measuring Station
  Landscaping Works
The topography of the location is considerably more benign than on some of our other wind farms. However, the project still contains a number of significant challenges the I & H Brown team.

The project will begin at the end of May and will take 51 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - Kiln Pit Hill Wind Farm, Package 2 Works

Some 30 first year civil engineering students from Strathclyde University recently visited our project to construct the new East End Regeneration Route near Celtic Park in Glasgow. Staff from I & H Brown and our JV partner gave presentations about the £25 million scheme, with special emphasis on the tunnelling works for the Camlachie Burn Overflow. The students were also given a tour of the site and an opportunity to ask questions of the site staff.

This important project provides essential access from the M74 motorway to the National Indoor Sports Arena and the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. The works include the construction of 2.4km of dual carriageway width road incorporating 7 new junctions and a 700m long, 2.7m diameter relief tunnel for the Camlachie Burn. Site operations began in May 2010 and are expected to be completed ahead of scheduled completion in spring 2012 to coincide with the completion of the games venues.

The university confirmed that the event achieved its objective of exciting and inspiring the students about the construction industry. It is hoped to repeat the event later in the year with another group.

Student Visit to East End Regeneration Route

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to have won the opportunity to work for new Client Morston Archway and with new designer BSP Consulting, which is also the Engineer for the project.

The contract is for the reclamation of a former industrial site to form development platforms, serviced by a new access road from an existing roundabout on the busy Calder Street in Coatbridge.

The main scope of works include cut and fill operations to form the platforms, along with the removal and recycling of the existing concrete slabs and foundations. We shall also excavate, store and treat soils contaminated with Japanese Knotweed and demolish the last remaining structure on the site.

In addition to a short section of new road, we shall modify the existing roundabout under traffic management. An existing combined sewer will be diverted and new main foul and surface water drains will be installed to service the future development.

The scheme will commence in May and will be complete in 18 weeks. 
Contract Award - Calder Street, Coatbridge

Civil Engineering Division has successfully tendered for the completion of the soil stabilisation and earthworks for Scotia Homes at their development at Inverugie Meadows in Peterhead. The scheme will create an engineered platform acceptable to the NHBC, using site won material to support the development of residential units and associated infrastructure including roads.
Our proposed strategy is to excavate and prove firm strata and to upfill the site with compacted modified fill material to create an engineered earthworks platform, suitable for founding on at minimum depth. We shall also modify saturated clays to provide a cost-effective alternative to imported rock capping layer.

The site currently has an abundance of saturated unsuitable silty clays left over from winter in loose widely spread bunds formed by a previous contractor. We shall be responsible for the selection, excavation, placing, compaction and treatment of the earthworks materials to meet the specified criteria.  It is expected that all the fill material will be site-won and treated with lime, cement or both where necessary to render the soil acceptable for re-compaction.

I & H Brown’s reputation was critical in the award of this contract from a client who has seen two previous contractors unable to produce the required solution.

Work is scheduled to commence in mid April for an anticipated 12 weeks.

Contract Award - Stabilisation and Earthworks in Peterhead

Many congratulations to three I & H Brown employees, whose good work has meant that  I & H Brown has won the project Environmental Award for March from main contractor HMC.

Hamish Cameron, Stuart Gibson and Colin Campbell are jointly responsible for providing fuel to our plant in numerous separate working areas along the 11 kilometre site. At peak, they were fuelling 150 machines.

HMC has been impressed by a consistently excellent performance which has seen well over 5 million litres of fuelling carried out with high regard to the environment and no significant incidents.

From left to right, the photograph shows Hamish, Stuart, Tom Waddell (HMC) and Colin, shortly after Tom had presented each with an inscribed Thermos cup.

Environmental Award at M80

Civil Engineering Division has picked up its first ever soil stabilisation project as part of our recent initiative to add this capability to the portfolio of techniques that we can offer with our in-house resources.

The work is being carried out for Taylor Wimpey who are constructing a new two storey housing development in Kilmarnock.

The purpose of the scheme is to modify existing fill and stockpiles of saturated materials by the addition of lime into permanent works capping replacement for the access roads and a stabilised platform which will provide a temporary piling mat.

The Client has also required the lime modification of the remaining stockpiled material, allowing its incorporation into future works as suitable fill. In total a quantity of some 8,500m³ of material has to be stabilised for re-use.

Work began on site in March with a 4 week contract period.

Contract Award - Altonhill Phase 7, Kilmarnock

The latest project for Civil Engineering Division sees us return to a location in Glasgow that is well known to users of the M8 and M80 motorways. Situated at Provan, beside the junction of those major roads, the large blue gas holders on the site are familiar features of the city skyline.

This significant package of work is the latest to be awarded by National Grid Property Holdings, for which we have been term contractors in Scotland since 2002.

The purpose of the scheme is to mitigate future leaching and migration from a stockpile of spent oxide waste from historical gas production processes. Our scope includes the initial provision of haul roads and laydown areas with appropriate drainage measures. We shall then carefully separate the 45,000m³ stockpile into different waste streams through a process involving detailed sampling and testing alongside selective excavation and screening. The waste streams will be sentenced for re-use on site or for disposal off site as appropriate. Our key objectives will be to maximise the material retained on site and to reduce the costs of disposal by using a testing regime this is designed to identify and segregate the proportions of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous material.

Remediation work began on site in late February and the whole scheme should be completed within 17 weeks. The site team will ensure that our operations are carried out to the demanding SHEQ standards demanded by such work. The Client’s designer is Celtic Technologies.

Return to Provan Gasworks

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to report success in qualifying to join the new Construction and Trades Framework Agreement established by Glasgow City Council Corporate Procurement Unit. In a process that initially began in Oct 2009, we have now been appointed to the panels of suppliers for the following activities:

  Civil Engineering Road Works (£100k and above)
  Civils Drainage

Our appointments to each panel were based upon our tender submissions on Quality and Community Benefit. Future work opportunities will be tendered and awarded through a series of mini-competitions between panel members. The agreement commenced in February and will run for 3 years, with an option to extend for a further 12 months.

Framework Awards for Glasgow City Council

One of the latest additions to our wholly-owned plant fleet is a Caterpillar 329D L tracked hydraulic excavator. In line with our policy of continuous improvement of our fleet, the new 329D incorporates several innovations for improved performance and versatility.

The 329 has all of the standard high quality Caterpillar features such as ergonomic cab and a new fuel-efficient engine that optimises performance and provides exceptional capabilities and proven reliability.

In terms of safety, all machines supplied to I & H Brown now have Miller TwinLock 2 fully automatic, universal quick couplers fitted as standard, along with integral guardrails around the compartments to provide fall protection during maintenance and servicing work.

This particular machines is also fitted with equipment to enable the operator to take advantage of GPS machine control systems which have proved to be of enormous benefit towards improving the efficiency of our operations.

The regular upgrading of our fleet helps us to remain competitive in a challenging marketplace while enhancing hazard mitigation features and delivering on our stated aim of reducing our carbon footprint.

Plant Fleet Upgrade Continues

Civil Engineering Division has made an excellent start to 2011 with the award of an enabling works project for new client Wishaw & District Housing Association. The scheme involves advance enabling works for new housing on the site of a former supermarket.

Our initial activities will include site clearance and the demolition of walls. We shall then excavate through an existing car park down to a former coal seam. The extent of remaining workings will be identified and the coal removed. We shall then use site-won material to backfill the area and form structural platforms for development. The total volume of excavation is around 12,000m3.

An existing stockpile of demolition rubble will be processed, along with any hard material from the earthworks, to form a finished surface suitable for construction traffic. We shall work closely with the client’s representative, URS Scott Wilson, to re-use the highest-possible proportion of site-won materials. The scheme will be completed by a small drainage diversion and some perimeter fencing.

Work will begin in mid-January and will be completed in 6 weeks by the I & H Brown team.

Contract Award - Main Street, Wishaw

Anyone driving along the A9 past the recent Civil Engineering Division project at the Loaninghead junction may be familiar with a standing stone close to the road. We recently invited Headland Archaeology to examine an area adjacent to the standing stone, where a possible Iron Age enclosure had been identified from aerial photos.

What was discovered was even more exciting than expected. Not only was there a shallow ditch which formed the enclosure, but there were two ‘soutterrains’. These are underground tunnels or chambers, usually of Iron Age date, found in association with settlement. It is rare to find them surviving to a significant depth so the two examples, which were over four feet deep, are very important.
Also unexpected was the discovery of two ‘long cist’ burials dating roughly from the second half of the first millennium AD. Often in such graves, the bone simply disappears over time. In this instance one of the cists survived extremely well, with the cover slabs protecting the skeleton sufficiently.

Though excavation is now finished on the site, there is still much work to do, analysing the results and doing further tests on the material recovered. This site may prove to be one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries in the region in recent years.   

Archaeological Discovery at A9

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to have been awarded another contract at the Avondale landfill site, near Polmont. This will take us into our our third consecutive year on site for client Avondale Environmental, for whom we have now undertaken a total of seven packages since 2002.

This project encompasses the construction of new general waste cells 12 and 13 (outlined in green below) and the capping of completed cells containing Stabilised Non-Reactive Hazardous material (yellow). A total volume of around 150,000m3 of sands, gravels and clays will be moved during the project, with all material being re-used within the site boundaries. As is customary, the new cells will be lined with site-won clay then an HDPE liner and will include a drainage layer with a leachate collection system. We shall also carry out significant alterations to the internal road network, shown in red below.

Site work began in late November and will take 43 weeks to complete. The Client’s representative is again Sir Frederick Snow & Partners.

Contract Award - Avondale 2011

Civil Engineering Division has picked up our first award at Longannet power station for Scottish Power Generation Limited.

The works consist of the construction of a new concrete access road from a roundabout on the road network within the power station. The existing route into the site has been deemed unsuitable by the station due to the size and volume of the heavy wagons delivering coal.

In addition to earthworks, drainage and roadworks, our scope includes the protection of existing electrical services and the diversion of an existing 15inch diameter cast iron mines water recovery pipe. We shall also install new fencing, ducting and street lighting and finally landscape the road.

The fixed price lump sum project started on site in November and is programmed to take 6 weeks to complete.

Contract Award - Longannet Coal Road

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a small remediation project for Glasgow North Regeneration Agency, in the Ruchill area of the city.  The scope of the work required to enable future redevelopment of this long-derelict site will include:

·         Delineation of existing hotspots of organic contamination

·         Selective excavation of potentially contaminated materials

·         Processing and off-site disposal of contaminated soils

·         Import and placement of granular backfill material

The project is anticipated to require 3 weeks to complete.  

Client’s representative for the works is Grontmij, with CDM co-coordinator Allan & Hanel.


Contract Award - Saracen Street, Glasgow

I & H Brown Ltd. Has sold the Calliachar Wind Farm project to SSE Renewables.
Planning consent was granted at the end of July 2010 for the fourteen turbine 32.2MW wind farm.

The Calliachar wind farm will be located close to SSE’s Griffin wind farm in Perthshire which, currently under construction, consists of 66 turbines. It is expected that Calliachar will start construction in 2012.

Please refer to Carousel item on SSE Website.

Sale of Windfarm Project

Congratulations are in order to the staff on the M80 contract who have won the monthly Sub-Contractors Safety Award. Special attention to health and safety in the M73 section of this project, including segregation of plant from personnel working nearby and good standards of housekeeping, have meant that we were given this award for the month of July.

The award is given monthly to sub-contractors on the project following assessment of safety performances by the HMC Health & Safety team.

Given the high levels of activity on site it is encouraging to see that safety standards are not being allowed to slip in the name of progress.

Well done to all the I & H Brown staff who contributed to this success.

M80 - Safety Award

We are delighted to report that the Scottish Ministers have granted us planning permission for a 14 turbine wind farm at Calliachar, Aberfeldy, Perthshire. This follows a public local inquiry held in April 2009.

