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Return to Provan Gasworks

The latest project for Civil Engineering Division sees us return to a location in Glasgow that is well known to users of the M8 and M80 motorways. Situated at Provan, beside the junction of those major roads, the large blue gas holders on the site are familiar features of the city skyline.

This significant package of work is the latest to be awarded by National Grid Property Holdings, for which we have been term contractors in Scotland since 2002.

The purpose of the scheme is to mitigate future leaching and migration from a stockpile of spent oxide waste from historical gas production processes. Our scope includes the initial provision of haul roads and laydown areas with appropriate drainage measures. We shall then carefully separate the 45,000m³ stockpile into different waste streams through a process involving detailed sampling and testing alongside selective excavation and screening. The waste streams will be sentenced for re-use on site or for disposal off site as appropriate. Our key objectives will be to maximise the material retained on site and to reduce the costs of disposal by using a testing regime this is designed to identify and segregate the proportions of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous material.

Remediation work began on site in late February and the whole scheme should be completed within 17 weeks. The site team will ensure that our operations are carried out to the demanding SHEQ standards demanded by such work. The Client’s designer is Celtic Technologies.

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