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Corporate Social Responsibility

I & H Brown is a business with its origins in farming and with many thousands of hectares of land currently under management. As might be imagined from that background, the Directors of the company have always recognised the importance of growing the business with a long-term perspective - even before the word 'sustainability' became so prevalent.

We take our responsibilities seriously. We provide some examples below of how we measure our performance in a number of areas. We engage widely across the industry, where we have served on various industry organisations including research groups and consultative bodies. Three of our senior managers have been elected as chairmen of local committees of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We began measuring and reporting our carbon emissions in 2009. In every year until 2016, due to diverse nature of our businesses, we were delighted to report a net negative carbon footprint. Even when the sequence came to an end in 2017, we still reported a footprint that was insignificant for our type of business.

We respect the communities within which we work. Our own environmental management system requires close liaison with our neighbours and we support that policy by registering appropriate projects with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Every project brings employment opportunities for local people and organisations as part of our supply chain.

Waste minimisation is at the very heart of what we do. We take every opportunity to process and treat bulk materials on site for beneficial re-use. We also exercise tight control on material ordering and monitor wastage closely. Perhaps less obviously, we use digital 3D modelling extensively to find the optimum solution without trial and error on site. We also link those final models directly to our construction plant, which use GPS control to improve efficiency.

Our people are our single most important resource. Every member of staff receives training in the specific topics that are required for their role. We encourage and support trainees through further education and to work towards a professional qualification. We employ several Chartered Civil Engineers and we have a training scheme that is formally accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers. Personal development is monitored continuously and is recorded formally in annual appraisals.

I & H Brown Corporate Social Responsibility
I & H Brown Corporate Social Responsibility
I & H Brown Corporate Social Responsibility
I & H Brown Corporate Social Responsibility
I & H Brown Corporate Social Responsibility

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