The project will be purchased by SSE and the sale is hoped to be completed later this year. The project has been subject to two public local inquiries. We anticipate recovering costs in respect of the most recent PLI from Perth and Kinross Council. The Council refused planning permission despite an officers’ recommendation and advice from their own solicitor stating that they risked facing an expenses claim which would be difficult to defend.


The wind farm will sit close to SSE’s consented Griffin wind farm and will add some 32MW to their extensive wind farm portfolio.

Windfarm Consent

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a design and construct contract by Scottish Power Renewables to undertake a package of minor works elements for the Whitelee Windfarm Extension project.

The works comprise the following operations:

• Strip site of tree stumps and remove from site
• Remove unsuitable overburden and store in an adjacent area
• Operation of Borrow Pit to produce hardstanding rock and Type 1 material
• Cut & Fill works to 5no hardstanding areas
• Placement of rock to hardstanding areas
• Installation of potable water supply

The client’s representatives for the 12 week project are Scottish Power Renewables

Contract Award - Whitelee Windfarm Extension Minor Works

As a company with an acute sense of corporate social responsibility, I & H Brown supports community groups and events in areas where the company operates. This was most recently demonstrated by the sponsorship of the I & H Brown Pittencrieff Park 5k – a community race event held in June as part of the annual Run Dunfermline Festival. The setting of a lovely town centre park combined with a sunny day and a great turn-out, resulted in a very enjoyable event for runners and spectators alike. 

However, the company’s support is not only limited to local causes. For almost three years now, I & H Brown has given very considerable support to the national charity, Victim Support Scotland. Scott Brown, Managing Director, has chaired a fundraising campaign board and has employed a campaign manager, Maureen McKellar, to assist the Campaign Board in their endeavours to raise much-needed funds for the charity.

Maureen’s responsibilities have included formulating the fundraising strategy for the Campaign Board, organising events to generate income for specific projects and seeking funding from trusts and foundations. In difficult economic times, the Campaign Board has succeeded in raising almost £200,000. The most notable success of the campaign to date has been the establishment of the Victims’ Fund, to provide financial assistance to needy victims in the immediate aftermath of crime. In addition to negotiating seed funding of £30,000 from the Scottish Government for this important initiative, the Campaign Board also raised in excess of £40,000 for the Victims’ Fund, most of which was raised at a champagne reception at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Currently, the Dine&Donate campaign designed by the Campaign Board is raising funds for a project to benefit young victims of crime. To back Dine&Donate and conclude its 3-year donation of time and resources to Victim Support Scotland, I & H Brown is sponsoring a Grand Dinner Party at The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh in September. 

If you would like to support Dine&Donate, please visit


Making a difference
The Civil Engineering Division has returned to familiar ground, with the award of a project by Hamilton Waste & Recycling to prepare a colliery waste bing for a future recycling centre. Our early years in contracting saw numerous similar bing restoration schemes.

We shall carry out 720,000m3 of bulk earthworks to reshape the bing into a platform and to create a 550m long access ramp. The finished surfaces will be enclosed by topsoiled bunds, for both screening and noise attenuation. The material is a mixture of burnt and unburnt shale. Some 17,000m3 of filter cake will be stockpiled for processing. No material will leave the site, which is situated to the northeast of Dalkeith in East Lothian. 

This project has been let under Option A of the NEC Conditions and work will start on site in August and is expected to take 16 weeks. The Client’s representative is Wardell Armstrong.

Contract Award - Smeaton Bing, Dalkeith

I & H Brown Joins FPALFollowing successful completion of the application process, I & H Brown is now fully registered on the FPAL supplier database, where we have provided our full range of products, services, capabilities and supply history to purchasing members in the oil & gas industry.

FPAL (First Point Assessment Limited) was established in 1996. It works to identify, qualify, evaluate, and monitor suppliers and is governed by an industry-based steering committee. There are approximately 2,700 suppliers and over 85 registered Purchasing organisations.

The main drivers behind the creation of FPAL are to increase the efficiency and transparency of the Supply Chain.

FPAL is one of a range of supplier management services provided by Achilles for different sectors and regions. Achilles was founded in Norway, with the launch of a supplier pre-qualification service for the country’s oil and gas industry. Today it has approximately 30 established supplier management services, serving 9 industry sectors. I & H Brown is already registered with both the FPAL Verify and Achilles UVDB schemes.

I & H Brown Joins FPAL

The latest project for Civil Engineering Division sees us return to Montgomerie Park, Irvine, to complete a package of infrastructure works for Barratt and David Wilson Homes.

Phase 1 of the works consisted of drainage and enabling works and was completed in January 2009. This second phase will construct building platforms for 113 detached and terraced traditional houses and townhouses, together with estate roads and service infrastructure works. The 27 week programme commences in early May.

A major element of the project involves Lime Stabilisation of existing subsoils to create suitable materials for the formation of the building plots and estate roads.  An impressive amount of technical and liaison work has taken place over several months during the pre-construction period to gain acceptance of the technique from the National House Building Council (NHBC).

The Client’s civil engineering designer is T. Lawrie & Partners.

Contract Award - Montgomerie Park, Irvine - Phase 2

After well over two years of planning, consultation and negotiation, Development Division has seen the incorporation of our proposal for Banknock into the new Falkirk Council Local Plan. The 67 acre site lies immediately to the west of the M80 Banknock & Haggs junction and north of the Kilsyth Road. It has a number of challenging features, including a former land fill, a railway cutting, undulating land features, sewer capacity issues, Japanese Knotweed and the presence of Great Crested Newts, which are a European Protected Species.

The site is designated as a SIRR (Special Initiative for Residential led Regeneration) and a Development Framework has been approved by Falkirk Council. As lead developer, we were delighted that the SIRR received a Commendation in the recent Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning.

We are now working on our planning application for up to 500 houses and a retail Village Centre. We continue to work closely with residents, local schools, community councils and businesses to finalise a Master Plan. Construction of the first phase of the Village Centre could begin in 2012.

We have had further good Carousel at Balmuir Road, Bathgate, where detailed planning consent was recently granted by West Lothian Council for 11 detached houses.

Development Division Moving Forward in Banknock and Bathgate

Development Division Moving Forward in Banknock and Bathgate

The major package of the work by Civil Engineering Division for Highway Management Contractors (HMC) at the M80 mainly comprises earthworks, drainage and the installation of capping layer. The majority of our activities are therefore focused upon delivering areas for others to take forward the construction of the new carriageways, beginning with the cement bound granular material (CBGM) sub-base.

A significant landmark was achieved recently on the site, with the first formal handover of an area for road construction. HMC noted that the date was achieved despite traffic management and weather delays and praised the efforts of the joint team that had worked well together to overcome those challenges.

Although we were delighted to deliver the area on time, the HMC and I & H Brown combined site team will face numerous similar challenges during 2010, as this was only the first of around 60 key dates to be achieved. The dates relate both to release of areas for roadworks and to completion of verges after the road has been constructed.

First Milestone Achieved at M80

First Milestone Achieved at M80

In 2009, Development Division completed the acquisition of 90 acres of land immediately adjacent to our existing landholdings at West Baldridge Farm, Dunfermline.  We have been promoting this wider area for some years now and are delighted to announce that Fife Council have identified this land for development in their Draft Dunfermline and West Fife local plan.  Our proposed development extends to about 180 acres of land and will comprise in excess of 1,000 houses together with business related uses, a school and areas of open space.  The company is now working with local community groups to help prepare a Master Plan that will protect existing areas of natural habitat and which will deliver this large and exciting expansion of Dunfermline.

There is some way to go before development will start on this site.  However, we are now in a very strong position to ensure that we can deliver real value for the company and for the community in North West Dunfermline.

Significant Milestone at North West Dunfermline

Significant Milestone at North West Dunfermline

Tommy Devlin of Development Division has been formally authorised as competent to carry out works to, and in connection with, Great Crested Newts (GCNs) at our Banknock development. The GCN is a European Protected Species.  This is one of the first occasions in Scotland when such ecologically sensitive work has been entrusted to a developer and demonstrates the integrity of our environmental credentials.

The works comprise the regular inspection of fences and pitfall traps for GCNs, followed by the collection and translocation of any animals found to the nearby Haggs Lake. Tommy must also prepare and submit formal reports of the work undertaken.

The works will be carried out under a strict set of conditions drawn from the Scottish Government Licence, the Great Crested Newt Licence Application and the Banknock Great Crested Newt Assessment and Mitigation Statement.

Night time searches to establish animal movements after hibernation will be carried out every day after sufficient rain until mid April and the site will then be inspected every morning for up to 30 days. As the inspections must be carried out during the hours of darkness, Tommy can look forward to a number of night shifts.

Wildlife Watch at Banknock Development

Wildlife Watch at Banknock Development

The Civil Engineering Division is delighted to report the award by Glasgow City Council of the design and construction of Phase 2 of the East End Regeneration Route, which will run from Rutherglen Bridge to Gallowgate. The scheme will be carried out in integrated joint venture with Farrans Construction and we have employed Grontmij as the designer.

The new urban road will be built to dual carriageway width and will include a combined footpath and cycleway. The extensive accommodation works include a new coach park for Celtic FC, whose ground lies adjacent to the project.

Our scope of work includes earthworks, drainage, roadworks and major public utility diversions. Extensive traffic management will be required and these will be carried out on a ‘lane rental’ basis. We shall also upgrade the Rutherglen Bridge and carry out a range of smaller structural works.

The new works incorporate the next phase of the Camlachie Burn Overflow sewer, starting from the point at which the first section was completed as part of our recent site preparation project for the Commonwealth Games. This is a far more challenging proposition, requiring around 800m of 2.8m diameter tunnel and a 20m deep siphon.

The project incorporates a Community Benefits obligation, through which we have committed targets to deliver sustainable opportunities for local people and businesses.

Design work is already under way, with the main site works scheduled to begin in June. The project is due to be completed by early 2012.

Contract Award - East End Regeneration Route

Contract Award - East End Regeneration Route

The latest wind farm project for Civil Engineering Division has been awarded by new Client Novera Energy, at a location some 7km south of Broughton in the Southern Uplands.

Glenkerie wind farm includes 11 turbines, a substation building and all of the necessary electrical and control equipment and cabling. The 8km of new access roads from the A701 require three new bridges. The project is a ‘balance of plant’ scheme, where we are responsible for the design and construction of all civil, structural and electrical infrastructure. Our civil and structural designer is Donaldson Associates.

Work has started already and must be completed by August 2011. The programme is divided into two phases, to suit environmental restrictions on working near the Kingledore Burn, which is a tributary of the River Tweed. Water quality in the burn, which lies within a designated Special Area of Conservation, will be closely monitored before, during and after the relevant construction activities.

Contract Award - Glenkerie Windfarm

Contract Award - Glenkerie Windfarm

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has recently launched a document titled "Promoting the sustainable reuse of greenfield soils in construction". This new guidance for the construction industry is designed to bring in a simpler procedure for the re-use of greenfield soils on construction projects. 

It is particularly pleasing to see the publication of this document as I & H Brown, through its membership of CECA and the EIC, sat on the working group which drafted the contents.  Since January 2009, members of our staff have been meeting with SEPA Waste Policy officers and other construction industry representatives to identify methods of streamlining the waste management process for the benefit of both the construction industry and SEPA.

For applicable sites, the result of this work is a new simpler process for the reuse of greenfield soils which uses a one page form submitted to SEPA to register the site and can be submitted as little as 24 hours prior to the activity taking place.  This replaces the old seven page form which had to be submitted 21 days in advance and with additional supporting information such as location plans, cross section drawings, chemical data and a fee of up to £800.

A full list of the permitted uses under the regulatory position is included in the guidance document, which also includes the required declaration form.

I & H Brown Contributes to new SEPA Guidance Document

I & H Brown Contributes to new SEPA Guidance Document

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a contract by Scottish Power Renewables to undertake improvement works to Middle Bridge of Cree, Bargrennan, Dumfries and Galloway. The works are necessary for the delivery of turbines and blades to the nearby Arecleoch windfarm. The objective of the improvement works is to provide a widening of the verges to eastern side of the bridge in order to facilitate turbine delivery vehicles (abnormal loads) to pass over the bridge.

