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Welcome to I & H Brown

Thank you for visiting our website.  We are a privately-owned company, with no external shareholders and with family members working at all levels of the business.  From small beginnings more than half a century ago, we have grown into a diverse and successful organisation which has a history of controlled and consistent diversification and growth.

Civil Engineering remains the largest part of our company, with four other divisions providing diversity and stability.  Civil engineering typically contributes more than 90% of our annual turnover, over a wide variety of activities.  As this website shows, we have evolved a great deal from the emphasis on earthworks that many will remember from our early days.

Our company is enviably diverse, but is integrated effectively by a compact senior management team with short lines of communication and the authority to take decisions quickly.  Our policy has always been to take a long-term strategic view and to encourage growth through prudent evolution and re-investment of our profits.  Our thorough financial and commercial controls ensure that the health of the business is closely monitored and that decisions are based on sound evidence and risk management.

We hope that you will find the site to be an interesting and informative introduction to what we can offer.

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