The works comprise the following operations:

  • Traffic Management
  • Installation of Gabion Retaining Wall
  • Removal of Japanese Knotweed
  • Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Works to the south east corner of the Existing Masonry bridge
  • Carriageway Road Construction

The designer for this 10 week project is Entec

Contract Award - Middle Bridge of Cree

Contract Award - Middle Bridge of Cree

Civil Engineering Division’s latest project in Perthshire has been officially launched by John Swinney, the MSP for North Tayside and the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth. The work has been awarded by the Loaninghead Consortium, which is a joint venture between Stewart Milne, Muir Homes and Ochil Developments.

Over a 25 week period, beginning in March, we shall construct a new westbound slip road onto the A9 dual carriageway trunk road from the A823 Dunfermline to Crieff road. The new arrangement will replace an existing shared on/off slip road and will include the provision of a new roundabout and one kilometre of farm access road.

The project features earthworks, roadworks and SUDS drainage, including a large SUDS pond. The scheme also requires traffic management and the integration of major service diversions, including a BT fibre optic cable.

Engineer for the Client is Blyth and Blyth.

Contract Award - A9 Loaninghead Junction Improvements

Contract Award - A9 Loaninghead Junction Improvements

The Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a small remediation project for DHL Express at their Morley, Leeds depot.

The works comprise the following operations:

  • Removal of the existing surfacing
  • Excavation and Disposal of all made Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon impacted materials
  • Placement and compaction of acceptable fill within the area of the excavation
  • Construction of a dense bitumen macadam surface.

The client’s representatives for the project are Wardell Armstrong.

The project is due to commence on the 10th March 2010 with a programmed duration for the works of two weeks.

Contract Award - Remediation of contaminated soils in Morley

Contract Award - Remediation of contaminated soils in Morley

Civil Engineering Division has been successful with a tender for a  project in Cambuslang, where we shall carry out enabling works for a fire training facility for new client Strathclyde Fire and Rescue.

We shall clear the site of its current vegetation and then carry out phased bulk earthworks in natural and recycled materials to form platforms for the new training facility. Our scope includes the removal and recycling of over 40,000m3 of foundations and hardstandings that remain from the power station that previously occupied the 16ha site on the south bank of the River Clyde (pictured).

We shall also form a new permanent entrance to the site, a number of temporary internal roadways and a network of temporary drainage. The site will be enclosed by a new perimeter security fence exceeding 2km in length. It is envisaged that a small amount of remediation of soils contaminated with hydrocarbons may be required.

The Client’s team includes URS and Gardiner & Theobald. The 21 week project will begin in February.

Contract Award - Fire Training Centre, Cambuslang

Contract Award - Fire Training Centre, Cambuslang

Planning consent was given by South Lanarkshire Council on 26 January 2010 for an 11 turbine scheme at Bankend Rig near Darvel. The decision follows 7 years of work by the company involving satisfying SNH over issues regarding protected species close to the site. A conservation management plan will be implemented to ensure that protected species, particularly hen harriers, are duly considered.

The project is likely to be progressed in joint venture with the Wilson family who own the property where the project is located.

Planning Consent Received for Bankend Rig Wind Farm

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to have another opportunity to work with Renewable Energy Systems, following the award of work at the Hill of Towie wind farm in Aberdeenshire. The site lies some 3 miles west of Keith.

Our role is to deliver all of the civil engineering infrastructure works for the development. We shall construct 21 turbine bases, 21 crane hardstandings, a meteorological mast foundation and a control building. We shall design and build some 16 kilometres of access roads, including upgrading 3 km of existing forestry tracks. We are also responsible for designing and constructing the roadside drainage system.

Finally, our scope includes the installation of 16 km of ducts for cabling work.

The project will start on site during February and our construction work will be completed in 35 weeks. We shall retain a presence on site for considerably longer, to service the follow-on packages.

Contract Award - Hill of Towie Windfarm

Contract Award - Hill of Towie Windfarm

Following our successful visit in 2009, the Civil Engineering Division has picked up an award for further work at the Avondale landfill near Polmont. This is our sixth package of work for Avondale Environmental Ltd since 2002.

Our scope includes the construction of new General Waste Cells 10 and 11, the construction of a new hazardous cell 4C2 and the capping of a completed area on cell 9A. The work will require approximately 125,000m3 of bulk excavation, 55,000m2 of liner for the new cells and 18,000m2 of liner for capping the existing cell 9A area. The working areas are outlined in red on the photograph.

Special measures will be taken during the construction of Cell 11, to protect the newt pond that lies in the immediate vicinity of the new work.

The project will begin in January and will be complete within 40 weeks.

The Client’s Representative is Sir Frederick Snow & Partners.

Contract Award - Avondale Landfill 2010

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Hamish Redpath to the Board of the Civil Engineering Division with effect from 1 January 2010. Managing Director Scott Brown commented: “I look forward to Hamish continuing to play a strong role within the company and I hope that all staff will join me in congratulating him.”


New appointment to the Board of the Civil Engineering Division

New appointment to the Board of the Civil Engineering Division

I & H Brown has always sought to balance our business needs with our wider responsibilities to the community and the environment. In 2009, we have taken two major steps forward towards formalising our approach. In June, we issued a Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy. This has now been supplemented by our first annual CSR Report, which highlights some of our progress and achievements this year. Both of these documents are available on the Downloads page of this site.

Corporate Social Resposibility Report 2008/2009

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Civil Engineering Division has been awarded their first contract in Wales with the Site Clearance Works to the East West Interconnector Station in Shotton, Deeside. The Design and Build contract has been awarded by the Irish Company, Eirgrid and is part of the multi-million pound project to enable gas to be transmitted between the United Kingdom and Eire.

The works comprise the following operations:

  • Removal of trees
  • Processing of stockpiled materials
  • Removal and subsequent processing of concrete foundations and floor slabs
  • Excavation and removal of hazardous material to landfill
  • Spread & compact processed materials to designated ground levels
  • Installation of 1.2m and 2.4m high chainlink fence and gates to the boundary of the project
  • Construction of new site access

The Client’s representatives for the project are Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Contract Award - East West Interconnector (EWIC) Site Clearance

Contract Award - East West Interconnector (EWIC) Site Clearance

Following the successful completion of the Sandyforth Farm project Wigan Council have awarded The Civil Engineering Division a further contract to undertake the Landscaping Works to the recently constructed Westwood Link and Internal Access Road.

The works comprises of the following operations:

  • Traffic & Pedestrian Management
  • Clearance of Existing Vegetation
  • Removal Existing Concrete Hardstandings
  • Cultivation and Seeding
  • Planting of Ornamental Shrubs
  • Planting of Trees
  • Maintenance Works

The client’s representatives for the project are Wigan Council’s Environmental Service Department.

Contract award - Westwood link & internal access Road, Landscaping works

Contract award - Westwood link & internal access Road, Landscaping works

International delegates from as far afield as China, Nigeria and Ghana visited our site in Poplin Street, Dalmarnock earlier this month, to see the latest techniques and technologies used in the remediation of contaminated land. The project at Poplin Street is the latest under our term contract with National Grid Property Holdings Limited.

The delegates were in Scotland to attend a high-level professional development course offered by the David Livingston Centre for Sustainability (DLCS) at Strathclyde University, in collaboration with United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

Staff at Strathclyde University had requested the visit to observe operations at Poplin Street. Working with Engineers WYG Environment, we gave practical demonstrations showing how geological, hydrological, air quality and chemical analytical data are monitored and evaluated during site investigations and improvement projects.

The completed site will be used as a base to treat and recycle construction materials using innovative, eco-friendly methods to minimise waste from this and other regeneration projects in the region.

Remediation Professionals visit Poplin Street Site

Remediation Professionals visit Poplin Street Site

The Civil Engineering Division has recently exhibited at the ‘Scottish Transport 2009’ event, held earlier this month at the SECC in Glasgow.

With a large number of public sector attendees representing every part of the Scottish transport infrastructure market, the exhibition proved to be an excellent way of promoting our increasing presence in this sector. The well-attended event gave us the opportunity to speak to a large cross section of delegates, ranging from Council representatives and consultants to members of Transport Scotland. 

The key note speech was given by MSP John Swinney, Cabinet Minister for Finance and Sustainable Growth and IHB was one of only two companies to meet with him as he toured the exhibition. Mr Swinney was kind enough to congratulate us on our award as the UK’s Small Contractor of the Year for 2009.

I & H Brown at Scottish Transport Exhibition

I & H Brown at Scottish Transport Exhibition

I & H Brown has just picked up the Best Small Firm Award in the highly rated Contractor of the Year Awards run by New Civil Engineer and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association. This award recognises the company’s overall excellent performance - and growth - in a difficult market.

Contractors of the Year 2009 


Commenting on how the economic downturn had quite clearly hit smaller firms the hardest, the NCE, the country’s leading industry magazine in the field of civil engineering, commended I & H Brown on what it saw as the firm’s evolution from a bulk earthworks contractor to a leading player in the field of drainage, roadworks and infrastructure provision.

Managing Director Scott Brown said:

“We are delighted with this prestigious national award. We are proud that we have achieved our goals of broadening the scale and scope of our projects, without losing the distinctive style and values we like to think our clients appreciate. While the market remains tough we will look to build on our current core skills and the expertise of our people. I know that honours of this kind need a major team effort and I want to thank all of our people for their contribution.”

I & H Brown is the UK's Best Small Contractor!

I & H Brown is the UK's Best Small Contractor!

Our Civil Engineering Division has just won major recognition in the UK Contractor of the Year Awards, which are run jointly by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association and the New Civil Engineer magazine. We have been judged as Winners of the award for firms with turnover up to £50 million. This highly prestigious award recognises our overall excellent business performance in a difficult market. 

More details will follow.


Work is progressing apace on our £20 million package on the new M80 motorway between Stepps and Haggs, with every effort being made to assist our partner HMC (Highway Management Contractors) by taking full advantage of the summer weather. As the site has opened up, we have continually increased our resources to operate on as many as 17 fronts simultaneously, over a length of 11 kilometres.

We recently reached the milestone of placing the 100th piece of heavy equipment on the site. The picture shows operator Eric Forbes being welcomed to the site by Project Manager Barry Angus. Plant Director Robert Brown is on hand to liaise closely with Barry over resource levels and to support maximum productivity on the site.

Like several other machines in the fleet, Eric’s CAT 325 excavator has been fitted with GPS positioning equipment, which has brought marked improvements to the efficient use of our plant.

100th Machine at M80

100th Machine at M80

The latest project to come from our Term Contract with National Grid sees us carrying out advanced enabling works for a soils treatment centre in Dalmarnock, Glasgow.

Our scope of works is to create a formation platform to designed levels for the treatment centre to be established. This involves the excavation and screening of approx 6,000m3 of contaminated soils. There are also several hotspots which will require selective excavation and validation.

Screened soils will be stockpiled on site for treatment when the facility is up and running and the oversize materials from the screening operation will be crushed and re used on the project.

One of the main risks to the site is the presence of a below ground medium pressure gas main which runs along the Northern boundary of the site. This main will require careful location and protection as the contract is carried out.

WYG Environmental are National Grid’s design consultants on this contract which started in early August

Contract Award - Poplin Street, Dalmarnock

Contract Award - Poplin Street, Dalmarnock

I & H Brown will be exhibiting at Scottish Transport 2009, which will be held at the SECC in Glasgow on 15 September 2009. The Conference and Exhibition aims to provide a valuable forum for discussion of the opportunities and challenges arising from the Strategic Transport Projects Review and the latest developments in transport policy and delivery. Our presence will give us the opportunity to demonstrate our experience in the transport sector and to network with a wide range of potential clients.

We shall be delighted to welcome new and existing clients to our stand.

Scottish Transport 2009

Civil Engineering Division can now officially announce the award of a challenging wind farm project near Inveraray, in Argyll & Bute. Our client for the project is An Suidhe Wind Farm Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of RWE Npower Renewables Limited.

We have been contracted to deliver the civil works for the 23 turbine farm that will eventually generate 20 MW of renewable energy. Our scope of works includes turbine and ancillary foundations, crane hardstandings, two new bridges and around 22 km of access roads. We shall also construct a switchgear building and undertake all 20km of cable trenching and backfilling for the separate electrical package contractor.

The ground conditions are typically demanding for high ground with a mixture of peat and rock. The main access ramps to the site over steep ground from the existing forestry road network are particularly difficult. All stone aggregate materials required for the roads and hardstandings will be derived from borrow pits on site.

The site began operations in January 2009 and the civil work is scheduled to be complete during January 2010. All of our work will be carried out with diligent attention to numerous sensitive environmental issues, including possible restrictions due to the presence of Golden Plovers and Red-Throated Divers.

The contract has been let under Option A of ECC Revision 2. The Contract includes the design of roads, bridges, crane hardstandings, the A83 junction and the switchgear building.

Contract Award - An Suidhe Wind Farm

Contract Award - An Suidhe Wind Farm

The latest package for Civil Engineering Division will see us setting up camp at the picturesque base of the Ochil Hills at Alva.  Working for Clackmannanshire Council we are carrying out the remediation of a number of residential properties built on the former Alva Gasworks.

Initial works will concentrate on clearance of individual garden plots, with garden furniture stored for future reinstatement.  Excavation works will remove the upper 1m of contaminated materials, which will be removed off-site, prior to backfilling garden areas with imported materials to form a clean capping layer.  Upon completion of various hard and soft landscaping, garden ornaments, sheds, greenhouses, washing lines and garden benches will be reinstated.

A further feature of the 10 week contract will see existing water supply pipes replaced with a proprietary barrier pipe system within impacted properties.

Contract Award - Alva Gasworks

Contract Award - Alva Gasworks

It’s a welcome return to a familiar haunt for Civil Engineering Division, which has picked up an award for the work at the Avondale landfill near Polmont.

The varied package of work for Avondale Environmental Ltd will begin in late April and will be complete within 30 weeks.

Our scope includes the construction of new Cell 9B, the capping of a completed area and the installation of two new weighbridges. The work will require approximately 100,000m3 of bulk excavation, 25,000m2 of liner for the new cell and 84,000m2 of liner for capping the existing area. One particularly interesting element will be the formation of a 4,000m3 clay bund, lined with Cordek blocks, to form a barrier between Cells 4B and 4C.

Contract Award - Avondale Landfill 2009

Contract Award - Avondale Landfill 2009

The latest package for Civil Engineering Division under our term contract with National Grid Property will see us clean create a concrete hardstanding and drainage system at Cotton Mill Lane, Rothesay.

Initial site clearance works will take place under the supervision of an ecologist with a replacement habitat for slowworms being created.

The 8 week projects involves a cut / fill exercise to create the formation level, a designed thickness layer of type 1 materials will then be spread and thereafter a reinforced concrete slab will be cast over the site working area.

A Birco style drainage channel will be incorporated into the reinforced concrete slab with the collected run off passing through a petrol interceptor before discharging to a soakaway.

The Designer for this scheme is Parsons Brinkerhoff.

Rothesay Gasworks

Rothesay Gasworks

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to confirm the recent award by HMC (Highway Management Contractors) of a major package of work, for the completion of the M80 motorway between Stirling and Glasgow.

I & H Brown worked in partnership with HMC under a Memorandum of Understanding during an extended competitive dialogue period that began in July 2007. During this lengthy period, we contributed our technical knowledge and experience to assist HMC in their own bid to win the work.

HMC is a consortium of Bilfinger Berger UK Ltd, Northstone (NI) Ltd and John Graham (Dromore) Ltd. HMC is responsible for construction of the new road, as part of the PFI concession awarded by Transport Scotland to Highway Management (Scotland) Limited.

HMC will construct the full extent of the new road, from Stepps to Haggs. We shall be involved only in the ‘offline’ section, which runs from Stepps to the Auchenkilns roundabout. The offline section is split more or less equally between new greenfield work and alterations to the existing A80 under traffic management. Our section includes the complex interchange with the M73 at Mollinsburn.

The scope of work for I & H Brown is predominantly earthworks and drainage, with the inclusion of capping layer which will be placed to a tight tolerance to satisfy the use of EME2. Site operations begin almost immediately and are scheduled to be completed in August 2011, with a number of significant sectional completion dates on the way.

Contract Award - M80 Offline Earthworks and Drainage

Contract Award - M80 Offline Earthworks and Drainage

We are delighted to welcome Richard McCaffrey to the Company, in the role of non-executive director on the board of the Civil Engineering Division.

Richard has more than 30 years experience in environmental and engineering markets, including spells as chief operating officer with White Young Green, as a director of Bullen Consultants and as head of building and civil engineering with Yorkshire Water.

Scott Brown said that the appointment strengthens the board and the civil engineering division. “We continue to develop and expand our markets despite some uncertainties and with Richard on board we are in a very strong position”.

New Director for Civil Engineering Division
From left to right: Scott Brown, Richard McCaffrey

New Director for Civil Engineering Division

We have further strengthened our reputation for being at the forefront of ground breaking remediation technology with a Commendation from The Saltire Society for work carried out at a former gasworks in Dundee.

Civil Engineering is one of the industries covered by the Saltire Society’s annual awards, which recognise achievements that strengthen and enrich the country’s cultural life.

The commended project, which attracted UK wide interest, was the first successful commercial use of low temperature thermal desorption (LTTD) for treating gasworks contaminants and the first example in the UK of an operating “cluster site”.

Said Contracts Director Roger Philpott:

“We are delighted to receive this prestigious commendation from the Saltire Society for this innovative gasworks project. Thermal desorption was identified as the best process to meet the environmental goals for the project giving us 100% re-use of treated materials and at a comparable cost to landfilling”

The picture shows Alex Mark and Ian Munro immediately after presentation of the certificate, with representatives of the Client and the Designer.

Saltire Commendation for Dundee Gasworks

Saltire Commendation for Dundee Gasworks

On Friday 19th September the A93 Craighall to Realignment was opened in an official ceremony held by Perth & Kinross Council.  The new section of road was officially opened by Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change, MSP Stewart Stevenson.

Following the opening, a selection of classic cars and a vintage bus were the first vehicles to drive along the new carriageway.

Our 45 week contract, has seen the creation of a new road and has allowed an existing “Baillie Bridge”, a well known source of traffic congestion, to be disused. The constructed Earthworks amounted to 350,000 m3 and included substantial length of reinforced earth embankments.  Additionally, five precast box culverts were built to allow existing watercourses to maintain their natural flows. 

Not only were the site team able to deliver the contract on time and under budget, they also gained recognition from the Considerate Contractors Scheme, being awarded the merit of “beyond compliance”.

Official opening of the A93 Craighall Gorge realignment

Official opening of the A93 Craighall Gorge realignment

It’s over the sea to well past Skye, as Civil Engineering Division heads to the Isle of Lewis to carry out our first project for Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

Our task is to remove contamination from groundwater at the Marybank Depot in Stornoway. To do so, we shall install a network of collector drains to draw water from the contaminated area into our own on-site treatment plant. That equipment will employ principally sand and carbon filters to achieve Scottish Water consented levels and permit the water to be discharged to sewer.

The area of historical soil contamination is now sealed by impermeable surfaces. It is estimated that water flowing from that source will reach acceptable levels without the need for treatment within the period of 12 weeks allowed to complete the project.

W A Fairhurst & Partners are the Council’s designer for the scheme, which begins in late October.

Marybank Depot, Stornoway

Marybank Depot, Stornoway

I & H Brown, the leading civil engineering, remediation, energy and development company, has announced that its occupational Health & Safety Management system is now certified to BS OHSAS 18001:2007 the latest internationally recognised health and safety management system standard.

BS OHSAS 18001 certification demonstrates a business eager to develop and promote an effective health and safety culture with a full commitment to continual improvement of the health and safety management system.

This occupational Health and Safety system certification now compliments our existing management systems certified to BS ENISO 9001, Quality Management, and BS ENISO 14001 Environmental Management.

Said Donald Brown, Safety Director “ The disciplines of the 18001 management system can make a significant contribution to reducing accidents in the workplace and at I & H Brown we are committed to keeping abreast of all industry recommendations to ensure proper working practices and the occupational health and safety of our staff and those affected by their acts and omissions.

I & H Brown achieves new Health and Safety Accreditation

I & H Brown achieves new Health and Safety Accreditation

The I & H Brown annual golf day took place on the 4th of September at the Blairgowrie Golf Club and followed the usual format of the wee course in the morning, the 18 hole Rosemount course in the afternoon and the dinner and presentations in the evening.

During the day there were various competitions the results of which were:

  • Rosemount 18 Hole Course
    1. 1st: David Lodge of Lodgenvironmental
    2. 2nd: Mike Bradley of JPB
    3. 3rd: David Mason of Mason Evans Partnership
    4. Longest Drive - Rosemount: Callum MacKinnon
    5. Nearest to the Pin - Rosemount Course: Bill Sheridan of Golders (UK) Ltd

  • Ian Imrie Challenge Trophy (9 Hole Course)
    1. 1st: Bill Sheridan of Golders (UK) Ltd
    2. 2nd: Doug Law of Persimmon Homes

I & H Brown Annual Golf Day 2008
Pictured are left to right are  Ray Entwistle, Director IHB, David Lodge, Bill Sheridan & Roger Philpott Director IHB

I & H Brown Annual Golf Day 2008

Civil Engineering Division has recently started work for our own Development Division on a high profile scheme adjacent to the Kingsway in Dundee. The project will see the redevelopment of the former ABB generator and transformer factory into a site suitable for commercial or industrial end use.

Following asbestos stripping and demolition by others of the substantial factory buildings, our role is to reclaim and remediate the 4.2 hectare area. After initially breaking out and crushing some 8,000m3 of slabs and foundations, we shall carry out bulk earthworks to form development platforms. Approximately 5,000m3 of contaminated soils will be treated on site by ex-situ bioremediation prior to re-use in the earthworks. The whole site will be finished with a clean capping layer of crushed concrete, recycled from the original structures.

A water treatment plant will be used to clean contaminated ground water to agreed levels before discharge to sewer.

I & H Brown will work closely with Designer W A Fairhurst & Partners to complete the work within the 17 week programme.

Redevelopment of former ABB site in Dundee

Redevelopment of former ABB site in Dundee

The Civil Engineering Division is pleased to report the recent contract award from ALCAN Ltd Workington.

The primary objective of the works is the reclamation of the former foundry pond on the Pechiney Aviatube Facility (Alcan) at Lillyhall, Workington

  • The works comprise of removal and disposal of all standing water in the former foundry pond
    • Removal of all silt / sludge from the base of the pond
    • Removal of all silt/sludge from drainage pipework which outfalls into the pond
    • De-watering of the excavated sludge
    • Sorting and / or screening of excavated sludge as necessary to facilitate the economic treatment of the materials
  • Treatment of the excavated sludge to meet a waste specification; and offsite disposal of treated materials

The overall aim of the remediation programme for the identified contamination is to restore the pond to a condition where it no longer poses potential residual environmental liabilities with respect to the key off-site receptor (Distington Beck).

The client’s representatives for the project are URS based in Manchester and the project will last 6 weeks.

ALCAN, Workington

ALCAN, Workington

I & H Brown, is celebrating securing a significant contract to carry out infrastructure, remediation and enabling works for the National Indoor Sports Arena and Velodrome project in Glasgow’s East End.

Situated between London Road and Springfield Road, Parkhead, the project is to stabilise and clear the site, which has had both an industrial and residential use, ready for major redevelopment of the area. New buildings at this location – including the Velodrome - will be used for the Commonwealth Games, to be hosted by the City of Glasgow in 2014, and provide much needed community sports facilities as a lasting legacy. The Commonwealth Athletes Village will also feature at a later stage adjacent to this location.

The contract secured by I & H Brown, an industry leader in the field of remediation and with over forty years experience in earth works and large scale civil engineering, concerns the first phase of works in preparing the site for these new buildings. It becomes the Perth based company’s single largest enabling works to date, surpassing the contract to provide civil engineering works at Overton in Falkirk which was won earlier in the year.

Expected to start work on site towards the end of June 2008, I & H Brown will carry out site clearance, remove redundant services, consolidate and grout mineshafts as well as two coal seams across the building footprint and remediate contaminated areas of the site. It will deliver the first phase of the Camlachie Burn Surface Water Relief Scheme providing a new outfall for surface water drainage to the River Clyde some 600m from the site.

Commenting on the contract win, Managing Director of I & H Brown, Scott Brown said:

“We are delighted to have secured this major contract which is set to completely revitalise this part of Glasgow’s East End, bringing with it huge economic and social gain. Carrying out these important enabling works on time and on budget are the first steps towards preparing the area for the Commonwealth Games and the future redevelopment and construction of buildings such as the Velodrome which is set to follow.”

He continued: “As well as being industry award winners in the field of land remediation, which is a highly skilled and specialist area, we have been steadily building a reputation in large scale earthworks and site preparation for forty years with an ever expanding civil engineering division behind us. We therefore believe that we are the ideal company to carry out this contract efficiently and we look forward to working with Glasgow City Council. ”

Councillor George Ryan, Executive Member for Development and Regeneration at Glasgow City Council, said: "The Clyde Gateway project offers the East End of Glasgow a fantastic opportunity to transform the economic and social conditions of the area. This contract can begin the process of preparing land and infrastructure in the area, and attract thousand of new homes and jobs."

National Indoor Sports Arena and Velodrome Enabling contract is significant win for I & H Brown

National Indoor Sports Arena and Velodrome Enabling contract is significant win for I & H Brown

I & H Brown, the Perth based civil engineering, energy, remediation and development company, has announced the appointment of Allan Miller as the new Managing Director of the firm's Development Division.

Development Division Appoints New Managing DirectorMr Miller, from South Queensferry, comes on board to maximise I & H Brown's considerable expertise in developing all types of land, especially brownfield sites and in dealing with contaminated land. He spent ten years with Wimpey before joining Persimmon Homes. Prior to joining I & H Brown he had again worked as a Director for Taylor Wimpey at its Head Office in Dunfermline.

His remit to exploit I&H Brown's unique place in the market as a developer of green and brownfield sites, either in partnership or alone, will also see him search out new development opportunities for I&H Brown's country housing division, award winning, Tighmor.

Tighmor has developments planned for Eind near Auchterarder; Papple, East Lothian and Bathgate, West Lothian and hopes to establish itself in new greenfield locations.

Scott Brown, I&H Brown's Managing Director said: "We wish to welcome Allan to the company and feel that his appointment is a major step in building on our considerable successes and expertise in the development of all types of land across Scotland.

"We have an excellent record in place in brownfield regeneration which is an extremely challenging sector where risks have to be fully assessed and overcome. This, together with our considerable engineering skills, places us at the forefront of the industry. Allan brings a knowledge and expertise which will further enhance this and he has excellent contacts across the country."

Allan said: "I am very excited about my new role and fully recognise the opportunities that exist particularly in the areas of regeneration, and utilising the particular experience that I&H Brown have in this sector. This is where I hope to make a difference, together with the challenge of growing the Tighmor business in to new markets."

Development Division Appoints New Managing Director

Civil Engineering Division has added to its portfolio of infrastructure projects for house builders, with the award by David Wilson Homes.

The greenfield site in Ayrshire will be prepared for new housing under a fixed price lump sum contract. Bulk earthworks will include the excavation of 62,000m3 of material, of which 21,000m3 will be stabilised with lime to form new road embankments. An additional 38,000m3 of granular material will be brought to site for the construction of new housing platforms adjacent to the road.

The earthworks will be followed by the installation of the principal foul and surface water drainage networks and construction of the main spine road 900 metres long.

Site works begin late May and our team has 35 weeks to complete the works.

Montgomerie Park, Irvine

Montgomerie Park, Irvine

Civil Engineering Division has recently won a small remediation contract for Perth & Kinross Council in Auchterarder. The project is typical of such work, with restricted access to a tight working area surrounded by other properties. Its purpose is the removal of contamination associated with two redundant tar tanks from previous industrial use of the site.

Following demolition of an existing bungalow and outbuildings, we shall empty the tanks and stabilise the contents then remove the structures to 2.5m below ground level, along with all contaminated soils and ground water. Due to the small scale, the chosen remediation strategy is the stabilisation and disposal of all contamination to licensed landfills off site. The excavated voids will be backfilled with clean imported material and the site will be regraded.

After we have finished, a new house will be built to allow the existing residents to return. The Client’s designer is RPS Group.

The site has recently started and will take 4 weeks to complete.

Residential remediation, Auchertarder

Residential remediation, Auchertarder

Following last year’s advance package to deal with Japanese Knotweed, Civil Engineering Division has returned to Kilmarnock to carry an enabling works package for Taylor Wimpey.

The completed scheme will make available some 40 acres of platforms for house building at the Client’s Western Braes development. Our scope of works includes site clearance, bulk earthworks and alterations to the existing drainage network.

For several months prior to award of the contract, we worked closely with the Client’s design team to propose platform levels that would make most effective use of the materials on the site.

The project will begin shortly and is scheduled to take 24 weeks to complete. Our team will supervise operations and hope that the site will soon be as dry again as it was when the photograph was taken.

Alton Hill, Kilmarnock

Alton Hill, Kilmarnock

Civil Engineering Division is pleased to report our third recent contract award from Perth & Kinross Council.

The purpose of this scheme is the extension of the existing park & ride facility adjacent to the busy Broxden roundabout, where the M90 meets the A9 to the south west of the city. The additional area is situated on green fields to the east of the existing car park.

After initial site clearance, the bulk earthworks for the new platform include the off site disposal of 35,000m3 of surplus inert material. The scope of works then calls for traditional drainage and roadworks to form the car park extension, together with the installation of street lighting, road marking, landscaping and other finishes.

The 20 week project starts on site this month. Engineer for the scheme is Atkins.

Extension to Broxden Park & Ride, Perth

Extension to Broxden Park & Ride, Perth

The company sold its subsidiary, I & H Brown Toddleburn Ltd, to Scottish and Southern Energy in December 2007. I & H Brown Toddleburn Ltd was formed as a special purpose vehicle some four years ago for the sole purpose of developing the 36MW wind farm at Oxton in the Scottish Borders.

Toddleburn Wind Farm

Working for Falkirk Council, Civil Engineering Division has already started a remediation project at Tamfourhill, close to the famous Falkirk Wheel. The main purpose of the scheme is to address residual contamination from historic use of the site. There is also a requirement to eradicate a sizeable outcrop of Japanese Knotweed.

After extensive site clearance, we shall carry out bulk earthworks including the removal of an open tar pit. The site will be regraded and capped with a layer of imported clay, then finished with landscaping and a network of footpaths that incorporates a pedestrian footbridge. The Japanese Knotweed will be treated by a combination of chemical spraying and encapsulation within the site area.

Vapour monitoring will be carried out during the removal of the existing tar pit and great care will be taken to protect a section of the Antonine Wall that crosses the working area.

This design and build contract, is being undertaken as a fixed price lump sum under the ICE Conditions. Our team has 12 weeks to complete the works.

Remediation at Tamfourhill, Falkirk

Remediation at Tamfourhill, Falkirk

West Dunbartonshire Council has awarded Civil Engineering Division a project that will restore the former landfill at the junction of Great Western Road and Kilbowie Road in Clydebank. Traffic management and road cleanliness will be key issues at this busy location.

The initial site clearance work includes tree felling and shrub removal. We shall then identify hot spots of mainly asbestos contamination, along with a pocket of Japanese Knotweed and affected soils. These will be excavated and taken off site to licensed landfill. After backfilling and re-grading, we shall place a geomembrane followed by capping layers of inert material and topsoil 450mm deep in total.

The scheme will be completed with the installation of a network of surface water drainage.

The 10 week project begins in January.

Kilbowie Landfill, Clydebank

Kilbowie Landfill, Clydebank

I & H Brown will be supporting the charity Victim Support Scotland (VSS) for the next three years.  This voluntary organisation gives advice and support to the victims and witnesses of crime by offering a free and confidential service which provides emotional and practical assistance, including information about the criminal justice system.  Last year, several hundred trained volunteers backed up by VSS staff provided support to just over 100,000 victims of crime (in the community) and over 80,000 witnesses (in courts) throughout Scotland.  Although the organisation is funded by the Scottish Government, this only accounts for around 90% of the funding needed to continue to provide the current level of service and improve and expand what is on offer.  VSS decided to establish a Campaign Board to fund-raise in order to allow the vital work they do to continue and grow.

Scott Brown, Managing Director of I & H Brown, has agreed to chair the VSS Campaign Board.  The Board’s aim is to secure as many funds as possible from a variety of different sources over the course of the next three years.  The VSS campaign will be managed by Maureen McKellar, a new member of staff at I & H Brown, who will be based in Edinburgh. 

Just about everyone in Scotland has in some way been affected by crime whether directly, or indirectly through family, friends or work colleagues.  We are optimistic that the fund-raising campaign will attract support and if you would like any more information, please contact Maureen on 07775 818220 or email mmckellar.vss@btconnect.com

I & H Brown backs Victim Support Scotland
Back row, left to right: Ian Chisholm (VSS Treasurer), Ray Entwistle (VSS Campaign Board member), Scott Brown (VSS Campaign Board, Chair), Ron Daniel (VSS Chairman), David McKenna (VSS Chief Executive)
Front row, left to right: Kate Caskie (VSS Campaign Board member), Maureen McKellar (VSS Campaign Manager), Susan Mallinder (VSS Campaign Board member), David Sinclair (VSS Campaign Board Member)

I & H Brown backs Victim Support Scotland

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of our largest single enabling works contract to date. The project for Taylor Wimpey/Persimmon Homes will provide civil engineering infrastructure for a major development that will provide over 600 new homes in Falkirk. The 33 hectare site lies immediately north of our previous project at Reddingmuirhead.

In addition to 600,000m3 of bulk earthworks to shape the site, we shall construct around 3,000 m of internal access roads and 7,800 m of foul and surface water drainage including attenuation tanks and SUDS ponds. Our scope of works includes a junction on New Hallglen Road and a reinforced concrete bridge over the Westquarter Burn. We shall also provide service ducts, manage the installation of new services and construct several retaining walls.

The 75 week construction programme includes a number of sectional completion dates to release completed phases for house building.

Overton Farm, Falkirk

Overton Farm, Falkirk

As part of our enabling works contract for a major development, Civil Engineering Division has successfully relocated a large mature specimen tree. The tree is at least 150 years old and is one of only six examples in the UK. Its retention within the grounds of the new development was a planning condition.

The tree stood over 14 metres tall and, with the accompanying root mass, weighed in excess of 24 Tonnes. The relocation was carried out in one day and followed many months of detailed planning that included the design team and several specialist advisers. The selected methodology was an amalgam of new and old techniques, some of which we are told were standard practice in the 18th century. The transfer also required a 500 Tonne mobile crane, which dominated the local skyline throughout the lift.

The new tree pit was provided with dedicated automatic watering facilities and the condition of the tree will be carefully monitored until it can be confirmed that it has satisfactorily re-established at its new location.

We are delighted that the initial relocation has been carried out successfully and that it has been possible to give this rare tree an equally unusual opportunity to ‘step aside’ for redevelopment.

Relocation of Mature Tree

Relocation of Mature Tree

Having recently completed advance works for Cordale Housing Association at Renton, Civil Engineering Division has now been awarded a major infrastructure package by the same Client, to reclaim the site of a former dye works for housing.

The principal objective of the project is to remediate up to around 20,000m3 of material that is contaminated by heavy metals and hydrocarbons. In order to do so, we shall undertake extensive selective excavation, classification and on site treatment prior to removal off-site to licensed landfill. Much of the material is expected to be Hazardous, although we shall undertake ex-situ bio-remediation to reclassify several thousand cubic metres as Non-hazardous.

Our scope also includes bulk earthworks, the recycling of existing slabs and foundations, the import of replacement suitable fill and the removal of contaminated silts and subsequent repair of the existing mill lade. We face the challenge of dealing with Japanese Knotweed that may be growing in Hazardous material.

The project value will vary, dependent predominantly upon the volumes and classification of the material that has to be sent to landfill. We shall work closely with the Client’s team of A J Balfour & Associates and JPB to keep the costs to a minimum. The presence of six historical features on the site has given rise to an archaeological watching brief.

Cordale Housing Association, Renton

Cordale Housing Association, Renton

The Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a major drainage project by Glasgow City Council. The site lies at Toryglen in the shadow of Hampden Park and will provide surface water drainage outfalls for five separate development areas.

The project brings a number of key challenges. Much of the new drainage is over 6 metres deep and significant sections must be installed through layers of dense slag from former industry on the site. We shall undertake bulk earthworks in both natural and made ground and construct a swale, an attenuation pond and a sizeable SUDS retention pond. The drainage ultimately discharges to the existing Malls Mire Burn culvert, which must be protected where it underlies the new SUDS pond. We have also sought to minimise disruption by using trenchless methods to install pipework under the busy Prospecthill Road.

Extensive sampling and testing will be required on the contaminated ground at the north end of the site. Depending on classification, material will either be encapsulated in the bulk earthworks, or removed to licensed landfill.

Toryglen Drainage Scheme

Toryglen Drainage Scheme

The Civil Engineering Division is playing a significant part in the advance project to investigate the archaeology along the route of the proposed extension of the M74 in the east of Glasgow.

It may surprise some people to find that I & H Brown is involved in an archaeological investigation. However, the areas of interest at the site of the former Govan Iron Works lie under a significant depth of contaminated overburden.

Working for main contractor HAPCA, our role is to carry out bulk earthworks and enabling works to allow the archaeologists to investigate the site in detail. On completion of their work, the excavated material will be replaced and the site returned to the original profile. Our scope includes the off site disposal of selected contaminated material and the formation of a temporary access. We shall also provide accommodation and decontamination facilities for the duration of the project.

Engineer for the project is Ironside Farrar, with whom we shall work closely to classify materials and implement measures to deal with both surface and ground water.

M74 Advance Archaeological Investigation

M74 Advance Archaeological Investigation

Perth and Kinross Council has awarded the Civil Engineering Division the contract for a roadworks scheme to tackle a well-known obstruction on the A93 between Perth and Braemar. Located some 2 miles north of Blairgowrie, the 2,400m long diversion will take traffic away from the single-carriageway Bailey bridge that has restricted flow over the steep sided Craighall Gorge for many years.

In addition to bulk earthworks, drainage and roadworks our scope includes soil nailing, reinforced earth embankments, gabions, mattresses and four sizeable box culverts. The majority of the project takes place off the current line of the A93.

A93 Craighall Gorge Realignment

A93 Craighall Gorge Realignment

Brownfield Briefing Remediation Innovation Awards 2007

The third annual Brownfield Briefing Remediation Innovation Awards were held in London on the 18th September 2007.  We were delighted to accept the award for ‘Most Innovative Remediation Method’ for the environmental improvement works at the former Dundee Gasworks – this entry was also a runner up in the Award for ‘Best Use of Combined Treatment Systems’.

The Dundee Gasworks project is the first realisation of the cluster concept in the UK, made possible largely due to the consistently high clean-up levels achievable through the LTTD system.  This project also represents the first successful application of LTTD on UK gasworks wastes, one of the most demanding streams of contaminated soils, and presents a welcome alternative to incineration or pre-treatment prior to disposal.  This is also the first commercial use of LTTD in Scotland.

Judges said of this entry

  • Good remediation at work - the waste issue also deserves commendation
  • "The first successful use of LTTD on a UK gasworks site should build confidence in use of this technique"

We wish to pass on our congratulations to consultants Grontmij who were awarded the ‘Most Sustainable Remediation Project Award’ for their work on a former gasworks site at Lossie Green in Elgin.  I & H Brown were principal contractor for what was another successful remediation, on this occasion using a combination of soilwashing and off site disposal.

The judges said of this entry:

  • a well presented entry where the benefits and analysis were well demonstrated.
  • It demonstrates a move towards sustainable thinking – the judges look forward to further steps along this path in subsequent years

These awards aim to recognise best practice in remediation and use of remediation technology throughout the UK. The categories were divided into single and combined methods of remediation techniques, with separate awards for the most innovative method, conceptual design work, verification and a brand new category for this year; most sustainable project.

I & H Brown Ltd. Remediation Method Submission Most Innovative Remediation Method. Further information on this event can be found at www.brownfieldawards.com

I & H Brown Ltd - Win Award for “Most Innovative Remediation Method”

"Roger Philpott of IHB pictured second from the left receiving the award from Melissa Porter, best known for BBC lifestyle and property shows such as "Escape to the Country", "Country File: The Summer Diaries" and "Put Your Money Where Your House Is"

I & H Brown Ltd - Win Award for “Most Innovative Remediation Method” title=

I & H Brown Ltd - Win Award for "Most Innovative Remediation Method"

Client Waterfront Edinburgh has awarded Civil Engineering Division a small earthworks package within the extensive redevelopment of the brownfield land that overlooks the Forth some 2 miles north of Edinburgh city centre. The project forms the enabling works for Plot 8 of the Madelvic Site, which is the new business and commercial heart of the Central Development area. The site has splendid views northwards to the estuary.

The purpose of the scheme is the bulk excavation and removal of material as enabling works for the construction of a new building on the site. Our scope also includes fencing and traffic management on the adjacent Spine Road.

Madelvic Plot 8, Granton

Madelvic Plot 8, Granton

Civil Engineering Division has won a small package of work from Cordale Housing Association, to isolate and drain an existing mill lade ahead of a much larger remediation project on the site near Renton in Dunbartonshire. These advance works must be completed by the end of September to meet environmental conditions.

Our work to install steel sheet piles across each end of the lade and to dewater the watercourse are expected to begin in early September.

The £45,000 contract will be completed in two weeks.

Engineer for the project is A J Balfour Associates

Mill Lade, Dalquhurn
The photograph illustrates the inlet to the lade from the River Leven.

Mill Lade, Dalquhurn

The I & H Brown annual golf day took place on Thursday 23rd August 2007 at the Blairgowrie Golf Club and followed the usual format of the small course in the morning, the 18 hole Rosemount course in the afternoon and the dinner and presentations in the evening.

A total of 33 guests and several members of staff attended the event. During the day there were various competitions including the longest drive and champion of the Rosemount Course.

The results of these competitions were:

  • Rosemount Quaich (18holes)
    1. Paul Johnstone (Grontmij)
    2. Mike Bradley (Johnson, Poole & Bloomer)
    3. Mike Armstrong (Pottie Wilson Partnership)
  • Ian Imrie Challenge Trophy (9 Holes)
    1. Mark Harris (Pinsent Masons)
    2. David Lodge (Lodgenvironmental)
  • Wee Course – Putting Competition: Mike Bradley (Johnson, Poole & Bloomer)
  • Wee ourse – Nearest 9th Pin: Tom Fleming (Jacobs Group)
  • Rosemount Longest Drive (14th): Paul Kimber (DMK Golf Design)
  • Rosemount Nearest Pin 17th: Haig Hamilton (Man Serv)

I & H Brown annual golf day
Pictured are the prize winners with Scott Brown (Managing Director), far left and Roger Philpott ( Director) on the right at the back.

I & H Brown annual golf day

Working for Shanks Waste Management, Civil Engineering Division will shortly begin remediation work at the site of a former solvents factory on the shore of the Forth estuary at Granton.

We shall excavate the existing hardstandings and remove the uppermost layer of clean overburden to the horizon of material that has been historically contaminated by solvents. The affected 7,000m3 will then be excavated and stockpiled for treatment. Shanks will carry out ex-situ bio-remediation on site in two phases to accommodate the space available for treatment.

It is intended that the material will be returned to the void on attainment of the site target levels. It will then be capped by the clean overburden and a final layer of crushed concrete, produced by processing and re-using the original hardstandings. Our scope will also include pumping and treating associated groundwater, prior to licensed discharge to sea outfall.

The project will begin on 20 August and will take place over a total period of 24 weeks. The team will move slightly closer to home along the Forth from their previous project in Leith. Engineer for the scheme is IKM Consulting.

Granton Solvent Works, Edinburgh

Granton Solvent Works, Edinburgh

Civil Engineering Division has been appointed to carry out advance works for the construction of a prestigious new residential scheme by Ailsa Developments. The site lies immediately adjacent to the junction of Ferry Road and Inverleith Row in the Trinity area of Edinburgh.

The principal purpose of the project is to form the void in which the new basements will be constructed. In addition to bulk earthworks, the project involves temporary support to the excavation at designated locations and the removal of more than 200 piles from the office block that previously occupied the space. The formation of the excavation will be protected by a capping layer.

Our work will be carried out carefully in the proximity of a large number of mature trees, which will be retained to enhance the new development. We shall also take measures to minimise disruption to our neighbours in this predominantly residential area. However, the most sensitive and challenging aspect of the project is the requirement to relocate an existing mature Strawberry Tree (Arbutus Menziesii) that stands over 14 metres tall and is expected to weigh in the vicinity of 50 Tonnes.

The scheme will begin in mid August, with 15 weeks allowed for the Site Team to achieve completion. The Client’s team includes Project Manager SRC, Engineer Halcrow Yolles, Quantity Surveyor AYH and Arboreal Consultant Eamonn Wall & Co.

Trinity Park Groundworks, Edinburgh

Trinity Park Groundworks, Edinburgh

In a project for Highland Council, Civil Engineering Division will undertake demolition and remediation work at Joss Street in Invergordon.

The demolition of two 3-storey blocks of flats, including asbestos removal and soft strip, will be carried out by our own resources. Suitable demolition rubble from the structures and foundations will be processed off site and re-used as backfill.

The remediation element of the project will see a general reduced dig of 1 metre across the site, together with selective excavation of previously-identified hot spots. After our customary processes to minimise both quantities and costs of disposal, the arisings will be classified as either Hazardous or Non-hazardous and taken to suitable licensed landfills.

Following backfill of the excavation, we shall reinstate the existing surfaces on and around the site. As is typical of sensitive urban remediation projects, working space is limited and we shall put in place a series of measures to ensure that we do not cause inconvenience to our neighbours.

The scheme will begin in mid August and have a construction programme to complete the works.

Joss Street, Invergordon

Joss Street, Invergordon

TighmÓr, in conjunction with Brennan & Wilson Architects, is delighted to have won a plot at Scotland’s first Highland Housing Fair.

The housing design competition, which aims to raise standards in innovative and sustainable housing design, was run under the auspices of the Royal Incorporation of Architects of Scotland (RIAS).   The judging was carried out on a plot-by-plot and “blind” basis, meaning that the panel did not know who had submitted the entries they considered.

The winning designs will be developed into a 55 home (27 plot) community at Balvonie on the southern fringe of Inverness. A diverse range of housing types will be on offer on the 5.5 hectare (13.5 acre) site, with more than a third of the units designated for affordable housing.

The Highland Housing Fair is based on similar events in mainland Europe, particularly Finland, where housing fairs have been highly successful in stimulating quality and innovation in house design. In creating an exemplar community, the aspiration of the Highland Housing Fair is to act as a catalyst prompting similar change in the Highlands and throughout Scotland.

The Fair will culminate in the summer of 2009 with the completed homes forming the centrepiece of a month-long exhibition. At the end of the Fair, the homes will be sold or rented at market value by their respective plot developers.

To view this award winning design download this PDF HighlandHousingFair.pdf

Highland Housing Fair Competition 2007

Many congratulations to Development Engineer Fraser Blair, who recently completed a two-year part-time course at Lauder College to achieve an HNC in Computer-Aided Design and Draughting. That is quite an achievement in itself. However, he has excelled himself by gaining the 'Babcock Award for CAD’, which he received at a recent ceremony. The picture shows Fraser holding the quaich that had just been presented by Lauder College Principal Bill McIntosh (on the right of the picture).

I & H Brown Award Winner

I & H Brown Award Winner

Our sister site Tighmor.com has won an award for Best use of Visual Design at the inaugural DADI awards last week. These awards celebrate the best of digital communications outside of London and this category was the most contested and sought after of the night.

Congratulations to all within our House Building Division Tighmor and all involved in the design of the site.

Tighmor.com wins Best Use of Visual Design Award

After nearly 35 years of service with I & H Brown, Ian Imrie has reached retirement. Ian joined us as a Site Agent and rose to a seat on the company’s board of Directors. He is a well-known character in the Scottish construction industry and he will be missed by his many friends outwith I & H Brown, as well as all of his colleagues in the company. The occasion of his retirement was marked by a number of events, including a presentation by our Chairman Hardie Brown of a powered golf trolley.

We thank Ian sincerely for the unsurpassed contribution he has made to I & H Brown and we wish him a long and happy retirement.

The End of an Era for I & H Brown

The End of an Era for I & H Brown

Civil Engineering Division has won a cleanup project that forms part of the major Greenlaw development near Newton Mearns, south of Glasgow. Our Client is Sir Robert McAlpine, which is Management Contractor for the Greenlaw Partnership - a consortium of Persimmon Homes, Stewart Milne Homes and Elphinstone Group.

The purpose of the scheme is to remediate a closed landfill site. Our method will be to segregate all organic material by using our own trommel and finger screens and to dispose of that material off site at a current licensed landfill. The residual material will be replaced on site. Approximately 38,000m3 of material will be excavated, screened and either replaced or removed.

This Project will begin in mid June and will take 10 weeks to complete.

The Client’s team includes Project Manager Mackenzie Partnership, along with designers Tom Lawrie & Partners and the Mason Evans Partnership.

Dodside, Newton Mearns

Dodside, Newton Mearns

We are delighted to welcome back remediation specialist James Wood from his sabbatical year in South America. As far as we can tell, he has not changed a bit. However, why don’t we decide after hearing from James himself?

During 2006 my girlfriend and I swapped Scotland for South America to “see the world” and more importantly enjoy ourselves!!  We went from Ecuador and Peru to Argentina and Chile in the south, passing through Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay on the way.  It was easily the best thing I have ever done, as the year was spent scaling erupting live volcanoes, running off cliff edges, cycling the worlds most dangerous road, getting overly close to tarantulas, alligators, boa constrictors (and some of the natives at times), being bitten by monkeys, not to mention mosquitoes, chased by packs of dogs, eating the unspeakable and struggling with foreign climates and tongues, whilst the crop of ginger curls provided constant amusement to a continent populated uniquely by dark headed peoples under 5ft tall.  They had only ever seen such a sight in ‘Braveheart’, a surprisingly popular film out there, although all had heard of Nessie, the “skirt that you are naked beneath” and Scotch whisky of course.

By far the most rewarding and revealing experience involved working as technical advisors to the Peruvian Government, currently struggling to manage a town of 10,000 people, high in the Andes, recently awarded the prestigious title of “one of the top ten most polluted places in the world”.  We realised that Scotland isn’t relatively that heavily contaminated and that maybe UK regulators aren’t that bad after all!

The trip was an incredible experience that makes you realize how amazing your own country is, and how highly people think of the Scots.”

James comes home! James comes home!
James comes home!

Civils Division on the Slippery Slope

In a novel design and construct project for Glasgow Ski & Snowboard Centre at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, we have been engaged to improve the facilities for the club.

Our varied scope of works includes the construction of a new ‘free ride’ slope and the re-profiling of the existing teaching slope, along with the placement to a tight tolerance of the granular layers that support the specialist surface materials for the dry ski slopes.

We shall also construct new tow foundations and a reinforced concrete basement for an extension to the clubhouse. Finally, we shall install new drainage, ducting, fencing, floodlighting and a sound system. The new drainage includes the installation of a pump chamber and construction of an underground water storage tank.

We have been allowed 8 weeks to complete this project, which has been let under ECC Option C. Our site team,  are confident that we shall finish before the snow begins to fall.

Glasgow Ski Centre

Glasgow Ski Centre

Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce the award of a third consecutive package of work for Bellway Homes at Carntyne in Glasgow.

On this occasion, we shall install the new adoptable roads and main drainage in the areas where we previously completed bulk earthworks and remediation. We shall provide both foul and surface water drainage, the latter connecting to SUDS ponds excavated during the earlier work.

Our scope includes the construction of a new deep outfall drain along Rigby Street, which has to be undertaken during a period of road closure. This section also brings the challenge of installing the new drain under a low railway bridge on the main line between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The work on site is already under way and our existing site team has 15 weeks to complete the package. The Client’s team for this project again includes Mason Evans and T Lawrie & Partners.

Bellway Homes, Carntyne - Road and Drainage

Bellway Homes, Carntyne - Road and Drainage

Residents in the village of Cluny in Fife have, until recently, been obliged to drive from the village to travel safely to Kirkcaldy or Glenrothes. Now, thanks to an initiative by the Cluny Community Group, the first stage of a footpath towards Kirkcaldy has been completed.

As a Trustee of the Begg Farm Environmental Trust, a charity wholly funded by tonnage related payments from coal extracted at our Begg Farm opencast coal site, we were pleased to award funding to the Cluny Community Group for pedestrian access improvements between Cluny and Kirkcaldy.  This follows other funding awards to local community and environmental projects in Dunnikier and Cardenden.

I & H Brown Agent Jim Gardner and Managing Director Scott Brown are on the right side of the picture, which was taken at the official opening on 23 April.

I & H Brown supports Community Initiative

I & H Brown supports Community Initiative

We are delighted to announce a prestigious new client for Civil Engineering Division. Strawsons Property has awarded an earthworks and drainage project to the northeast of their existing J4M8 Distribution Park.

The key features of the project are the excavation and stockpiling of more than 60,000m3 of material to form open drainage channels and a retention pond. The scope of work also includes piped drainage systems and a considerable sum has been set aside for landscaping. Great care will be taken at the various locations where the work must be carried out in the vicinity of gas pipelines and high voltage overhead cables.

Scheme designer WSP Development and Transportation has followed the principles of Sustainable Urban Drainage, which is a sequence of management practices and control structures designed to drain surface water in a more sustainable fashion than some conventional techniques.

There is a maximum period of 12 weeks to complete this project.

Suds Drainage at J4M8 Distribution Park

Suds Drainage at J4M8 Distribution Park

Civil Engineering Division has been awarded a reclamation and remediation project by new Client Kaneb Terminals Limited. The project will address historical contamination of a former petrochemical site at Leith Docks in Edinburgh.

Our work will begin with the excavation, crushing and stockpiling of surface hardstandings and underground structures, in both brick and concrete. We shall then continue with a general excavation of the site to approximately 1 metre below existing ground level.

Some 4,000m3 of soils will be treated by ex-situ bio-remediation before being recycled as backfill, supplemented by imported material. The completed site will be capped by a layer of crushed concrete and brickwork.

Oily water and/or free phase hydrocarbon will be pumped from the surface of the water table to an on site treatment system prior to disposal.

I & H Brown will work with Engineer IKM Consulting to deliver this project within the 15 week period allowed.

Remediation of Former Kaneb Terminal, Leith

Remediation of Former Kaneb Terminal, Leith

Civil Engineering Division has won an enabling and remediation project at the site of the former Firhill Ironworks in Glasgow. The contract has been awarded by Timberbasin Limited, which is a joint venture of British Waterways and Quality Street. The eventual outcome of the development will be residential properties alongside the Forth and Clyde canal.

In addition to general earthworks, the scope includes the removal and crushing of slabs and foundations for re-use as capping layer. We shall place an engineered clay barrier to protect the underlying aquifer and we expect to excavate, test and sentence around 3,000 m3 of contaminated material. As normal in such work, we shall endeavour to maximise the volume of material to be recycled on site and to minimise the volume and classification of any residual quantity that must go to landfill. The project also includes a reinforced soil slope, the treatment of Japanese Knotweed and the construction of a storm attenuation tank.

W A Fairhurst & Partners has designed the scheme and will act as Project Manager. IKM Consulting has been engaged by I & H Brown to assist with the geotechnical and chemical aspects of material re-use.

This project will begin in April and will be completed in 12 weeks. The scheme has been procured on a lump sum fixed price, all risks basis under Option A of the New Engineering Contract.

Timberbasin, Firhill, Glasgow

Timberbasin, Firhill, Glasgow

We are delighted to have been short listed in the Site Preparation category of the UK Specialists in Construction Awards for 2007. These prestigious awards are run by Construction Carousel with the support of the Specialist Engineering Contractors’ Group and the National Specialist Contractors’ Council, to highlight the critical role of specialist contractors.

I & H Brown’s progress in these awards recognises our advanced capability to apply our expertise in reclamation, remediation and earthworks to the preparation of sites for development.

Judging will be completed in May when the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in the London Park Lane Hilton hotel.

Site Preparation Capability Recognised
Site Preparation Capability Recognised

Site Preparation Capability Recognised
Site Preparation Capability Recognised

A small team from I & H Brown will spend part of February in northern Kenya, helping to install a clean water supply to the rural community of Manyangalo. We shall be working in partnership with Newfrontiers, which is a worldwide family of churches with congregations in both and Kenya.

Manyangalo has a high level of poverty and faces big challenges in terms of living standards and social welfare. The only source of pure drinking water lies one kilometre away, from where water is brought in an open ditch. The new scheme will pipe the water to a central 10,000 litre tank then distribute it through another 3km of pipework to 5 standpipes within the community. We hope to bring about a major reduction in the incidence of water-borne diseases.

Our John Alexander and Alan Donnelly will be led by Roger Philpott, who has already visited Kenya on three occasions to help with planning and preparation. The team is completed by two staff from consultant Carl Bro and two members of the Kings Church in Perth. Caterpillar is part-funding the provision of two excavator loaders.

This is the first of four projects aimed at dramatically improving the quality of life for a severely disadvantaged community. The next stage will be the provision of irrigation to the potentially fertile soil that could provide a sustainable source of food and income for Manyangalo.

Sponsors and donations are always very welcome. If you are interested in becoming involved please make contact with Roger in our Perth Office.

Lending a hand in Africa Lending a hand in Africa
Lending a hand in Africa

We are delighted to announce the award of the term contract for National Grid Property in Scotland until the end of 2009, with the option to renew for a further two years.

The award is our third consecutive package of remediation work for this prestigious client on former gas works sites across the country. Our involvement in the initial two terms began in 2002 and concluded at the end of 2006. It is extremely pleasing that we are now in a position to continue to work with National Grid Property and their designers to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to cleaning up some challenging sites. Projects are currently underway on site at Leven and Dundee, with a number of others under development.

23 schemes have been undertaken to date, using a number of specialist treatments including bio-remediation, soil washing and thermal desorption.

Term Contract for National Grid Property

Term Contract for National Grid Property

Following a public local inquiry held in the Borders in May 2006, the Scottish Executive has recently granted planning permission for the 12 turbine, 36MW Toddleburn wind farm near Oxton in the Scottish Borders. We first set foot on the site back in autumn 2002 and a full Planning Application and Environmental Statement was submitted to Scottish Borders Council in Sept 2004. The positive decision, some 27 months later, is very welcome Carousel for our Energy Division and for the Company as a whole!

Scottish and Southern Energy agreed to acquire Toddleburn last year. They now expect to begin construction later this year, with the wind farm scheduled to be commissioned in early 2009.

Four years hard work pays off for the Energy Division

Following an initial package of enabling works, Bellway Homes has awarded Civil Engineering Division the main earthworks contract for their new development at Carntyne in the east end of Glasgow.

The proactive approach demonstrated by the site team in dealing with extensive asbestos contamination, redundant services and underground tanks encountered during the 1st Phase helped in securing these 2nd phase works. Our scope consists primarily of bulk earthworks, with new development platforms, lagoons and landscape bunds being formed on the site of two former large manufacturing plants.

Acting as Principal Contractor, our site team of Agent Steve Evans and Foreman Ian McWilliam will manage our own works in a series of zones around extensive grouting works being carried out by others.

With the 1st Phase of the works having started in November 2006 and the 2nd Phase starting in January 2007, winter weather conditions will have a significant effect on the programme which requires the works to be completed in May.

The Client’s team for this £850,000 project includes Mason Evans and T Lawrie & Partners.

Bellway Homes, Carntyne

Bellway Homes, Carntyne

We are pleased to continue our work for National Grid Property Holdings with our first new package since we were awarded the term contract for Scotland from 27 to 29.

The project at North Street in Leven, Fife is typical of the type of work involved in remediating former gas works sites. The majority of the scope is selective excavation and testing of contaminated material, to allow maximum re-use on site and to minimise the volume of material that must be taken to landfill. In addition, we shall remove a tar tank, the contents of which will require physical and chemical stabilisation before disposal off site.

The site is located in a residential area and we shall take great care to avoid disturbing our neighbours.

Work begins in early January and will take 9 weeks to complete. The Client’s designer is Carl Bro.

Leven Gas Works, Fife

  Dundee Gas works Phase 2

In another remediation ‘first’ for I & H Brown, we have recently been appointed by National Grid Property Holdings to carry out thermal desorption treatment of contaminated material at a former gas works in Dundee. This is the first commercial use of this advanced remediation technique in Scotland and one of the first in the UK. The scheme has been awarded through our ongoing term contract with that Client.

  • Phase 2A of the project was carried out over a 12 week period last summer. That work encompassed the preparation of a suitable feedstock for the thermal desorption process and involved selective excavation, screening and processing. Oversize material was crushed and re-used on site.
  • Phase 2B will see thermal desorption start in January 2007 and some 9,000 m3 of

    material will be treated during the ensuing 12 week period. The process involves heating soils to a sufficiently high temperature to allow vapourisation of the contaminants into the gas stream. These gases then pass through a secondary treatment chamber to meet pre-determined emissions criteria. The plant will be powered by mains gas and will work continuously throughout the period. At the end of the process, all of the treated soils will be re-used on site.

  • I & H Brown worked closely through much of 2006 with our Client, designer White Young Green Environmental and our specialist sub-contractor to gain regulatory approval of this innovative scheme.

Dundee Gas works Phase 2

Our long history of working for Scottish Enterprise Lanarkshire continues with the award to Civil Engineering Division of a toadworks project at Ravenscraig.

The project will see us construct a 350m section of single carriageway to create access for a proposed new development. The road follows the corridor that we previously formed as part of our major earthworks and reclamation scheme for the same Client at the same location. As before, AMEC Group is the Engineer and Construction Manager for the project, with Ironside Farrar the designer. The scope of work includes a badger tunnel and a SUDS drainage scheme.

This started in November and has a construction period of 15 weeks

Ravenscraig Access Road

Our operations in the north of England were officially launched last night with a cheese and wine evening in our new Warrington office. Hosted by Managing Director Scott Brown and colleagues, more than 40 guests sampled some excellent food and drink and viewed our impressive new office space.

Regional Director Nigel Taylor noted: I thought the evening was a great success, shown by the numerous comments received both at last night’s event and via the telephone today. The event was received very positively by clients who all pledge to support us with our new venture.’

Warrington Office Launch

Contact details for the office are:

5 Quay Business Centre
Winwick Quay

Tel: 01925 446699
Fax: 01925 446698
Warrington Office Launch

Civil Engineering Division will shortly return to the Moray Firth, with the award of our first project for Moray Council.

Our task is to clean up the site of a former gas works, which has been developed into its current use as a car park and landscaped area. This scheme features soil washing, which we first employed in 2004 - by coincidence also in Elgin. This is only the second time that soil washing has been applied commercially in Scotland and we have been main contractor on both occasions.

The broad sweep of the design strategy is to remove 4,000m3 of contaminated material from the site and to replace it partly with recycled material and partly with imported fill. Within that context, our goal is to ensure that the environmental and economic costs of the material taken to landfill are minimised.

We shall do so by first selectively excavating the site. Around 25% of the material is expected to be Hazardous and, after processing to minimise volume, will be taken directly to a suitable landfill. The remainder will be processed, screened and treated by soil washing, where it is shown through testing to be chemically suitable. By washing the soil, we expect to recover up to 90% for re-use in reinstating the site. All water accrued during the remediation processes will be collected, treated and discharged to sewer.

Engineer for the project is Carl Bro. We will begin in mid-November and will aim to complete the work in 13 weeks.

Lossie Green Remediation, Elgin

“We are delighted to announce that Tommy Thomson will be joining Tighmor on the 30th October as our Operations Manager.

Working with Ian, Drew and Allan, Tommy will have overall responsibility for delivering our new housing projects on site.

Tommy has over 25 years experience in the house building industry, including extensive work on building conversion projects and joins Tighmor at an exciting time in the growth of the business.

Tommy will be based in the Perth office.
Mark Richardson

For more information on Tighmor please visit www.tighmor.com

Tighmor appoints an Operations Manager

Reddingmuirhead Site Infrastructure Civil Engineering Division is delighted to continue our presence at Reddingmuirhead near Polmont through the award of our first contract for Kier Homes.

The photograph shows the site at the end of the remediation and bulk earthworks project carried out for a previous Client. This time, we shall improve the existing Redding Road at the bottom left of the picture and construct the main new entrance road into this major housing development. Further enabling works for the development include permanent water treatment lagoons and all of the associated pipework.

Our present scope of works, has begun on site and is expected to continue until February 2007. We hope to extend our workload to include more internal roads, the services infrastructure and the principal sewage outfalls, including an outfall under the Union Canal which runs along the north boundary of the site.

The Client’s Engineer for this conventional scheme is Wren & Bell.We have allocated two site management teams to cope with the volume and pace of the project.

Reddingmuirhead Site Infrastructure

Kirkby Stephen RemediationCivil Engineering Division has been awarded its first project for Cumbria County Council, following the successful conclusion of a two-stage tender process. The purpose of the project is to allow the ‘Stainmore Railway Company’ to move towards opening their restoration works to the public.

Our task is to clean up stockpiles of mixed material that have been deposited over a number of years at the former East Station Yard at Kirkby Stephen. We shall first remove cement-bound asbestos, then screen the remaining material into separate stockpiles. Some material will be crushed into a re-usable material. The balance will be sampled, tested and taken to an appropriate licensed landfill. Following a quality/price tender at the beginning of this year, we were awarded Phase 1 of the scheme, namely the design, development and pricing of a suitable methodology. We were also tasked with obtaining regulatory approvals from the Environment Agency and the local authority. That Phase has now been concluded and we shall begin site operations in early October.

We will liaise closely with the Stainmore Railway Company and the other organisations in the business park to complete the project in 8 weeks. Out team can also expect to meet the local population of parrots and a cat named Rabbit.

Capita Symonds is the Contract Administrator for the project.

Kirkby Stephen Remediation

I & H Brown expand operations in the north of EnglandI & H Brown has opened a new office in Warrington, to service the expansion of our civil engineering division in the north of England. We are delighted to announce the recruitment of Divisional Director Nigel Taylor who will head up our operations in that area.

Managing Director Scott Brown welcomed Nigel to the senior management team and noted that “Nigel’s recruitment has come at an opportune time when we are regularly winning work in England and being asked to tender for further opportunities. His previous experience with major contractors and in establishing new ventures will be invaluable to our expansion plans”

Our website will be updated in the near future to include full details of our Warrington office. In the meantime, Nigel can be contacted by any of following routes:

Land Line 01925 446699
Fax 01925 446698
Mobile 07919 114024
E-mail Nigel.taylor@ihbrown.com

I & H Brown expand operations in the north of England

Taylor Woodrow Developments has awarded Civil Engineering Division a contract to construct platforms for new housing in Cambuslang.

Newton farm, CambuslangOur scope of work principally consists of several hundred thousand cubic metres of bulk earthworks, including the corporation of fill material from an old spoil bing on the site. One less familiar aspect of the project is the requirement to create a suitable new habitat for the Grayling butterfly.

The work started on site on 14 August. we expect to have the job handed over in 14 weeks. Engineer for the scheme is Tom Lawrie & Partners.

Newton farm, Cambuslang

Glenboig Phase 2 EarthworksGartverrie Limited has awarded Civil Engineering Division an contract to form new earthworks platforms on the site of a former brick works at Glenboig in North Lanarkshire.

The scope of works is relatively straightforward; involving excavation, filling and the disposal of a small volume of surplus material. One of the key challenges for the site team will be the close co-ordination required between our work and the house building by Redrow Homes on the adjacent Phase 1 site.

We have already completed a brief initial visit to form a compound area for Redrow. The remainder of the 6 week project will begin on 31 July.

Glenboig Phase 2 Earthworks

Further packages from National Grid PropertyUnder our term contract, National Grid Property has awarded the Civil Engineering Division two small packages of remediation work.

At Irvine, we recently completed work to facilitate future development of the site. We selectively excavated contamination hot spots, carried out testing then consigned a proportion of the material to landfill. We also broke out, crushed and re-used existing slabs and underground structures. See picture below. The scheme was undertaken in two weeks.

In Edinburgh, we shall return to Granton to construct a temporary car park, complete with fencing, lighting and marker posts.

It is anticipated that the project will last around 3 weeks from mid-August.

The Consultant for both projects is White Young Green Environmental.

Further packages from National Grid Property

The Civil Engineering Division is delighted to announce our first project for ASDA Stores Limited, at Girvan in Ayrshire.

Our job is to demolish an existing building then to excavate and stockpile identified areas of hydrocarbon contamination. The contaminated material will be treated on site by bio-remediation, which will permit its subsequent re-use on site.

During the 14-week project, one of the site teams principal challenges will be to maintain access across the restricted site for the local Masonic Hall.

The Client’s team includes Capita Symonds as Contract Administrator, McLeod & Aitken as Cost Consultants and Bielski Associates as Engineer.

ASDA, Girvan Site Remediation Works

ASDA, Girvan Site Remediation Works

Knoll Mill, OldhamThis project sees Civil Engineering Division undertake its first project in Oldham and its first under the control of our new Divisional Director, Nigel Taylor. The Contract period is expected to be 15 weeks.

At Knoll Mill, we shall be working as specialist remediation contractor with Eric Wright Civil Engineering, in a scheme for Paul Speak Properties Limited.

The overall project will see a former industrial site developed to provide a new marina, leisure facilities and residential space.

Our contribution is the creation of a level platform free of contamination on which building work can be carried out.

To achieve this goal we shall excavate the whole of the site, to classify the existing materials for re-use and to remove all underground obstructions. As an initial activity, we shall undertake selective excavation and disposal of Japanese Knotweed and soils that have been contaminated by metals. Our work is complicated by the immediate proximity of the Huddersfield Canal and the River Tame to the north and south respectively

Knoll Mill, Oldham

I&H Brown Ltd (Civil Engineering Division) had a successful exhibition at ICU 2006 in irmingham's NEC during May16th to May

18th. With most of the land remediation industries key players passing through the event at one stage, and the majority of contracting technology providers present, this proved an effective forum for advancing the visibility of  I&H Brown's expertise in land remediation.

I&H Brown Ltd at International Clean-Up 2006With the company pushing into the English market more, it is important for the industry to realise that I&H Brown are not only contractors for Scotland, but contractors for the UK. This was one of the key messages being put forward by the tea m, and one which was well received.

I&H Brown Ltd at International Clean-Up 2006

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